SOCOM: US Navy Seals: Welcome To Paradise
Developer(s) Sierra Nine Eight Four Studios (Look and feel of game), Slant Six (Shooter segments), Criterion Games (Driving segments)
Publisher(s) SCEA (PlayStation consoles), Microsoft (Xbox 360 and PC), Nintendo (Wii, DSi, DSiXL)
Designer(s) SPARTAN-984
Released All areas: August 1st, 2010
Genre(s) Third-person shooter/Driving
Mode(s) Campaign, co-op campaign, online multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: T
Platform(s) PC (XP, Vista, and 7), Mac (latest OSX), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DSiXL/DSi/DS lite, PSPGo/PSP

SOCOM: US Navy Seals: Welcome To Paradise is a game which combines elements of both Burnout Paradise and Fireteam Bravo 3. Set a few months after Fireteam Bravo 3, the Koratvian situation has been resolved, Operative Lonestar is long dead, and Fireteam Bravo has returned from a well-deserved R&R only to be shipped into another situation: Paradise City is being invaded by unknown forces that are slaughtering civilians. A runner who specializes in illegally driving road vehicles is paired with Fireteam Bravo, resulting in several humourous and serious situations.


The gameplay is a mixture of third-person shooting and driving games, with perspectives shifting every few missions from Wraith to the Runner (though freeplay modes for both are available.)

Wraith specilizes in gunplay, whereas the Runner specilizes in car driving. Wraith has an expanded repertoire from SUNSFB3: he can now take cover, blindfire, and also has an expanded arsenal including several weapons that were never put into service. More attachments like red dot sights are included. At first Wraith starts alone, but as the Paradise situation ironically grows grimmer, Toro, Sandman, and Raven rejoin his team, and can be commanded with a better-constructed Command Wheel. The Runner, meanwhile, is an expert driver: though he can leave his car, he is mostly driving it, and can gain access to Boost and powerful modes depending on the car type, for example, Aggro Mode requires the player to be driving an Aggression car: the vehicle, once its Aggression bar is filled through takedowns, can turn invincible.

Command Equity is seperate from Wraith and The Runner. Wraith can earn Equity from multiple sources: during Freegun, he can kill enemies and perform optional Sabotage, Neutralize, and Disable missions, each requiring different objectives (Sabotage requires the destruction of enemy targets through C4: Neutralize requires the death of a special target, and Disable requires the disabling of several targets). Every enemy killed, depending on difficulty selected and enemy type, earns Wraith a miniscule amount of CE. Optional Missions have preset difficulty, enemy types, grenade usage, and whether or not you will have the backing of your squad or not. Although difficulties will not stray far from the difficulty selected, you will earn more Equity based on the Campaign difficulty you have selected as well as the set parameters of the Optional Missions (which start easy, but grow more difficult as the game progresses and you complete more, with later missions having you facing grenade-armed Elite enemies with no squad backing and nigh-impossible objectives, but you will be strong enough to complete them). Wraith can also drive cars; they have preset Boost tanks which expend slower than the Runner's, but once the tanks are out, they are out until Wraith drives through a Gas Station. Wraith cannot buy his own cars with Equity, nor can he repair his cars at the Junkyard since he doesn't and cannot own them in the first place. Wraith, however, can now commandeer several military vehicles, including tanks, attack helicopters, jet fighters, and small naval ships, something the Runner cannot do until he recieves army training later in the game. Wraith can, however, use Command Equity to unlock missions early, and to purchase new firearms and attachments for them (there are now no Medal restrictions on weapons, but weapons Locked in the previous game require more CE to unlock now). Some weapons have Weapon Challenges, which often unlock special attachments and/or weapon variants, and can be started from the Purchase menu. Wraith can order airdrops of weapons which he can "preload" from the Purchase menu (being able to save one attachment set for each), or can move into a SOCOM Armory scattered around Paradise, where he can rearm.

