The Charonites were created by Dyga19 on the multiverses wiki. Do not use the Charonites without his permission.

Ruins of Zssyra is an RPG adventure created by User:Pinguinus, using ideas and creations from Dyga19.


The Player Character (PC) lands on Charon, after completing various quests on other planets. After wandering the surface of Charon for a while, the PC discoveres a Charonite town. To gain entrance to the town, the PC must kill four Grekk for the guards. Once this is achieved, the PC may enter. On entrance, he/she will meet the Chief of this tribe, Tlurko of the Shiern. He has a profitable yet dangerous mission for the player.

What Tlurko SaysEdit

"Greetings, young adventurer! I have heard of your exploits. I have a profitable yet dangerous quest for you. In the ruined city of Zssyra, there are four pieces of ancient technology. You must gather all four pieces, and bring them back to me, where they can be assembled. Beware, for the city recently experienced a Riftstorm, so there's no telling what could be there! Also, a band of Raiders may be present. Have fortune on your quest!"

Adventure ContinuedEdit

PC travels to the city of Zssyra. On the way, they are attacked by Grekk. No big deal. On entrance to the city, the Raiders will attack.


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