Rokhello (pronounced: "rock-helloh") is an American metalband from Las Vegas, USA, formed in 1995. Fronted by former Exorcismic lead singer Jack "Red" Simspon, the band consists of five members: Jack "Red" Thompson (vocals), Christoper Matherson (lead guitar, backing vocals), Loius Carlisle (bass guitar, backing vocals), Kieran Bloomfeld (drums), and Andy Cosgrove (rhythm guitar). The band is similiar to System of A Down in that it employs humour in the album names. The band has played Metal Oceania numerous times.

Formation (1995)

After creating two albums together between 1989 and 1992: Exorcismic (1990) and Death Engage 2.5 (1992), Exorcismic broke up in June of 1992, two months after Death Engage 2.5 hit shelves. They were set for a tour spanning three months, but in an interview of June 15 1992 Jack Simpson stated: "we have had many creative clashes, and have decided to end our band and go seperate ways". Jack Simpson and Exorcismic drummer Bradley Shanks stuck together, whereas lead guitarist Joseph Krieg and bassist Clive Preston headed elsewehere. Krieg played in several minor bands before having a brush with death in 1993, and later joined Townsend Sacrifice. Preston also played in a few minor acts before he left music for a job in buisness in 1995. After three years and recruiting Vinne Tomkins and Peter Liebmann, Rokhello was in place. Simpson pleaded with former-Exorcismic producer and friend Jacob Vindic to sign Rokhello but he refused, saying that with Bradley Shanks in the band they would be branded as "Exorcismic".

Shank's departure and new drummer (1995)

In May 11 of 1996 Bradley Shanks was axed from Rokhello, according to Simpson and the others they were reacting to Jacob Vindic' comments. Shanks was offended, and in 1997 sued the band for unfair treatment. The case was dropped, and in January 2004 Shanks was found dead in his apartment in L.A, after hanging himself. His family blamed Rokhello's other members for his depression, but he had been diagnosed with clinical depression even before the days of Exorcismic. The new drummer, Andrew O'Riley entered the band on December 20 1996.

The departure of Liebmann, Tomkins, and O'Riley (1999)

Three years after O'Riley's recruitment, he, Liebmann, and Tomkins left Rokhello, stating "personal reasons". Peter Liebmann went on the play for a few minor bands, like most of Simpson's ex-bandmates, but retired from it in 2002 to raise a family. He and Simpson have put their differences aside, and in 2005 he made a guest guitar appearance alongside the current members on the "I made This Album" tour. Things were'nt so nice between Simpson and bassist Vinnie Tomkins. Tomkins claimed that he had not recieved his share in the band's income over the past three years. When confronted, Simpson told Tomkins to "f*ck off and get your own money". Tomkins filed a lawsuit, but before he could make his appearance in court he suffered from a heart attack and died, only 32 years old. As for O'Riley, he retired from music and entered a career in music teaching in Ohio.

Finding new members (2000)

With the help of Jacob Vindic, he had already agreed to sign Rokhello right before their disapation, Simpson recruited four new members: Christoper Matherson (lead guitar), Louis Carlisle (bass guitar), Andy Cosgrove (rhythm guitar), and Kieran Bloomfeld (drums). After two years of work on their debut album, Rokhello released F*ck The Institution! in 2002.

Band members

Current members
  • Jack "Red" Simpson - vocals (1995-present)
  • Christopher "Killswitch" Matherson - lead guitar, backing vocals (2000-present)
  • Louis "Bloody" Carlisle - bass guitar, backing vocals (2000-present)
  • Andrew "Andy" Cosgrove - rhythm guitar (2000-present)
  • Kieran Bloomfeld - drums (2000-present)
Former members
  • Peter Liebmann - lead guitar (1995-1999)
  • Vinnie "Juggs" Tomkins - bass guitar (1995-1999)
  • Bradley Shanks - drums (1992-1996)
  • Andrew O'Riley - drums (1996-1999)



The current lineup of Rokhello, photographed here for the 2007 Metalix edition. From left: Loius "Bloody" Carlisle (bass), Christopher "Killswitch" Matherson (lead guitar), Andrew "Andy" Cosgrove (guitar), Kieran Bloomfield (drums), and Jack "Red" Simpson (vocals)

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