The Runner earns Equity from street actions he performs: Near Misses, Takedowns, and other missions will give him CE. Though The Runner's missions are based on going from Point A to Point B, most of the time the path is unrestricted, or the shortest path proves to be inpermeable, forcing the Runner to move through areas. Enemy vehicles will sometimes appear: he can Takedown them for extra cash. Cars also have an XP bar fillable from actions performed: in most cases, once the bar is filled Wraith will call with a vehicle upgrade having been airdropped in the city. Finding it and getting it safely to the Junkyard allows the unlocking of that vehicle (for example, when the Runner fills up the Hunter Cavalry's short XP bar, Wraith informs him that his "friends" at SOCOM recently airdropped an Oval Champ 69 in the city, and the Runner is given the task of returning it.) Regardless of whether or not the original vehicle is destroyed, getting the car to the Junkyard regardless of health remaining will unlock it permanently and the original vehicle will remain in the Junkyard. SOCOM also has contacts in the enemy army: they will occasionally send soldiers driving new vehicles (for example, the Nakamura SI-7) into the city and give the Runner the task of Shutting Down the enemy vehicle. Once a vehicle has been Shut Down, lots of CE can be earned, with most or all of it being spent to fix up the wrecked car, unlocking it. Sponsor vehicles are unlocked by going to a real-world retailer in Paradise once a day and getting a random 30 character long passcode. Once the passcode is completed, entering it in the Profile section's "Sponsor Car Codes" section will unlock the car for usage in the game. For tamper-proofing, no sponsor cars can be unlocked until the entire passcode is exposed.

It has been confirmed that the Chrome Car, Hunter Tillys Reliable, and Krieger Target Uberschall, secret cars in Burnout: Paradise, will be returning, though they will require campaign completions for unlocking.


The story begins at a shooting range and personal obstacle course, as Wraith exercises. This serves as a tutorial for everything, including siderolls, strafing, aiming down the sight, switching fire modes, and moving over objects. When you are finished, Wraith walks over and uses the computer. His eyes widen, and then he opens something else and hurriedly types.

In the meanwhile, the Runner, known as Lucky to friends because of his consistent scrapes, but known to most as The Runner, because he's the best, sees enemy helicopters entering of Russian origin. They fire on and destroy his house. In a tutorial for driving, everything is covered, from Near Misses to boost tanks to different cars and earning them as Runner jumps into a Hunter Cavalry and speeds off towards Paradise's center. A short police tutorial is introduced after Runner runs into some PCPD Citizens. Shortly afterwards, at the safe point, he is contacted by an unknown contact, stating that his nation needs him.

In the meanwhile, Wraith is in Washington, learning that unknown enemy forces are attacking. They show symbols similar to the Koratvian Revolutionary Army, which is explained as Toro, Sandman, and Raven walked in. Sandman doubts this: in his most recent op about a month ago, he and the rest of Bravo "disabled the sh*t" out of the KRA, to which the Commander replies that they may have not finished it completely. This leaves Wraith and Toro questioning the outcome of the mission, and whether or not his views were right.

As fighting rages in Paradise City, the Runner wakes up to a brand-new (on loan) Nakamura Ikuza GT provided for transport. Dodging several tank patrols and running over more than his fair share of enemy soldiers, he eventually reaches SOCOM's makeshift headquarters. He is given enough Command Equity, which the Group Leader describes as "like your allowance" to purchase a Hunter Cavalry. From there, the Runner is free to wander the city - but he is first to head to the second safe point (there are three around the city, plus one at Big Surf Island) to meet up with Fireteam Bravo, described as "the best there ever was, well, before that new EA game revealed the existence of Tier 1 Operators". This is a reference to the Medal of Honor reboot.

Wraith meets the Runner, who is described as "mysterious" by Raven, wearing jeans and a beat-up sweater with the hood always down. After a short conversation, Wraith expains that they'll always be in contact: in exchange for the Runner performing dangerous missions to get intel to Fireteam Bravo, Wraith will ensure that once he does enough work he'll attempt to improve the vehicle he's driving, thus setting up the upgrade scheme.

As the Runner tackles driving and Wraith tackles blowing stuff up, more intel leads Wraith to begin believing that a detachment of the KRA is doing this. He converses with the Commander and the rest of the squad: the evidence is inevitable. The Runner is shocked upon hearing the news: he thought the KRA vanished because of Bravo, to which Wraith explains, "They probably survived and declared revenge."

The next few missions are made more dangerous: The Runner is frequently accosted with tanks and attack helicopters but also manages to outrun them in the supercars he has earned. In the meanwhile, Bravo finds themselves the command team of every SEAL, with the hint that "the cream of the Spec Ops crop" may be arriving if it takes them. Wraith is left puzzled by this, and Raven makes a passing reference to "some kind of spotting sensor", a reference to Modern Warfare 2's Heartbeat Sensor attachment.

