Name: Roronoa Zoro

Age: 35

Gender: male

Occupation: English teacher, Royal Servant, Swordsmen


Zoro was sent to invetigate a new world that appeared five years ago. He then appeared as the new english teacher at Ashford Academy. He wanted to test Dark. He found out that Ichigo was the king and went to work for him. Or did he?



Zoro is a master swordsmen who wields three swords. He has one swords in each hand and one sword in his mouth. He can cut through large objects with ease and slice through armored objects easily. He can also block with his swords too.


Zoro only has geass through his left eye even though it is forced shut due to a injury about 16 years ago. But his geass allows him to see through anything so he can force his eye open when needed.




This was originally owned by Lelouch but Zoro took it after Lelouch disappeared 15 years ago. He then sold it because it slowed him down ad made franky all jelly.

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