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SPARTAN-984 is one of the characters in the Ultimo X Fighter game. 984 is a very technical fighter with extremely powerful attacks which take long times to charge, fast dashes, and quick blocks, mixed in with some fast attacks, meaning he takes time to master, but is very powerful in the right hands.



984 performs a battleslide and knocks the final Prophet off of his chair. As the Ultimo X universe gets closer to being Glassed, 984 shoots the Prophet in the head.

984 then finds a plasma cannon and destroys all of the CSS-Class Battlecruisers attempting to destroy the universe. He then rides his Mongoose towards a hillside, hoping "to find some god damn rest for once".


984 was a supersoldier pulled back in time to serve in the UNSC. This was done against his will and with no chance of ever returning back. However, he didn't mind: his home life was completely terrible. He served well, and now looks to only find some peace. The Ultimo X universe is his next stop. Unfortunately, he's not gonna find peace here, that's for sure.

Battle Quotes

  • "Never underestimate the enemy you face... unless you're freaking badass."
  • "Aim for the head unless you're carrying a rocket launcher."
  • "Did that hurt? Actually, yes."
  • "Look at me, I'm flying!"
  • "AGAIN? Jeez, you never get rest."
  • "This is more annoying than trying to open a package with your bare hands. Which isn't very annoying, now that I look on it."
  • "FUCK YOU WHALE, AND FUCK YOU DOLPHEEN! That stuff is funny as hell."
When facing certain characters
  • (when facing Christina)"Remember, just because you're Ultimo's girlfriend/wife doesn't mean I'll go easy on you."
  • (when winning against Christina)"I'm not sexist. I kicked your butt, but I knew that you put up a fight."
  • (when facing Darth CheerCheer) "Must... resist... commenting!"
  • (when facing Darth CheerCheer) "Yargh, that sucked more than your mom."
  • (when facing Darth Raiden)"The ultimate fight of evil versus... semi-good? Anti-hero? What would I be called?"
  • (when winning against Darth Raiden)"I feel like Starkiller in TFU. Assuming he killed Palpy instead of dying at his hands."
  • (when facing Jade Wong)"Ultimate magician versus ultimate supersoldier. This'll be a fight for the ages."
  • (when winning against Jade Wong)"I kicked Jade Wong's ass! I imagined it'd be a little harder, but oh well."
  • (when facing SPARTAN-984)"Wait, how the hell am I fighting me?"
  • (when winning against SPARTAN-984)"Motherfucking flash clone. He was one month overdue for death anyways."


  • Three quick punches, followed by a powerful kick.
  • Roundhouse kicks. This takes time to accomplish.
  • Dashes forward. This can be used as modifyer for some attacks.
  • Slaps enemy across arena.
  • Slides into enemy, knocking over. This requires a dash to perform.
  • Grabs enemy and flips them over his head.
  • Handstands, extends legs, then swings around smacking anyone around him with his legs.
  • Jumps up, then rams himself into ground.
Special Attacks
  • Flip Escape Earthquake: 984 flips and makes a mini-earthquake upon landing. Useable as an escape/damage combo. 984 will flip depending on the direction he dashes in: otherwise he flips away from the enemy.
  • Augmented Punch Combo: 984 performs three ultra-fast punches. If dashing, the combo sends him through an enemy.
  • Augmented Kick Combo: 984 flips, kicking the opponent in the bottom of the jaw. If dashing, three fast kicks which combos into a slide.
  • Aug Throw: 984 picks up an enemy, jumps, and then punches him into a wall. Dashing doesn't modify this.
  • The Wheelhouse: Activates 984's Wheelhouse. If hit with an attack in the Wheelhouse, 984 takes double damage, but in his Wheelhouse he can counter/block nearly any attack. As well, if 984 attacks in the wheelhouse, his attacks deal some more damage.
  • Snipe: 984 takes out a sniper rifle and aims for the head. Heavy damage, but long charge time.
Hyper Combo (Finishers)
  • Rage Beating: Only usable if 984 has 20% or less health. 984 savagely beats on his opponent with randomly selected attacks including Haymaker uppercuts and close-range Shotguns, before kicking his enemy onto the ground and curbstomping them. During this 984's eyes, tinted hell red, are visible through his visor.
  • Aerial Finisher: 984 picks up his opponent, uses a prototype Jetpack, and flies into the air, beating on his enemy, before brutally sending them back down into the ground. Shortly after the opponent dies, 984's jetpack explodes, sending him into the wall.

Character Creator Parts/Gamestyles

Mark IV MJOLNIR - No bonuses

Mark V (helmet only) - Extra health

Mark VI - Extra health for each part attached

CQB - Extra damage awarded to attacks the closer they are when they contact the enemy

EVA - Extra movement speed

Recon - Small amount of extra movement speed, attack, and health

Flaming Helmet - Preorder only, heavy attack power increase

EOD - Defensive CQB: the closer attacks are the less damage they deal

ODST (helmet only) - No damage taken from large falls

Scout - Large movement increase

Hayabusa - Extra agility

  • Hayabusa Katana - Increased damage katana

Security - Decreased damage from other attacks: this is static and not increased by attack range

Rogue - Extra agility and attack damage


Ultramarathon - Twice the current movement speed and agility

Quick Reflexes - Halves recovery time from power attacks and allows for a double dodge chance

Junkyard Scavenger - Extra money weaned from fights

Endless Wealth - Permits extra skill points

Force of Nature - Allows for three seperate characters which can be swapped between at any point in the match

Steel Fist - Extra attack damage

Plastic Polymers - More movement speed and faster attack time

Force Kill - Reduces the amount of enemy health needed to perform a Finisher

Lizard Blood - Homing attacks do not lock on

Nitroglycerin - Splash damage dealing moves get a damage increase

Black Ops - Melee weapons gain extra range and fall damage is drastically reduced

Oriental Training - Homing attacks can be dodged

X-Ray Vision - Anything laid on the ground can be seen and easily avoided

Beta-Blockers - Extra attack accuracy

Holo Doubles - Doubles are created as an enemy moves closer

Final Gasp - Allows for a return from the dead with 10% of maximum health (provided that a Finisher hasn't been used)

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