Eventually, the Runner finds out they're preparing a nuclear reactor to overload and destroy Paradise City in the ultimate terrorist attack. Not willing to let that happen, Wraith teams up with the Runner to stop this. The Runner then reveals his past: gang warfare in Paradise City took his parents, and he adopted the name "The Runner" to stay strong. His real name is Johnathan Hobbes, and he was in high school at the time it happened. Wraith, Toro, Raven, Sandman, and John, the latter of which is now showing signs of PTSD, agree to try and stop it.

Reaching the base of operations off the coast of Big Surf Island, The Runner and Bravo move in. While The Runner performs a dangerous distraction mission, Wraith simply blows more stuff up before he realizes an ugly truth: the base is set to blow in 5 minutes, destroying Paradise City and Big Surf Island. Even worse, the control panel is destroyed, filled with epoxy, and crosswired. Soldiers surround them, but John shows up, in a Hunter Olympus, running over the majority of the troops and using his PP-2000 to destroy the remainder. The Runner picks an AK-103 off the ground and prepares to lead the Fireteam out.

Battling their way out, they end up finding out that the rest of the KRA is heading their way and that nobody will be able to stop them. John goes temporarily AWOL, and ends up finding four Krieger WTRs parked outside. He beckons Wraith to them, but discovers that one must be left behind.

Re-entering the room, if anyone has a LMG, John snatches it out of their hands and hands them the AK-103 picked up earlier: otherwise he'll grab a PKP off the wall. Wraith explains that since John has nothing left to live for, he'll hold off the advance while they escape.

John single-handedly, with the aid of booby-traps, holds off the KRA, before finding out that there's only a minute left. With three seconds left to go, he reaches the reactor core and carefully shoots the electric panel, stopping the overload. Suddenly realizing that the self-destruct has been activated, he is forced to escape. Suddenly, a shady soldier approaches him. Aiming, John discovers it isn't a KRA soldier, but rather a Tier 1 Operator named Grog, who helps him out. Grog is killed off by a KRA sniper with an SVU, but John manages to escape the base through an underground tunnel using a Rossolini Tempesta.

Back in the tunnel, Wraith realizes, by looking at his watch, the reactor was supposed to explode five minutes ago. Discovering John must have deactivated it, they all sigh with relief. They then get to thinking where he went as the four WTRs escape onto Big Surf Island.

One week later, Fireteam Bravo is enjoying a nice, well-earned vacation in a rebuilding Paradise City, and are surprised to see John arrive in an odd-looking WTR. As a speedster in a Hunter Civilian races by, John simply says, "Duty calls," and then jumps into the PCPD WTR and puts on the siren. Glad to know that John is alive, Wraith finally rests in peace to the sounds of Toro complaining that "it's too damn hot out here", Sandman reading, and Raven using a PSP to play Fireteam Bravo 3, stating, "Hey, these guys share an uncanny similarity with us." This causes Wraith to pick up the PSP and look at a cutscene, and then remarks, "Raven, you idiot, these ARE us."

Vehicles, Weapons, and Attachments

For anyone that wants to see the vehicles in-game, here's a link to Paradise City's vehicle manifest:

Otherwise, I present to you, dear reader, the guns of the game.


They may not seem like much, but Pistols are portable and powerful at close range. They can be lifesavers.

Mk. 23 Mod 0 - One of two starting pistols. 12 rounds a clip, all-arounder.

Desert Eagle - Medium CE cost to unlock. 7 rounds a clip, very bad stability, but incredulous accuracy and outright omnipotent damage. Cannot use silencers.

Five-seveN - Medium CE cost to unlock. Great ammo capacity at 20 rounds a clip, otherwise a replacement for the P226 once you get it.

PT145 - Low CE cost to unlock. A mini-Desert-Eagle, with not as much power, but one more bullet, used by enemy forces. Commonly found on high-ranking soldiers and as the sidearms of "Neutralize" targets. 8 rounds per clip.

PSS - Medium CE cost to unlock. A six round low damage low accuracy low range pistol. However, up close a single shot anywhere is fatal and the weapon has a built-in silencer. Field-equipped with Pistol Laser 1. 6 rounds per clip.

OTS-37 - High CE cost to unlock. 27 bullets and fully automatic fire, though it's more accurate than a Glock.

