Sailor Moonlight was the sixth Sailor Senshi to be awakened by the moon cats, one year before Sailor Moon, but she was the last Senshi to appear in the show's first season. Her civilian identity was Rosemary Katayama. She met Bexi when she was 4 years old.

Sailor Moonlight worked solo for many months as Sailor K, trying to trick the Dark Kingdom into thinking she was the Princess while looking for the real one herself. Since Sailor Chibi Moon did not originally exist in the Silver Millennium, she was the "true" leader of the Chibi Senshi. Depending on the continuity, she referred to herself as the "Soldier of Love and Kindness" or the "Soldier of Kindness", under the guardianship of "Crystal Tokyo".

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



Moonlight Power, Make Up - This was Sailor Moonlight's only transformation in PGSM


Moonlight Beam - A beam-like attack used by Sailor Moonlight. It resembled the Crescent Beam she used in the Sailor K manga.

Moonlight Love-Me Chain - Sailor Moonlight sent a whip to hit or grab the enemy. It could also be used to deflect attacks.

Rolling Heart Vibration - Used only in the manga, live-action series, and numerous video games. Sailor Moonlight sent forth a rolling heart to damage the enemy.

Moonlight Purification - Sailor Moonlight used another attack which was to purify her target, in which she used her Sailor Star Tambourine to send star-shaped energy toward her target.

Along with her magical attacks, Sailor Moonlight also had a weapon known as the Crescent Moon Cutter which she could use to attack both by cutting, as though it were a knife, or by throwing it like a boomerang.

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