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Short InformationEdit

This Tv Show Take Place After Adventures Of Super Smash Bros Unleashed is based Of' 'SatAM

Organisation Subspace Has Finally Take Over Mobius But The Smashers Must Defeat Organisation Subspace To Save Mobius

List Of EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. "Heads or Tails"
  2. "Sonic Boom"
  3. "Sonic & Sally"
  4. Ultra Sonic
  5. Sonic & the Secret Scrolls
  6. Super Sonic
  7. Sonic Racer
  8. Hooked On Sonics
  9. Harmonic Sonic
  10. Sonic's Nightmare
  11. Warp Sonic
  12. Sub-Sonic
  13. Sonic Past Cool

Season 2Edit

  1. Sonic Conversion
  2. "Game Guy"
  3. No Brainer
  4. "Blast to the Past (pt.1)"
  5. Blast to the Past (pt.2)
  6. Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted
  7. Dulcy
  8. The Void
  9. The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca
  10. Cry of the Wolf
  11. Drood Henge
  12. Spyhog
  13. The Doomsday Project

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