Fifth level of TA 3

Walkthrough Edit

Enemies Edit

Weapons Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • UEM
    • Jackrabbit
    • Rhino
    • Phoenix Gryphon
    • Timber Wolf
    • Desert Wolf
  • Zodiac
    • Hover Gun
    • Hover Turret
    • Hover Aircraft
    • Hover Craft
    • Hover Chassis
    • Scorpion Slasher
    • Scorpion Stalker
    • Scorpion Stinger

When Worlds Collide Edit

  • The Opening Cutscene shows Davian was right about Bogart getting reinforcments... a little too right. As Davian with only 3 allies, Ivy, Jon and Cody, arrive at the top of the hill, they see a Legion of Hundreds... no... Thousands of Infantry gathered on an opposite hill and hundreds more ships arrive behind them, as well as 3 unknown Zodiac World Breakers, we then realize they are standing on opposite sides of a massive basin, which, as we can see out of the corner of the scene, Roth overlooks. Davian looks down at a small device, a beacon, in his hand, and it flashes back and we see Davian and the trio meeting up the Steinburg, who gives him that, saying to activate it, anywhere, and help WILL come. It flashes back to the current fiasco and Davian reaches above his head and activates it, a brilliant light illuminates from his hand, and almost instantly, Allies line up on the hill, and ships begin to appear behind them, as well as three ODG platforms. Davian then lowers his arm, and they engage. The 2 sides collide in explosions of war. Zodiac ripping apart Strikers, and Strikers mutilating Zodiac, it was all the hells of war gathered in one gruesome manifestation. A Raven then arrives behind Davian saying he is needed at Roth.

On board he meets up with Hayes, who shows him a hologram projection of a Grendel Knight. She then states she has sent 3 different squads of Titan 2s after him, and tried to kill him 3 times today, and that he just won't die. Davian tells her to let him handle it. Hayes drops off Davian along with a regiment of Titan 2 allies, including Casey and Jessie. They are dropped off and are almost immediately contacted by Robbie who tells them to look out, and that it looks like the Zodiac are sending in their big ones, the Destroyers. Gameplay begins.

  • After the cutscene is over, continue forth with your EMP Gloves and Assault Rifle in hand, and through the gate. On the flight of stairs to your right, will be a crap load of Zodiac, including Fiends and Grendel, mainly the ones you have been fighting for the last 4 Missions. On the top, you will arrive on a balcony overlooking the battle, you can watch but mainly all it is thousands of little dots and chronic explosions of multiple colors. Continue left along the balcony, killing Zodiac, and then enter the building. In here help the Strikers pinned down by Zodiac spilling out of the entry way. Once they are dead, continue into the entrance and fight your way up and out of the building. On the roof, traverse the rooftops across the city. Once back on the ground, you will find yourself in a garden. You will be trapped here fighting several waves of Zodiac including vehicles, until a Scorpion Stalker arrives. Your best bet is to board it before it notices you, as it begins by attacking your Striker and Titan 2 allies (be wary, all 5 of your NPC Titans can die) and take control of it, using it to aid your allies fighting in Rhinos and such against Scorpion vehicles, including a Tank. The Stalker is much like a Tripod from War of the Worlds, only with 4 legs and much smaller that shoots green missiles instead of lasers. If you want to get across the rooftops much faster, there are several unoccupied Phoenixes and Hover Air before they fly off, if you wanna risk dying, that is. I suggest you stay in the Stalker and demolish all in your path as you continue through the courtyards, did I mention the Stalker can climb over buildings? Once you have left your mark of devastation, you will reach the final warehouse which you must continue through on foot. Get out, you must wait for it to lower to the ground or you may die from fall damage, and continue inside. Ah, but before you manage to make it in, a car comes flying at your face

The Comeback Edit

(Cutscene Begin) and nearly crushes you had it not been for Davian's reflexes kicking in. He then looks over his shoulder to see a Rook Grendel leap onto the ground. It will then disappears as if cloaking. And then Davian looks to see several Strikers running through a door, which closes, then a massive Grendel in Red armor smashes its way through the door after them, screaming. The Titan 2s run at it but are thrown aside like nine-pins. (Cutscene End) Davian, The Player, must then fight this man, and kill him. He does not go down easy when it comes to ranged attacks, but 2 quick melee attacks should cut him down to size. Continue into the warehouse without interruption, and coming up, if you think that Grendel out there was big... wait until you see... this.

  • Through the next gate, you will find 2 Ravagers, obviously on your side since multiple friendly Zodiac ships came to your aid, unknown why, but they do not get to fight alongside your Titans, as they are about to get obliterated. You may be wondering right about now, "What the hell could obliterate let alone destroy a freaking Ravager?" well, your answer drops down right behind one of them, a Destroyer. Massive, seventeen feet tall, and pissed off, one will drop down behind one Ravager, and another will run and pin the other to the wall, before slinging him across the room with a force nothing could survive. Now, with nothing left to play with, they will turn to you.
  • Begin by backpedaling. You will need to 'board' it. When it is about to swing, rapidly press the action button. And Davian will monkey his way up the thing, and begin wailing on its head. To 'wail', press the melee button. Three should do it. Do the same to the second Destroyer unit. Once they are dead, proceed out the rear entrance.
  • After this, you will meet your first Fiend Patriarch, well this Mission just keeps getting better and better, you must be thinking sarcastically to yourself. When the short intro cutscene if over, take out his two lackies and go for him. He will retreat, Scythe in hand, to a small group of Scamp Warlords with Shock Bows, kill them and he will roar, testosterone driven rage, and will charge at you. He swings rather slow, if you wish you can sneak up behind him and do a finishing move, or just finish him off the old fashioned way. Either way, or any way you kill him, swap out your gloves for his Scythe, and grab a Rocket Launcher in the canister beneath you. Continue down the road running parrelel to the cliff until you arrive at the massive cannon. A Cutscene will play showing Davian with Casey and Jessie at his side arriving down the road, to meet that Rook you saw earlier. Kill him with a quick melee and then ignore the enemies around you and activate the console on the side of the cannon. The final cutscene will play showing the AA Cannons begin firing on their makers, allowing the UEM and Zodiac Rebels push back the Zodiac forces. Then, due to sustained firing, a massive beam erupts from the ground and begins sucking ships into it, aswell as infantry. A ship crashes into Roth. And Davian arrives out of the wreckage, clinching his EMP Gloves tightly. He meets with Hayes who tells him that all of the air forces below have been sucked into the portal. Davian is distracted by a Butterfly flying around his head. A Raven full of Davian's allies then arrive. Then the ground begins to move. Rocks begin to come alive in heaps resembling humanoid bipeds. Davian then climbs aboard as Jessie gets crushed by one of them. They begin brutally massacring the forces below as they hurriedly pile into Ravens and Hover Ships and begin flying terrified into the portal. As the ground is alit with destruction and devastation, Davian and the 2 Ravens fly into the portal, and are warped to the other side...

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