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Rosalinda appears as Rosalina's lumas overtate. Lumas are similar to Lomas, but not the same.

Special MovesEdit

Rosalinda's Special MovesEdit

Standard Special Move = Magic Nudge

Side Special Move = Luma Nudge

Up Special Move = Wand Levitate

Down Special Move = Luma Summon

Final Smash = Luma Swarm

Super Smash SistersEdit

Rosalinda is Rosalina's transformation power and also use Lumas and Lomas for the Luma Nudge move. The lumas are not senior stars, but they are baby stars.

Baseball TeamEdit

Rosalinda appears in Mackenzie's team. Bold means Mario.

Princess Mackenzie BillboardersEdit

  • Princess Mackenzie with Billboarders
  • Rosalina with Luma
  • Rosalinda (species)
  • Baby Rosalina (species)
  • Pianta
  • Noki
  • Dry Boner
  • Naki
  • Pianto

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