Name: Roxas

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Occupation: Keyblade Master, Royal Servant


Roxas was Sora's Nobody. But he is free from Sora and is just a Nobody. Roxas, Kairi, and Ichigo are guardians of Dark. He is kind and loves to joke around with Ichigo. But he can be serious when needed. He starts to have feelings for Kairi and when he finds out that Ichigo plans on proposing to Kairi, he gets very jealous. He also starts acting weird after Alice appears.



Roxas s Keyblades by YenSid kun

Roxas two keyblades

Roxas has two keyblades called Oathkeeper and Oblivian. Bth of them represent darkness (Sora) and light (Roxas)> If he combines both abilities, he can create something called Aura Sphere.


Roxas has the geass ability to read other people's thoughts. Later on, he develops the ability to transfer or mess around with other people's memories.


300px-Zangetsu - Line Art


Oblivon is piloted by Roxas. It has its own modifed keyblades that Roxas can use. Oblivon can fly with wings and climb up walls. It can shoot its hands out as a grappling hook and it can work under water.

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