Rock Band Custom is a game which allows people to add songs to a fake Rock Band playlist. My songs are the "In-Game Tracks" while fan suggested songs are the "Fan-Made Licks". Feel free to use the discussion page and send me a list of fan-songs.

In-Game TracksEdit

The difficulty for these tracks range from "Learning to Play", to "Garage Band", to "Rock Band", to "Insane Lick".

Songs Left To Be SortedEdit

Unknown Soldier-Breaking Benjamin

Diary of Jane-Breaking Benjamin

Blow Me Away-Breaking Benjamin

Pain-Three Days Grace

Not Listening-Papa Roach

Panama-Van Halen

Welcome to the Jungle-Ayn Rand

Linoleum Knife-Mastodon

The Chosen-Unearth

Party Party Party-Andrew WK

Canadian Idiot-Wierd "Al" Yankovic

I'll Sue Ya-Wierd "Al" Yankovic

America F*ck Yeah-Team America Soundtrack

Timmy and the Lords Of The Underworld-<unknown>

Hero of the Day-Metallica

Halo 2 MJOLNIR Mix-Stephen O'Donnell

I Am Hated-Slipknot

M-60-Papa Roach

Red Flag-Billy Talent


Tony's Theme-Scarface

Miss Murder-AVI

Apology For Non-Symmetry-Chronic Future

Learning to PlayEdit

Runnin' Wild-Airbourne

Rock BandEdit

F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.-The Fall Of Troy

Insane LicksEdit

Through The Fire And The Flames-Dragonforce


Fan-Made Licks Edit

Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne



The Call Of Kuthlu-Metallica

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