Ryan Percy

Ryan Liam Percy
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January 27, 3209

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Dirty Blond

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  • United Nations Space Command
  • Rycorp
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Ryan is your worst nightmare if you piss him off. Self-Declared Heavy-Weapons "Ultra-God" (sic), Ryan serves as a heavy hitter for Omega Squad, out of 5th Battalion. Born on Constance, a planet in the Barnard's Star system, Ryan was living the life that executives dreamed of. Constance itself is almost 90% water with floating cities wandering all over the globe and is bathed in warm 82 degree Fahrenheit weather year-round, ideal place to grow up. Ryan himself has only been on a few floating cities in his life, and nothing bigger than two or three football-fields in length. He actually grew up on mainland, the capital city of Whitesand, a fairly large settlement and home of the largest mainland spaceport. His father served as a geothermal plant technician and his mother was a spaceport terminal manager.

While life was good, it wasn't enough. Ryan's father was a troubled gambler who couldn't stop throwing craps, even with counseling. He borrowed a large sum from a local mob boss, named Vidic Davik, for an attempt to get his money back in the stock market. His investments came up short and Davik killed his parents when they failed to deliver the amount back. Ryan grew up hating his father in foster care. When he was 18, he was able to afford a one-way ticket to Earth.
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Ryan's current rank

Land of OpportunityEdit

Ryan's first impulse was to go through any business who would hire with only a high school diploma, as he had no money to afford decent education. The Greater Chicago Industrial Area Police Forces took in another recruit, and thus, he discovered his affinity for firearms. After holding the pistol in his hands for the first time, he felt that he knew the way to destroy Davik forever.

He saved every single paycheck, buying only what was necessary, and he acquired a license to trade as well as manufacture firearms. A few friends from Police Academy assisted in this and he bought his first gun, A Tomkinson PH-76 Semi-Auto pistol. One gun turned into two, and he completed his first transaction. Five years later, he was making more peddling firearms than he did as a police officer. With satisfaction, he left the Department and established Rycorp, an independent firearm trading and manufacturing company, one of the few of its kind.

Ryan was successful, quite so too. To date, he has manufactured twenty three models and numerous submodels, as well as cycles thousands of weapons a year. A huge warehouse on the New York streets is dedicated for housing ordinance. Various labels such as Krinkov, Colt, and Westerlund Firearms have invested in him, and have walked away satisfied. Ryan never found Davik, the thoughts pushed aside by the steady income of money, and he desired bigger, better weapons. Grenade launchers, flamethrowers, tactical nuclear launchers as well as a few obscure weapons that never made it off the drawing-boards, such as the MDG-4792 Close Quarter/Melee Defense System all existed in his plans.

Mental State Edit

The entire ordeal also made him slightly imbalanced, yearning for the better gun. It was unsettling, even to his customers. He consulted three psychologists and all three produced different medical diagnoses. Crestfallen, Ryan chose to accept that he had a problem, unable to be fixed by any doctor.

He is not crazy though as some are lead to believe. He often looks at pictures of his parents when they were alive and once a year, he travels to their graves on Constance, a private cemetery that Ryan purchased on the seaside and plants a rare flower near each of their graves.

On the flipside, he is ruthless in combat, and uses every possible advantage for his team, even if it is unorthodox. Some believe this and his medical history prohibit him from rising above Corporal, although it is simply rumor.

Recruitment Edit

In early 3235, Ryan was approached by Christopher James Vennettilli, who asked him to join. Ryan agreed, and the two were soon friends. Chris considers Ryan to be his right-hand man, never to let him down. Ryan was instrumental in the Assault on Robotropolis in mid 3235, the Seige of Earth later that same year, and the disappearance of the UNSC Phoenix in late 3235, and the subsequent reappearance three years later.

Relationships Edit

No knowledge of any relationships before his encounter with Vennettilli's squad has been apparent, but Ryan has had several tender moments with an ONI agent named Rouge the Bat. However, no evidence of sexual relations have been uncovered, which makes the entire situation ambiguous.

Trivia Edit

Ryan possesses a "magical" bag which has the ability to create a literal pocket universe to store weapons, ammunition, communication and personal items, but none of the team members have any idea how large the universe it is. Sonic the Hedgehog once joked that they "could toss Chris in and find out", but that idea was quickly shot down by Vennettilli himself. It is possible that only ONI has the knowledge of pocket universes.

Miles Prower often claims that he knows the formula on how it works but nobody is sure if he is bluffing or not.

Ryan has held two heavily modded assault rifles akimbo and fired them.

Ryan's respect for Vennettilli is deep, as he is often a consultant for the Captain.

Ryan is the second and only other character known to have an intimate relationship with a Sonic character.

Ryan still has the Tomkinson pistol he first started with, and sometimes keeps the gun on-person

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