M92 - Medium CE cost to unlock. All-around well pistol, often found in the possession of US Army soldiers. 15 rounds per clip.

P226 - One of two starting pistols. 20 rounds, and a good ammo pistol for the start, but replaced by the Five-seveN once unlocked.

MP-443 - Found in the lower ranks as a sidearm. Low CE cost, but actually poppy and great as it has no firecap, meaning it fires as fast as the trigger pulls. 17 rounds per clip..

Glock 18 - Highest CE cost of the pistols, carrying 30 rounds and firing fully automatic. Best in cramped spaces, sucky anywhere else.


These things are close-range beasts designed purely for the intent of wasting lead like a drinker wastes alcohol. Some of them, like the UMP, can function as rifles in a pinch, though.

MP7 - Low CE cost, subcompact rifle range. 40 rounds.

P90 - Highest CE cost of the SMGs, and the most useful. 50 rounds a clip. If a Reflex Sight is added, it will appear as the P90's in-built red dot sight.

MP5SD3 - Low CE cost. An MP5 re-equipped with a supressor. This prevents the underbarrel front grip, but otherwise it's a nice upgrade. 30 rounds a clip. Usually found on the Army, along with the vanilla variant.

MP5 - The only starting SMG in the game. 30 rounds a clip. However, when the Front Grip is equipped, it isn't outclassed by the SD3. Usually found on the Army, along with the SD3.

Uzi - Low CE cost. Found on the low rankers. However, it isn't completely useless - it's the only high stability SMG that spits fire like a machine pistol. 30 rounds a clip.

UMP - Medium CE cost. The highest damage dealer and the only SMG that can accept Assault Rifle level attachments like the Thermal Scope. 25 rounds a clip.

PP2000 - Low CE cost. A Russian machinepistol, equipped with a single bar for stability. Found on high-level soldiers. 30 rounds a clip. Sometimes found as the Secondaries of Neutralize targets.

MP9 - Low CE cost. The PP2000 mirrored. 30 rounds a clip.

PP-19 Bizon - Medium CE cost. Highest ammo capacity, but not by much, with 53 rounds a clip. Found on the mid-rankers.

Assault Rifles

These things are used by most soldiers, and chances are you'll use these too. Most carry 30 rounds a clip, unless otherwise stated.

AN-94 - One of three starting ARs. Damage-dealer of the starters.

G36c - Low CE cost to unlock. Short ranged, but powerful with high stability.

M4A1 - One of three starting ARs. Usually found in the hands of the US Army along with the A3. The most all-around assault rifle ever.

M16A4 - One of three starting ARs. A longer-ranged version of the M4 that also carries three-round-burst as standard fire mode.

HK416 - Low CE cost to unlock. Basically an upgrade of the M4 and 16 at the same time.

SCAR-L - Low CE cost to unlock. A further upgrade of the HK416.

Mk. 18 Mod 0 - Low CE cost to unlock. A shorter ranged M4, but it's field equipped with a Low Scope, Laser Sight, Supressor 1, and Front Grip... like a gift basket.

StG 77 AUG A2 - Medium CE cost to unlock. The last of the 5.56mm assault rifles for now, it's one of the best rifles out there and should hold you the first half. If a Variable Power Scope is equipped, it will appear as a Swarovski scope found on A1s.

AEK971 - Medium CE cost to unlock. Higher damage and higher accuracy, but no grenade launcher (as of Weapons Pack 2 this has been fixed).

A91 - Medium CE cost to unlock. The A91 is a bullpup variant of the subcompact 9A91, and seeing as it's equipped with a Low Scope and a Laser Sight from the start, it's a nice grab. The GP-30 is integrated.

VAL - Medium CE cost to unlock. The VAL carries 20 rounds, but the integral silencer is the best-in-game.

AKs-74u - Low CE cost to unlock. The AKs is a carbine of the 74, and as such is short-ranged and incredibly powerful. Commonly found on low-rankers.

AK-74m - Low CE cost to unlock. A nice assault rifle, with more range but less damage than the 47m. Commonly found on low-rankers.

AK-103 - Medium CE cost to unlock. A very good weapon, field-equipped with a GP30 grenade launcher, Variable Scope, and Laser Sight. Found only on Elite enemies.

AK-47m - Low CE cost to unlock. An accurate short-range assault rifle, that has low stability.

