Running Away with the Whore is a 2012 American Drama Thriller film written and directed by Roger Kumble

It features Jeremy Irvine, Reese Witherspoon, Alice Braga, Rachel McAdams, Josh Duhamel, James Marsden, Richard Gere, Gabrielle Union, Michelle Yeoh and Rosario Dawson.


The film concerns a boy with a father with a mail order bride.

The boy lost his mother at age seven as she died from an epileptic fit.

His father years following that fell in love whilest on a business trip in Beijing and then set up upon returning to the US to order her in as a bride as that was the only way her parents would allow him to be with her.

The boy grows to be a deeply damaged sensitive boy who works his way as a Casanova through women looking for the women he will fall in love with.

The boy strikes his first love with a high school girl whom he runs away with.

The girl however eventually dies a result of an inoperable brain tumor she possessed.

The boy decides not to return home now and begins living abroad.

He eventually falls in with a hot blooded Spanish Woman whom he runs away from the current job and home his taken up in.

Him and the woman do not work out however as falls for an Amsterdam Red Light District Prostitute.

He cheats and then upon her finding out she cheats in return.

A fight takes place between him and the guy of whom she cheats with.

The prostitute whom has taken a fancy to him as well interferes in the fight and takes him in.

He tells of his running and inspires her to run away with him.

His parents whom have been hunting for him finally catch him.

He secures a normal job occupation for the prostitute and dies tragically in the end from an epileptic fit following from losing his virginity to her.

The GirlsEdit

  1. Charlotte Merlotte: Joshua's first high school relationship. A drug addict female whom is caught up in a violent drug cartel gang. He tries to reach out to her and even immerses himself in her world contemporarily. Following his death her funeral service father and brother workers hold his funeral and she is left with a small fortune as well as an exposure on her addiction to her parents and enrolment in an Anonymous drug rehabilitiation group.
  2. Jeanine Laxxes: 38 Year old airport speaker widow woman who Joshua expresses curiosity in her. He makes out with her many times and guides her towards a good 38 year old man whom she ends up in love with. She attends Joshua's funeral with her now husband fella he set her up with. She admits to her relationship with him whilest giving a speech at his funeral.
  3. Christine Jenkins: Joshua's first official love. A High school blonde cheerleader whom everyone assumes is a slut. She is indeed a virgin girl and intelligent hard worker who does not like to fool around and is incredibly strong. A Varsity Football player lies and claims that the night they were making out at a party she indeed had sex with him and his bestriend Lex Daniels. She from there power punches him in the face and is struck by him herself. Josh then steps in and fights him. The Football player Francis is arrested. From there the rumour circulates and Christine's acrobatic career ends as a result as does her parents' respect. She then runs away with Josh at first not trusting him and even fighting him a little. The night she wishes to actually lose her virginity to him in Berlin she is hospitalized after experiencing uncontrollable bleeding from all orfaces. She dies in the hospital from a brain tumor.
  4. Tatiana Romonov: A hot blooded Spanish Barista at a Berlin Bar Festival Josh and Christine were to attend together but due to her death Josh goes alone drinking excessively in memory of her. Tatiana cuts him off and escorts him to a hotel room where he falls immediatley asleep and she decides to sleep in the same bed with him as well. From there they awaken together and discuss Christine. She becomes intrigued by the running away with someone you love idea. She states how she would like to just run away from everything. Josh then asks if it is wrong to move on from someone straight away. She answers back with no and their relationship begins. Their love ends come arriving after many arguments in Amsterdam. She is there to meet with friends with him but Josh seperates with male friends of hers to the Red Light District. There he meets the stripper Candi Bridges and falls for her. He kisses her and then confesses it the following morning upon returning to Tatiana. Tatiana becomes enraged and that day upon her storming her off cheats with a man Josh went to high school with.
  5. Candice Bridges: Candice "Candi" is a prostitute from Amsterdam the Red Light District whom Joshua fell for and kissed cheating on the Spanish Hot Blood Tatiana Romonov he had taken off with. Him and Candice become the closet love as she resembles alot of his dead mother. He loses his virginity to her the night before he is to return home to the United States in Brecklebury and suffers a severe epileptic fit which kills him. Candice attends his funeral and at the funeral becomes attracted to Josh's old high school bestfriend Simon Washington-Smith


  • Jeremy Irvine as Joshua Leanold
  • Reese Witherspoon as Christine Jenkins
  • Alice Braga as Tatiana Romonov
  • Rachel McAdams as Candice "Candi" Bridges
  • Josh Duhamel as Patrick Easton
  • James Marsden as Robert Easton
  • Richard Gere as Edward Leanold
  • Ian Somerhalder as Francis Conroy
  • Kyle Gallner as Lex Daniels
  • Rosario Dawson as Patricia Leanold
  • Michelle Yeoh as Kyoto Leanold
  • Jennifer Tilly as Jeanine Laxxes
  • Ned Luke as Calvin Terras
  • Kieran Culkin as Simon Washington-Smith
  • Erik Knudsen as Nathaniel Carpranedo
  • Lucy Hale as Charlotte Merlotte
  • Ian McShane as Mr. Merlotte
  • Chris Hemsworth as Matthew Merlotte


  • Come and Go With Me- The Dell Vikings (Joshua's favourite song played recurring throughout the film as a heavy metaphor for his running away)
  • Then He Kissed Me- The Crystals
  • One Fine Day- The Chiffons
  • Stay- Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
  • Hey Baby- DJ Otzi
  • Ketchup Song- Las Ketchup
  • O-Zone- Dragostea Din Tei
  • Destination Calabria- Alex Gaudino
  • Good Feeling- Flo Rida (Played as Josh meets Candice at the Le Niora Strip Club)
  • From Paris To Berlin- Infernal

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