Rose is an novel of the friends characters.When someone dies in an freak accident,The friends are toren apart and fall out,While new love is found,While some drink to get rid of their lives.

One Prolouge

Joey looked on at the happy couple on the bench.If only,He and his friends were like that again.If only.It was an year now,Since the incindent.He was there when it happeend.It was an normal sunday morning.He was waiting on Phoebe to come and pick him up in her grandmother's cab.

He saw the car coming and he hailed as Phoebe did not see him.She picked him up in the passanger's seat."Phoebe"Joey suddenly said which spooked Phoebe."Yeah",Was all that Phoebe could say.

"Is Ross and Rachel coming",Joey said with shock of their two friends."Only Ross.Rachel has to pick up the twins and Emma from the babysiiter",Phoebe smiled when she said those words.Atleast they were not affected with their lives.Atleast they could have a fresh start.

"Here we are",Muttered Phoebe and she opened the door and locked it.She saw Chandler and Ross coming.Ross was crying and Chandler was confronting him.They all walked in silence to the grave.

They looked down and Ross had passed out."Phone 911",Joey shouted in all his breath.Chandler was trying to wake him up and Phoebe just looked at the grave.She was sad in the inside and the outside.She lost one of her best friends.

The grave had read "Here lies Monica Bing,With an loving family,friends and husbands.Died in 2005",Monica was killed in an car crash.She and her adoptive son Jack were in an car that flipped over.Jack was saved,But Monica had died as soon as she was in the hospital.

Two Joey Special

Joey looked at the phone with worry on his eyes.He had saw Monica's own death exactly a year befour.He had saw one of his best friends,Dying.Joey grabbed the phone and dialed an number."Give me two pepparoni pizza with extra topping's",He said on the phone.

Joey did not care anymore.He looked as if he had never cleaned in days.Well,He was right.At the funeral,They were an fight.Between Chandler and Ross.Ross decided that they got rid of Monica's stuff.Chandler punched him and an fight began.Rachel tried to stop the fight,But Chandler punched her and she fell,Into the grave of Monica,Which upset Ross even more.

Joey and Phoebe then decided to lose contact with all the friends except Ross and Rachel.Chandler was always at his home,Drinking either Vodaka and Whiskey.The latter was too strong for Joey.

Someone knocked on the door and Joey got up and answered it."That will be $20.56 sir",The man said happy.Joey was mad about why he was happy and he suddenly punched him wich soon he regretted.

Joey then collapsed down and looked at the man.He was unconsious.He must have hurt him good."Oh no",Was all Joey could utter out.Joey quickly dragged the man inside and though of what to do.But then decided to just leave.He first put the body into the basement and tied him up to the bed with ropes.

Three Emma Blues

Rachel looked on as the busy streets of new york went on.She quickly got in her porche,Which she inheirited the car from Monica with the promise,"Don't crash it".She drove to the school and got out of the car.

She waited on Emma to come out and then go and get Jack and Erica from the babysitter."Momma",Emma cried out and she ran and hugged Rachel."Sweetie,How was school",She said in hope that she had an good time.

"Great,me and Jennifer learned about dinosius",She cried out happy."The real word is Dinosaurs,But great job",Smiled Rachel as she went on."Now lets pick up Jack and Erica,Shall we",And Mother and Daughter got in the car.

But then she noticed something in the car.A news report about Joey."What",Rachel uttered and read the page."Mr Joey Tribbiani had kept an man captured in his own home.The man was an Mr.Harry Brown and he delivered pizza to Tribbiani,But he knocked him out cold and kidnapped him.Tribbiani was given an life sentance".

Rachel then cried and cried and Emma looked at her in worry.

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