Ross of the Dead is an crossover with shaun of the dead and Friends.Ross is stuggleing to cope with life.He is fired and is dumped by his girlfriend Rachel.When the aptempt to fix his life,Zombies over run the city,And Ross saves his best friends,Rachel,And his parents.They head to Central Perk and hide there,To wait it out.

One Fired Edit

Ross looked at his girlfriend Rachel,Who was looking at him in disgust when he was smokeing.He started somkeing since his father's death.He did not like his step father,Noel,Who was nasty to Ross and more nasty to Monica."Quit",Rachel suddenly said."No",Ross looked down when he said that.An argument,Yet again.But Rachel did not answer.She got up and looked at Ross."I'm tired of living with you,Ross.I'm dumping you",Rachel left the pub.Since Central Perk was getting refurbished,They all hanged out in Busters.

Ross looked down and sighed.He wished he was the perfect boyfriend.But he was not.He was an terrible one.Ross sighed and went out,And saw Phoebe and Monica coming in,Talking about how Joey was in an audition.Ross said an quick hello and left for his apartment.

Ross then fell asleap when he was watching the movie,Jurassic park 3.He woke up when his mobile phone started to ring.Ross answered the phone,"Hello,Ross Geller",Ross mumbled onto the phone."You are fired",Came the voice of his boss,Jessica.He was an teacher at Linchon High,The school he went to along with Monica and Rachel."Why",Ross asked."Because you never turned up",She hanged up the phone befour he protested.

Ross then decided to phone his best friend,Chandler."Hello Chandler,Want to go to the Busters",Ross asked.Chandler was married to his sister Monica,Because when he introuduced the two of them,They had instantly fell in love,Even when Monica was fat.

"Okay,I'm just going for an shower",Chandler hanged up the phone and went to the bathroom,Befour kissing Monica in the head.Ross walked out of his apartment and straight to Monica's."Hey Mon",Ross said and he went straight to the fridge."I got fired",He replied befour Monica could ask what was wrong.

Just then,Chandler came out and the two said their goodbyes to Monica.They went to Busters,Their local pub.They always had an drink.It reminded them of the bar Central Perk once was.Ross and Chandler ordered an budwiser and they chatted about their day.

"I got fired and dumped today",Ross said and he downed his beer."You want to know what we can do",Chandler replied and then he whispered something to his ear."Okay",And the two got drunk.

The two then walked out on the street,Singing a song that they made up.They then saw an woman snogging an man on the bench."Look at the happy couple",Ross laughed as the two continued on.They did not see that the woman was eating the man's neck.

"Hey,Another drunk guy",Chandler pointed out.They saw it was Ryan,Ross's co-worker."Tell your boss Ross says fuck you",Ross then stuck the finger up at him and the two left to their building,Not knowing the man was still following them.Ross had decided to stay in Monica and Chandler's apartment and fel asleap in the couch,But the two had left the door wide open.

Two MorningEdit

Monica walked to the fridge and noticed Ross was asleap."Ross",Monica tried to wake him up,But she had failed."Okay,I'm getting you an coke",She then wrote an note,Telling them where she was and left the apartment,And she locked the door.

Ross woke up as the door closed and relised the door was locked.Meanwhile,Monica was walking around the street,Not knowing that around her,The reisidents were now zombies.Monica walked to the shop and nearly slipped on blood."What",Monica cried out.

Just then,The shopkeeper,Brian,Was seen slowly walking to Monica.Monica crawled away into the street,Reliseing what was going on."Zombies",Monica ran away and then bumped into the local hobo guy.He was an zombie,And he tried to bite her.Moncia pushed him away and ran to her building.

Just then,She bumped into an screaming Rachel running down the stairs."Tag tried to attack me",She screamed.Tag was the new boyfriend of Rachel."Don't go out there",Monica shouted,But Rachel ignored this.She then saw what was going on and screamed out into the air."Nooooo",She screamed and Monica replied with "I Know"

Meanwhile,Chandler had unlocked the door so Ross can get out.Just then,An zombiefied Tag jumped onto Ross,Trying to bite him."Help",Ross shouted to Chandler."Just a sec",Chandler ran to his room and grabbed out an frying pan."What's that doing there",Ross asked as Tag tried to bite him."Incase of breaking and entering",Chandler then kicked Tag and started hitting him.

Tag still got up and Ross grabbed an bottle of wine in the counter and smashed it against Tag's head.Tag instantly fell down and was dead."What do we do",Ross cried out and saw blood was in his suit.

Just then,The phone rang and Chandler quickly answered it."Monica where are you",Chandler cried out in worry."I'm in Rachel's mother's place.I don't know what to do",She then let out an whisper in the last sentance."Sh

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