SM Mall of Earth will be the largest mall in the world and the first SM America mall to have a JCPenney, Macy's and SuperValu anchor. It will have 3000+ shops and restaurants in 4 buildings and in 18 floors.

Physical details

The design is somewhat similar to SM City North EDSA, Mall of Asia and Mall of America. It has a sky garden similar to North EDSA's, an IMAX Theater, Director's Club, CenterStage cinemas just like Mall of Asia's, other aspects similar to SM MoA is a Science and Discovery Center and mostly, the globe. The globe will feature also have the Globamaze feature from SM MoA. It also has a Nickelodeon Universe inside similar to that of Mall of America but more rides and added safety. The mall outside will have design aspects of SM North EDSA, Mall of Asia and SM Tarlac. It features the blue cladding and the sun panels of SM Tarlac. The mall also has Mall of Asia's 20 seater tram which goes around the mall and its shops and stops. The mall's IMAX Theater will be slated to be the largest screen in the world. Covering 15 floors of tallness. The mall also has four cinemas found in any SM American mall with Dolby Surround EX.


1. SM Department Store

2. SM Supermarket

3. SM Hypermarket

4. SM Savemore

5. SM Bowling Center

6. SM Cinemas

7. IMAX Theater

8. Director's Club

9. CenterStage

10. Premier Cinema

11. SM Ice Skating Rink

12. SM Foodcourt

13. Cyberzone

14. Interior Zone

15. Toy Kingdom

16. Toys "R" Us

17. Our Home

18. Ace Hardware

19. Ace Builders Center

20. Surplus Shop

21. Watsons

22. Culture America

23. Macy's

24. JCPenny

25. Jewel

26. SuperValu

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