"Even when darkness surrounds me, I will stand valiant, shining bright for all those who have lost their way, hoping for the day when my light will no longer be needed to guide the world."
Rotys Om Nief


Series Unknown
Platform(s) Unknown
Release Date Unknown
Genre(s) Unknown
Mode(s) Unknown
Rating(s) Unknown

Rotys Om Nief is an upcoming game. There is next to nothing known about it, as the developer has been very vague on the matter.



Nothing is known about the story at this point.


So far, only one name has been revealed - Sereno. It is unknown whether this character will be an antagonist or protagonist; even the character's gender is unclear. However, a picture of a soldier released pulls strongly towards this person being a male character. But it may not even be for this character, but a as of yet unnamed character.


There is nothing about the Setting asofyet, though the picture gives the sense of a medieval setting.


The game was unofficially announced on June 17, 2010, when it was made a page on Fanon Wiki (a user-contributable wiki that hosts all types of fan-made works). The developer, a user of Fanon Wiki, has revealed next to nothing about the game. The only things that have been revealed are a picture (whose origins can be traced back to the website DeviantArt), a character name, and a quote (written above)

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