Sadness is an 2006 novel that features the friends characters.It is set in the world war.Monica and her family are sold to lord Chandler Bing.However,Ross and Judy are separated to the Green farm,Where Ross falls for Lord Leonard's daughter Rachel.Phoebe and Joey are immigrants running from the law.


Monica and Jack Geller are looking at the sea and it is revealed that her uncle has left the family in debt and they are paying for it.When they are in America,Chandler Bing starts to look at the servants and puts Monica as an maid,And Jack as an blacksmith.Ross and Judy are separated to Leonard Green.When they arrive,Rachel and Leonard tell them their jobs and Ross has to tutor Rachel.

Meanwhile,Monica is cleaning the kitchen and looks out the window.She sees Joey and his new wife Phoebe running from police.Monica lets them in and hides him in her underground cabin.Jack sees this and tells Chandler.However,Being nice,He gives them jobs and hides them from the police.

Ross and Rachel are argueing about England and Leonard announces he is givening Ross and Judy the hang.Judy is hanged first and when Ross is about to,Rachel shoots the man to cut the rope and tells her father that Ross will be spared.

Chandler falls for Monica and Joey notices this.Joey keeps presuring Chandler to ask her out.He does,But Monica chucks water over him and runs away.Chandler then sees Rachel and Ross running from an angry Leonard and he hides them.

Phoebe is planting flower and an drunken man attacks her.Phoebe trys to escape but he rapes her.Phoebe is unconcious and Ross and Rachel find her.They crawl away to an farm and they contact Chandler.

Chandler sends Monica out to get her.Monica runs away when she finds the mob and she is attacked and tortured.Joey and Jack run to get Monica while Chandler heads to the other three.Meanwhile,Amy and Jill,Rachel's eldest sisters,Attack them,And when Rachel is nearly killed,Ross injures Amy and they run away.

Chandler finds them and they run back to the farm.Meanwhile,Joey and Jack save Monica but Jack is killed and shot by the mob.Joey and Monica hide in the cave.Monica and Joey have sex which Chandler sees.He kills Joey and rapes Monica.

Monica is shaken from this and is silenced and does not say anything,Even to Ross.Chandler then plans to escape and burn the farm and flee the country.Phoebe asks Chandler what happened to Joey and he hits her.Rachel sees this,And Chandler silences Rachel.He takes the two and ties them up in the horse barn.

Chandler hits an horse so it can go and kill the pair,But Ross shoots the horse.He and Chandler fight,And Rachel manages to free Phoebe.Chandler shoots an gun,Which hits another horse.Monica walks in in silence.

Chandler knocks out Ross and runs to Monica.Phoebe jumps on Chandler but he knocks her over and kidnaps Monica.Rachel,Still captured,Witnesses all this.Rachel frees herself and helps Ross get up.

When Chandler puts Monica in his car,He witnesses an bomb getting dropped in his farm but sees Rachel,Ross and Phoebe running up to him.When he is about to drive,Ross jumps up but Chandler starts to strangle him.Monica shouts "Die Bitch!" and shoots him in the head,Which results the car crashing into the sea.

Rachel and Phoebe run over to see what happened,And see Ross coming up with Monica.However,It turns out Chandler is still alive and he grabs Monica,Shouting "Live forever" and trying to drown her.Monica kicks him in the head and hugs him.

The four walk around the road,Looking at the sky.Rachel and the others look at the farm and they decide to go to the Docks,And sneak into the ship to Califonia.Meanwhile,Chandler is still alive and walks around in confusion.


  • Sadness Missing Rachel go's missing and Monica finds Chandler.
  • Sadness London Monica and Ross flee to London.Rachel and Phoebe try to get to London.

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