SPARTAN-984 Plays Songs was a (non-existent) show that showcased SPARTAN-984 playing The Beatles: Rock Band and Scratch: The Ultimate DJ beta (sometimes with Audiosurf) multiple custom-made songs.

Songs Played

NOTE: Bold Text denotes anything played on Scratch, whereas underlines denotes anything played on Audiosurf.

Over 9000 (Long Version Remix)-DJ Gotcha

Running from Evil Horde-Evil Horde

Let It Rock (Ft Lil' Wayne)-Kevin Rudolf

Rock You Like A Hurricane-The Scorpions

Black Betty (Extended Version)-Spiderbait

Revolution Deathsquad-DragonForce

Ride The Lightning-Metallica

Battery (1986)-Metallica

Pull Me Under (2007 Remix)-Dream Theater

Re-Education (Through Labor)-Rise Against

Pain-Three Days Grace

Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll-Airbourne

Klendathu Drop-Starship Troopers Soundtrack

Halfway There-Rise Against

Prepare To Drop-Marty O'Donnell

Earth City-Halo 2 OST

Take Me Out-Franz Ferdinand

Bill Nye Techno Remix-Unknown

When You Were Young-The Killers


FCPREMIX-Fall of Troy

The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny-Lemon Demon

Duty Calls for 162bpm-Mastgrr

Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix-Marty O'Donnell

Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife-Mastodon


Mr. Brightside-The Killers

Running In The 90s-Initial D

Holiday In Cambodia-Dead Kennedys

Comin' Home-Murder By Death

I'm On A Boat [Explicit]-The Lonely Island

Like A Boss-The Lonely Island

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