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Russ Griffith was a main character in the American Crime Drama, Law & Order: Miami.


Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Russ was a hard-working boy who had barely enough time for rest. As he got older, he wanted to get a career as an attorney, and became a very good one until 1977, where he decided that being an attorney was not really him, so he chose to become a law enforcement officer with the U.S. Marshals for a short time, until he was transferred to Miami, as a police captain for the Criminal Investigation and Forensics Bureau.


Throughout the last half of Season 2 of Law & Order: Miami, it is revealed that Griffith can get really severe anxiety attacks. So much so that he was forced to be seen by a psychiatrist who examined him in the Season 2 Finale. The result of the examination is never revealed.

Witness Protection

In the Season Nine finale "Double Double", the CIFB finds holes in Captain Griffith's death that lead them to believe that something fishy is happening, and as the detectives get closer to the real truth, they are shocked when they are introduced to none other than Captain Griffith, who is very much alive. It turns out that during the course of Season Seven and Season Eight, Griffith was threatened by a former captain who was the one who organized the anthrax attack on him. With Russ dead, the captain could feel accomplished and not put Russ or the other detectives in harm's way. However, Russ worked with the FBI to track down the captain and capture him.

Resignation & Reappearance

In the Season 11 episode "Brand New Day", Griffith resigns from the CIFB and states that he plans on retiring.

In the Season 18 episode "Neighborhood", Griffith reappears when Sgt. Colin Harper visits him for advice on how to effectively lead the CIFB.

Favored Weapon

USP Elite


  • He had two wives, both of which died of cervical cancer.
  • He is an optimist.

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