OC-14 - Highest CE cost to unlock. A powerful weapon, with the best stats of the assault rifles, but you can't have a Supressor or Front Grip/GP-30. Since they're all integrated, you can only get one.

HK417 - High CE cost to unlock. A higher-damage HK416 with 20 rounds a clip.

SCAR-H - High CE cost to unlock. A further upgrade to the HK417. 20 rounds a clip.

Mk. 14 Mod 0 - High CE cost to unlock. The Mk. 14 carries the second-highest assault rifle damage and is incredibly strong, but it can't carry a grenade launcher. 20 rounds a clip

FAMAS - High CE cost to unlock. A good bullpup assault rifle, at base an OC-14 "lite". 25 rounds per clip.


These weapons were designed for spitting lead at high speeds.

PKM - Medium CE cost to unlock. A great LMG with a 100 round clip. Found on low-to-mid-to-high rankers.

PKP - Medium CE cost to unlock. An improved version of the PKP, seen on Elite enemies.

M249 - The starting LMG. It carries 200 rounds, more than any other LMG, but has lower stats than usual. Found in the hands of the US Army.

MG4 - High CE cost to unlock. A improved version of the M249, still carrying 200 rounds, but also able to accept optical attachments. A bug in the game was that it carried the G36's internal optics: this was removed, and later instilled as the alternate Reflex Sight model.

Mk. 48 Mod 0 - Highest CE cost to unlock. A deadly machinegun, very powerful, but has a slower fire rate.

Mk. 46 Mod 0 - High CE cost to unlock. The little brother of the Mk. 48.

RPK-74 - Medium CE cost to unlock. While it only carries 40 rounds, the RPK is a very powerful LMG, the most powerful of the LMGs.


These deadly weapons were designed for close range battle. Being hit by a shotgun shell means instant death at close range.

Remington 870 - The starting shotgun. Pump-action, and like all shotguns, deadly at close range. As of Weapons Pack 2, it and the M590 can destroy doors.

Mossberg 590 - Low CE cost to unlock. The 590's pellets are in a controlled spread, allowing longer range. Found in the hands of the US Army. As of Weapons Pack 2, it and the R870 can destroy doors.

RMB-93 - Low CE cost to unlock. The final pump-action, incredibly short ranged for a shotty, but also very powerful. Found on all but Elite.

SPAS-15 - Medium CE cost to unlock. The first semi-automatic and box magazined shotgun. It offers improvements over the other shotguns, but only carries five rounds.

Saiga 12K - Medium CE cost to unlock. The final box magazined shotgun, able to output its 6 shots at deadly speed. Found on Elites.

M4 Super 90 - Highest CE cost to unlock. The best shotgun, offering great range and damage. It carries 7 rounds and reloads manually, but offers improvements over every other shotgun.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles were made for long range conflict, deadly, and accurate. Unfortunately, they are also often unwieldy. They range from simple anti-infantry snipers to powerful weapons that can destroy tanks and concrete. All sniper rifles come field-equipped with the High Scope.

M24SWS - One of three starting sniper rifles. Very powerful, with ten rounds a clip, but bolt-action.

M1A SOCOM - Low CE cost to unlock. Essentially an improvement of the M14, the M1A carries 20 rounds and is semi-automatic and good for close quarters as well as sniping.

MSG90 - Low CE cost to unlock. A deadly sniper rifle with a slow fire rate.

SR-25 - One of three starting sniper rifles. Good fire rate, and ten rounds a clip, but quick-firing.

XM14 - Medium CE cost to unlock. A dumbed down M1A, but very powerful and only carrying 10 rounds.

Mk. 12 Mod 0 - One of three starting sniper rifles. Maintains a balance between the SR-25 and the M24. Field-equipped with a supressor.

SVD Dragunov - Medium CE cost to unlock. A long-ranged Russian sniper rifle, and with 10 rounds a clip it's very reliable and deadly, though fast firing will reduce accuracy. This, the VSS, and the SVU, all use the PSO-1 scope instead of the regular High-Power Scope.

VSS Vintores - Medium CE cost to unlock. The only fully automatic sniper rifle, with a silencer built-in. This, the SVD, and the SVU, all use the PSO-1 scope instead of the regular High-Power Scope.

