Room 18 is a Canadian horror slasher film. The film stars Hayden Pantierrre, Emma Roberts and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


A Group of Sorority Girls decided to go on a vacation. Andrea Gorman is one of the sorority girls is the daughter of the killer who is now a farmer and wants to killer the sorority sisters including Andrea. Can she and the other sorority sisters escape the killer before they were killed by him?


To Be Announce...


Hayden Pantierre as Andrea Gorman

Emma Roberts as Amy Newman

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Heather Watson

Crystal Lowe as Chloe Anderson

Sara Paxton as Olivia Hooper

Brianna Evigan as Clair Cooper

Chelan Simmons as Lauren McHale

Margo Harshman as Cassidy

Nicholas D'Agosto as Ryan Gorman

Emma Bell as Ashley

Lisa Wilcox as Ms. Garrett

Logan Lerman as Cole

Kristen Bell as Marnie

Aimee Teegarden as Carly

Britt Robertson as Jenna

Lucy Hale as Angel


Andrea Gorman


Name of Victim Cause of Death Killer On-Screen?

Foot stuck on bear trap and Barbedwire wrapped around neck.

Ryan Gorman Yes
Angel Face beaten with an Hammer Ryan Gorman Yes
Marnie Decapitated by flying ax Ryan Gorman yes
Farmer Butchered Ryan Gorman No
Farmer's Wife Throat Slit Ryan Gorman Yes
Chloe Anderson Back of head impaled with ax Ryan Gorman Yes
Cassidy Stabbed in Stomach and Eyes with Scythe Ryan Gorman Yes
Heather Watson Butchered in car Ryan Gorman No
Ms. Garrett Impaled in eyes with knife Ryan Gorman Yes
Jenna Throat impaled with Scythe Ryan Gorman Yes
Clair Cooper Disemboweled with Scythe Ryan Gorman Yes
Ashley Eyes Removed Ryan Gorman Yes
Olivia Hooper Beaten with an Nailboard Ryan Gorman Yes
Amy Newman Slashed to Death Ryan Gorman Yes
Lauren McHale Head Buldgeon with Lamp Post Ryan Gorman Yes
Ryan Gorman Beaten with Chair, Stabbed in Stomach twice with knife and Beaten with Nailboard Andrea Gorman Yes

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