Rose Red is a remake of the 2002 horror television miniseries starring Kate Beckinsale, Chris Evans, David Arquette, Kristen Stewart, Richard Gere, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ben Feldman, Robert De Niro, Melissa George, Diane Keaton, Chris Pine and Ciara Bravo



Kate Beckinsale as Dr. Joyce Reardon

Chris Evans as Steven Rimbauer

David Arquette as Nick Hardaway

Kristen Stewart as Annie Wheaton

Richard Gere as Dr. Carl Miller

Courteney Cox as Cathy Kramer

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Rachel Wheaton

Ben Feldman as Emery Waterman

Robert De Niro as Victor "Vic" Kandinsky

Melissa George as Pam Asbury

Diane Keaton as Kay Waterman

Chris Pine as Kevin Bollinger

Ciara Bravo as Young Annie Wheaton



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