SVU - Medium CE cost to unlock. A refined, shorter-range, higher-damage variant of the Dragunov. This, the SVD, and the VSS, all use the PSO-1 scope instead of the regular High-Power Scope.

CheyTac M200 - High CE cost to unlock. An anti-armor sniper rifle, with insane damage potential. Field-equipped with silencer.

XM500 - High CE cost to unlock. A powerful bullpup anti-armor sniper rifle. Not much of a change from the C-TAC.

KSVK 12.7 - High CE cost to unlock. A long tubular sniper with a muzzle brake and a handle.

L96A1 - High CE cost to unlock. Bolt-action, but the Magnum bullets mean one shot, one kill.

Barrett 98 Bravo - High CE cost to unlock. A bolt-action M82.

M82A1 - Highest CE cost to unlock. The most destructive of the sniper rifles.


If a tank's attacking you, don't die, get one of these and get back in the action.

AT4 - High CE cost to unlock. The most powerful of the rocket launchers, and the only one with homing. Ammo is scarce, though.

RPG-7 - High CE cost to unlock. An easy-to-find rocket launcher, and ammo is found less scarcely than the AT4.

MM-1 - Highest CE cost to unlock. The MM-1 is a multi-shot 12 round grenade launcher, whose anti-infantry and anti-light-armor usages are wondrous.

Downloadable Content

DLC is added every once in a while in packs. All weapons are unlocked upon download. In an ode to Mass Effect 2, when the game is booted up, Wraith will recieve a communication.

Preorder pack (later available as Weapons Pack 0)

"Wraith, Eurasia's sent you their best weapons in an attempt to help even the fight against the KRA. Take care of these guns: you aren't getting any more copies."

MP5K - This short-ranged submachine gun has all the power of the MP5, in a miniature form. 30 rounds a clip.

F2000 - A great assault rifle, better than the AUG but not better than the FAMAS. 30 rounds a clip. If the Low Power Scope is equipped, it will show up as the F2000 scope.

TAR-21 - A good thirty round bullpup assault rifle, with a faster fire rate and less accuracy than the FAMAS. 30 rounds a clip. If the Reflex Sight is equipped, it will show up as the Mars Sight.

AS-50 - A powerful sniper rifle, with more portability than, but less accuracy than, the M82A1. 5 rounds a clip.

Weapons Pack 1

"Wraith, we've decided to send you some weapons. Take care of these things, because you probably won't be getting any others. Oh, and we recieved a complaint from another SEAL squad: apparently the MG4 had a non-functioning G36 internal optics platform mounted onto the gun which got in the way of the iron sights. We've removed it from as many MG4 copies as we can: we're hoping yours was one of them. Take care of yourself."

9A91 - A subcompact assault rifle with 20 rounds, basically a less-powerful variant of the A91. However, the rifle has more accuracy to compensate.

G36K - A carbine assault rifle with 30 rounds, a longer-ranged G36c. It, and the A2, get the G36 internal optics when the Reflex Sight is equipped.

G36A2 - A full-length assault rifle with 30 rounds, a maximum-range G36. it, and the K, get the G36 internal optics when the Reflex Sight is equipped.

XM8C - A subcompact variant of the XM8, with 30 rounds. It, and the other XM8s, recieve the in-built red dot scope when the Low-Power Scope is equipped.

XM8 Carbine - A standard length XM8 carbine, with 30 rounds. It, and the other XM8s, recieve the in-built red dot scope when the Low-Poer Scope is equipped.

XM8 LMG - A long barrel LMG XM8 variant, with 100 rounds. It, and the other XM8s, recieve the in-built red dot scope when the Low-Power Scope is equipped.

MTAR-21 - A very short range TAR-21 variant, with 30 rounds. The subcompact assault rifle cannot equip a grenade launcher. Like the TAR-21 before it, if the Reflex Sight is equipped it will show up as the Mars Sight.

QBZ-97 - A subcompact assault rifle used by the Chinese, with 30 rounds. This rifle is nearly usels, and only its accuracy is recommended.

M60E4 - A powerful light machine gun firing the PKM cartridge, the M60E4 is the most powerful and most accurate light machine gun available. It, however, fits no attachments.

S3E - A G3-based light machine gun, the S3E carries a 100 round drum magazine. It's a moderate light machine gun.

SPAS12 - The only pump-action/semiauto shotgun on the planet, the SPAS12 comes in semi-automatic form with 8 rounds maximum.

