NOTE: This isn't featured in a show or something. It's a rumored subsidaiary of the real life SM Prime Holdings

SM Supermalls America is a rumored subsidairary of SM Prime Holdings. A mall and condo developer in the Philippines and China. The subsidairary will deliver Malls based on one of the SM Malls in the Philippines in America. It features three types of malls. SM City, SM Supercenter and SM Center. The countries would be USA, Canada and Mexico. A couple of SM Malls in the Philippines have been duplicated to the Philippines.

Mall types

SM City

Based on the Philippines' SM City Malls, SM City is a type of SM Mall in any size which features anchors listed below.

SM Department Store

This is a medium to big size store that sells clothes to homeware. This is the main anchor of each SM Mall

SM Hypermarket/Supermarket and Savemore

These groceries are found inside and outside SM malls in America.

SM Cinemas

Being on of the finest state-of-the-art cinemas, it features digital crystal clear pictures, convenient seats and even digital surround sound that makes it enjoyable to watch.

List of branches

Mall name Location Gross floor area

Opening date

No. of stores
SM City New York SM Business Park Chinatown, NYC 532,878 January 15, 2020 1100
SM City Upper Manhattan Central Park, NYC 133,327 June 20, 2020 300+
SM Megamall New York SM Business Park Chinatown, NYC 350,452 December 31, 2020 1000+
SM City Brooklyn TBA 273,804 March 1, 2021 700+
SM Southmall New York TBA 205,120 May 4, 2021 500+
SM City New Jersey TBA 120,202 July 4, 2021 300+
SM City Edison TBA 182,783 September 5, 2021 300+
SM City Newark TBA 105,953 January 4, 2022 500+
SM City Washington, D.C. TBA 167,812 May 11, 2023 300+
SM City Long Island TBA 132,484 July 30, 2023 600+
SM City Buffalo TBA 98,106 February 2024 300+
SM City Rochester TBA 135,458 December 2024 500+
SM City Yonkers


January 2025 300+
SM City Yuma 113,671 January 2025 300+
SM City Albany 78,655 February 2025 300+
SM City Utica 183,950 March 2025 300+
SM City Beacon Beside Yankee Stadium 121,285 June 2025 230
SM City Troy 80,350 August 2025 300+
SM City San Francisco 178,560 November 2025 300+
SM City Clark-NJ 101,840 May 2026 300+
SM City Clark-Missouri 200,000 January 2027 700+
SM City Harvey 56,086 February 2027 80+
SM Mall of America Former Mall of America 230,000 August 11, 1992 (Original MoA) June 2027 (Inaguaration as an SM Mall) 520+
SM City St. Louis 59,326 November 2027 100+

Standalone SM Department Store

Branch name Location Opening date GFA
SM Department Store Manhattan TBA January 2021 60,000+
SM Department Store Los Angeles TBA June 2021 28,000
SM Department Store Brooklyn TBA December 2021 70,000
SM Department Store New Jersey City TBA January 2022 10,000
SM Department Store King of Prussia TBA March 2022 12,000

List of SM Savemore branches

Branch name Opening date Logo
SM Savemore New York January 15, 2020
SM Savemore Broadway


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