Short Information

This cartoon Take Place After SSBU Underground & is based Of Sonic X

Cream & Cheese Are Kidnapped By Organisation Subspace And The Smashers Must Going To There Base To Save Cream & Cheese But A Chaos Control Take The Smashers & Organisation Subspace To Earth

List Of Episodes

Season 1

1. Chaos Control Freaks (Enter the Supersonic Hero!)

2. Mario & Sonic to the Rescue (Infiltrate! Area 99)

3. Missile Wrist Rampage (The Villain's Ambition)

4. Chaos Emerald Chaos (Get the Chaos Emerald!)

5. Cracking Knuckles (Clash! Sonic vs. Knuckles)

6. Techno Teacher (Fierce Battle! School Wars)

7. Party Hardly (Giant Free for All! Chris' House Party)

8. Satellite Swindle (Emergency Launch! X-Tornado)

9. The Last Resort (Amy on the Beach)

10. Unfair Ball (Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team)

11. Fly Spy (The Beautiful, Mysterious Thief Rouge Arrives)

12. Beating Organisation Subspace: Part 1 (Before the Attack on Organisation Subspace Base)

13. Beating Organisation Subspace: Part 2 (After the Attack on Organisation Subspace Base)

14. That's What Friends Are For (Chase After the Hero Sonic!)

15. Skirmish in the Sky (Raid of Eggfort, the Flying Fortress!)

16. Depths of Danger (Shoot for the Sunken Ship in the Southern Sea)

17. The Adventures of Shadow and Hawk (Shadow! Clenched Fists of Anger)

18. The Dam Scam (Huge Shoot-out on the Savannah!)

19. Smashers Scream Test (Ghost of the Old Castle, King Boom Boo)

20. Cruise Blues (Departure! Eggfort II)

21. Fast Friends (Speed Match! Sonic vs. Sam)

22. Little Chaos Lost (Summer Vacation Chao Observation Diary)

23. Emerald Anniversary (Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds)

24. How to Catch The Hedgehog(Wild Sonic! Strategic Capture Operation!)

25. A Dastardly Deed (The Last Chaos Emerald)

26. Countdown to Chaos (The Birth of Super Sonic & Super Chris)

Season 2

27. Pure Chaos (The Beginning of Disaster)

28. A Chaotic Day (The Puzzle of the Liquid Life Form, Chaos)

29. A Robot Rebels (Amy the Captive)

30. Heads Up, Tails! (The Egg Carrier Battle)

31. Revenge of the Robot (Gamma the Wanderer)

32. Flood Fight (The Scream of Perfect Chaos)

33. Project Shadow Smashers (The Secret of Project Shadow)

34. The Shadow Smashers Knows (Sonic the Fugitive)

35. The Smashers's Big Break (Escape from Prison Island)

36. Shadow Smashers World (The Threat from Outer Space)

37. Organisation Subspace's Revenge (Space Colony ARK Battle)

38. Showdown in Space (Maria's Wish, Everyone's Wish)

39. Defective Detectives (The Chaotix Detective Agency)

40. Sunblock Solution (Organisation Subspace's Corporation)

41. Eggman for President (We Can See the Light!)

42. A Date to Forget (Amy, Love's Escape Journey?!)

43. Mean Machines (Huge Home Electronics Panic!)

44. The Sewer Search (The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle)

45. Prize Fights (Sonic Battle: Face Off!!)

46. A Wild Win (Sonic Battle: Finale!)

47. Map of Mayhem (Decisive Battle on the Equator!)

48. The Volcanic Venture (Sonic vs. The Monster from Underground)

49. The Beginning of the End (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

50. Running Out of Time (A Morning of Farewells)

51. Friends 'Til the End (Chris' Long Journey)

52. A New Start (Memories of the Wind)

Season 3

53. The Cosmic Call (A Messenger from the Meteoric Shower)

54. Cosmic Crisis (The Spaceship Blue Typhoon)

55. H2Whoa (The Water Planet, Hydoo)

56. An Enemy in Need (Organisation Subspace Enters into the War!)

57. A Chilling Discovery (The Battle of Ice Palace!)

58. Desperately Seeking Smashers (Young Girl's Jungle Trap)

59. Galactic Gumshoes (Chaotix Goes Into Space)

60. Trick Sand (The Return of The Shadow Smashers)

61. Ship of Doom (The Vessel of Evil)

62. An Underground Odyssey (The Underground Secret)

63. Station Break-In (The Base of Metarex)

64. A Metarex Melee (Clash! The Smashers vs. The Shadow Smashers)

65. Mission: Match-Up (Celebration Aboard the Typhoon)

66. Clash in the Cloister (A Critical Situation)

67. Teasing Time (The Black Trap)

68. A Revolutionary Tale (Molly's Dream)

69. The Planet of Misfortune (Planet Marmolim)

70. Terror on the Typhoon (The Fatal Swirl)

71. Hedgehog Hunt (The Incredible Blow)

72. Zelkova Strikes Back (Who Are the Metarex?)

73. The Cosmo Conspiracy (Shadow Smashers's Arrival)

74. Eye Spy (The Lost Planet)

75. Angel of Mischief (The Day of Plantations)

76. The Light in the Darkness (Concerns For The Smashers)

77. A Fearless Friend (Cosmo's Work)

78. So Long Smashers (The Rebirth of Planets)

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