USAS12 - A Korean-built shotgun with about the same fame as the AA-12, the USAS12 carries a 20 round drum magazine as standard. (In Weapons Pack 2, the 20 round drum mag was removed from the game.)

DAO-12 - A fully-automatic shotgun with an extremely slow reload, the DAO-12 carries a 20 round drum magazine which must manually reload. It has gargantuan stats to make up for that deficiency, though.

HK69A1 - A single-shot advanced grenade launcher, the HK69A1 trader the firepower of the MM-1 for portability akin to assault rifles.

WA2000 - The WA-2000 is a five-round monster of a sniper rifle, and bullpup to boot.

MEU SOCOM .45 - This seven-round automatic pistol deals the damage of the Desert Eagle, but can fire much faster.

Mac 10 - This machine pistol has its stock fully extended. It is inaccurate but at close range nothing beats the .45 ACP lead it can spray.

Spectre M4 - This machine pistol is quite controllable, but that doesn't mean it should be treated as an assault rifle.

Skorpion Vz. 83 - This machine pistol doesn't have a stock, but its stopping power more than makes up for its .32 cartridge.

Fixes: MG4 non-functioning internal optics removed.

Weapons Pack 2

"Wraith, we're sending you some reliable weapons. These guns aren't exactly futuristic but they have international flair, and they're very reliable. If nothing else, the REX magnum and the NS2000 should at least be used in combat once. That, and we've got two World War II era rifles and two World War II SMGs for you. And a few more fixes, namely, SEALs are complaining that apparently the USAS12's drum mag is failing to feed sometimes, so we replaced it with a 7 round box mag. That, and the G36 internal optics previously seen in the MG4 are finally working again. You'll find them in the place of the holo sights. Take care of yourself Wraith."

Type 88 LMG - This light machinegun shares a name with a bullpup sniper rifle. Don't mistake this Chinese weapon for a piece of suck - the Type 88 is more than capable for whatever life throws at it.

MG36 - This light machinegun solidifies the ability of the G36 series to copy off of the XM8. The rifle, like the G36A2 and K before it, will use G36 internal optics instead of the Reflex Sight.

MG3 - This light machinegun is a classic weapon, an improvement over the MG42 without straying from its basic formula too much.

Type 88 Sniper - This sniper rifle isn't exactly the worst weapon you can get your hands on, but there are certainly better ones.

SV-98 - For this powerful SVD modification, think the SVD, and then think bolt-action rifles.

GOL - This German magnum sniper rifle is very reliable and has way more power than you could imagine, being German-engineered and possessing a powerful Magnum round.

XM95 - This sniper rifle almost became the new XM107, but the M82 beat it to the punch. It has a bolt equipped, and is bullpup.

NS2000 - This odd South African shotgun used a pump-action system where instead of being pumped backwards, the pump was operated forwards.

MP-412 REX - This Russian revolver holds lots of power, but was oddly never released.

M93 Raffica - This 20 round mag three-round burst M92 variant acts like a more controllable Glock 18.

G3 - This powerful 20 round assault rifle is really supposed to be a battle rifle, but it more than possesses what is required to become an assault rifle.

M1 Garand - This World War II infantry rifle has been retrofitted with a scope.

M1A1 Thompson - The Thompson is best known as the Tommy Gun, used by gangsters. This 30 round mag SMG possesses no foregrip.

Type 5 - This World War II Japanese bolt-action rifle has been retrofitted with a scope.

Type 100 - This World War II Japanese submachine gun has a side-loading magazine, much like the Sten.

M2 Carl Gustav - The Carl Gustav is better known as a "recoilless rifle", even though it fires missiles.


Removes USAS12's 20 round box magazine.

Allows the MG4 to use the G36 internal optics as an alternate Reflex Sight model

Weapons Pack 3 (included as patch, along with other Weapons Pack guns)

"Wraith, we weren't able to acquire much weaponry. However, we've noted your service. Take this M80 and this Mini 14 as a reward. Best part: you can take the Mini 14 home with you.'

Ruger Mini 14 - This hunting rifle carries with it a certain air of not just authenticity, but ruggedness.

M80 - The most powerful grenade launcher in the game, heavy APCs submit with just one frag.

Weapons Pack 4

USP - In real life, only the fact it does not have chrome keeps the USP from attaining superiority. In this game, the USP suffers from slightly less accuracy and damage than the MEU deals. Fair tradeoff.

