Safer-Sephiroth are an American melodic death metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2001. The band consists of Brett Constantine (vocals), Carl Kelly (guitar), and Alan Barer (drums). The band take their name from Safer-Sephiroth, a character in Final Fantasy VII. The band take a lot of inspiration from the series, although their later albums see a slight departure from the Final Fantasy themes. They have cited At the Gates and Dark Tranquility as major influences, as well as Death.


Formation and debut album

Safer-Sephiroth, originally Sephiroth, were formed initially in 2001 by ex-Nascent members Brett Constantine and Carl Kelly. They teamed up with Alan Barer (ex-Nostrade) and formed Sephiroth. After discovering a Japanese metal band already claimed this name, the band took on Safer-Sephiroth, a manifestation of the antagonist Sephiroth. Safer-Sephiroth delivered their first demo in 2002, "One-Winged Angel", which featured "a melo death remix of the song from Final Fantasy VII", which was received well by critics and fans. By 2003 the band had a deal with Candelbra Records (Nuadhán, Mandragoria, Transgress), and recorded their debut album in 2003, Eidolon. They embarked on their first tour in support of fellow labelmates Transgress' album Alchemical. Eidolon spawned two successful singles for the band, "Clawing at the Shell of Dissidence" and "Elemental". After the tour with Transgress, Safer-Sephiroth returned to the studio with Candelbra Records in 2004 to record their sophomore effort.


Studio albums

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