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Ryu is the leading character in the Street Fighter franchise and a main character in the television series Ultimate Adventures. He is a martial artist who travels around the world attempting to maintain peace.

Character OutlineEdit

Ryu is his current appearance is a young man with black hair and black eyes who wears a tattered karate gi, a black belt, red gloves, and a red headband. Ryu normally does not wear shoes as part of his martial arts usage. Ryu appears to be rather mature in his apparance, personality wise is considered a brave and valiant fighter.


Martial Arts: Ryu is a practioneer of martial arts, particular that of a style of assassination. Ryu's master Gouken at one point trained him in a rather refined non-killing intent method of martial arts. Ryu has since become a rather adept martial arts user, behind his brute strength he can produce powerful and quick blows to his opponent.

Plot InvolvementEdit

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