AA-12 - A great shotgun with fully automatic fire, this is the only true USAS12 competitor.

Winchester 1200 - This 1980s era pump-action is extremely powerful beyond what you'd expect.

Winchester 1887 - This 1880s era is a true example of lever-action greatness.

FAL - Yet another battle rifle, the FAL suffers from a semi-automatic only fire mode, but deals large amounts of damage.

ACR - The ACR, what is considered by some to be the ultimate carbine in the world, is finally available for use. Though the modularity presented is not present, the ACR is sure to satisfy.

TDI Vector - The Vector is the next generation of Israeli submachinegun. Not only does it kick ass, it looks awesome in the process.

L86 LSW - The L86 LSW is a light-machinegun variant of the L96A1 assault rifle. If the Low-Power Scope is used, it will show up as a SUSAT.

L85A2 - The L85A2 is a British assault rifle, which, as of the time of this pack's production, may or may not be in British service. If the Low-Power Scope is used, it will show up as a SUSAT.

RPD - This AK conversion light machinegun is more LMG than the RPK would ever hope to be.

AUG HBAR - The AUG HBAR does not have the large magazine of the RPK-74, but it does even more damage than it could hope for.

FIM-92 Stinger - The Stinger is the ultimate anti-aircraft missile launcher.

FGM-140 Javelin - The Javelin is the most destructive rocket launcher you'll probably ever get your hands on, however, it must lock onto a target to fire.

Fixes: Due to model (and some gun nuts pointing it out), AUG A2's name is changed to StG 77 AUG A2

Weapons Pack 5

"Wraith, we've decided to truly test your skills. We've sent you a few 1970s era prototype weapons. See how much hell you can raise."

M16 Prototype - This 1970s era prototype M16 assault rifle is locked on three-shot burst but the extended magazine gives it 30 rounds - enough for ten good bursts.

SA80 Enfield - This bullpup British assault rifle may have been what inspired the popular L85A2 assault rifle also available.

M14 - The 1970s FAL, the M14 battle rifle is treated as a single-shot only assault rifle.

FAMAS F1 Felin - This prototype of the FAMAS is almost the same as the regular-use FAMAS, sans burst fire capabilities.

Galil - This carbine weapon is like a cross between the AK-47's looks and the M4A1's ammo - deadly.

Colt CAR-15 Commando - The M4 before an M4, the Commando was a nice carbine assault rifle - by both the standards of the 1970s and today's.

G11 - An example of what assault weapons could have been today - caseless ammunition combined with a 50 round magazine. The cook off fire rate means huge amounts of fire. But beware the reload - it is living hell in the time department.

PM-63 - This self-loading Polish machine pistol combines the auto power of an SMG with the self-reloading abilities of a handgun.

Walther MPL - The Walther MPL looks so close to the UMP .45 that it could be mistaken for its forefather.

OTS-02 Kiparis - The OTS-02 is the second in the line of OTS weapons featured, the first being the OTS-27. This gun holds thirty rounds in a box chamber.

HK21 - The HK21 is considered to be functionally similar to the AUG H-BAR - it carries thirty rounds in the mag only, but has impeccable damage and accuracy.

Stoner 63 - Don't let the name of this LMG fool you, the Stoner is a capable light machinegun.

L96A1 - This sniper rifle, firing extremely powerful Magnum bullets, is a very potent bolt-action assault weapon.

KS-23 - The most powerful shotgun ever made, with 4 gauge shells effective up to 30 feet away, the KS-23's only lack of strength is the fact it only carries three shells per magazine.

M72 LAW - This Vietnam-era disposable rocket launcher is still useful provided that you have the right skills with it.

Strela-3 - The SA-3 is an effective anti-aircraft rocket launcher.

China Lake - The world's only pump-action two round grenade launcher, the China Lake has a slow pump time but has massive damage levels.

Death Machine - This weapon is aptly name due to the fact it's Wraith's first handheld chaingun. Though the gun carries 1000 rounds, takes a few seconds to spin up, and cannot be reloaded, 1000 rounds is more than enough to destroy everything in your path.

M202A1 - Otherwise nicknamed the Grim Reaper, the M202A1 is a disposable missile launcher carrying four - count 'em, FOUR - incendiary missiles. You can blow ANYTHING apart with four missiles.

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