Salamander's Regrets is a 1990 Oscar nominated motion picture written and directed by

Salamander's Regrets
Directed by Cameron Crowe
Produced by Cameron Crowe
Richard Hashimoto
Written by Cameron Crowe

Sean Connery

John Cusack

Chad Michael Murray

Kelly Preston

Cary Elwes

Adam Baldwin

Emilio Estevez

Jennifer Jason-Leigh

Andre Braugher

Music by Paul Westerberg
Cinematography Tak Fujimoto

Ueli Steiger

Editing by Richard Chew
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) September 18, 1992
Running time 99 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $9 million
Box office $18,471,850

Cameron Crowe starring Sean Connery, John Cusack, Chad Michael Murray, Kelly Preston, Cary Elwes, Adam Baldwin, Emilio Estevez, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Andre Braugher.

It concerns an old man attempting to repent for all the trouble he has caused to others in his life and experience all the fun things he wanted to do in his life which becomes possible with the help of a suicidal young 19 year old also despertatley in need of help, his young 10 year old brother and the 19 year old sister whom harbours something of a crush on the old man's drug suppliant.


It begins in Hackensack, New Jersey where we meet an old man named Morris Sancott whom has lived a life of almost complete loneliness, has almost no friends and has experienced almost no fun in his life.

He then by chance comes across three of his grandchildren whom then on the insistance of one attach themselves to him and follow him off throughout the city forcing him into fixing all the problems has caused in life to others and experiencing all the fun stuff he never got too.

Things become complicated as they discover him to be a drug addict and the 19 year old grandaughter takes interest to his drug dealer to which he takes interest back, the 19 year oldest grandson is a suicidal depressed unlucky in love man anyway whom also fixes his life by being forced to fix their lost grandfather's and the young 10 year old youngest grandson whom forced them along with him makes a connection with him and experiences first hand what it is like to have a loving father figure considering their father is a workaholic whom doesn't make much time for them.

Ultimatley the Grandfather passes away due to a heart attack and the three find themselves at their journey's end and time to return home.

They find upon coming home that both of their parent's had been worried sick and their father had sent out search parties and dropped everything to do with work just to make sure his kids were found.

Oldest son Salamander no longer is in a state of depression and had even experienced love with a woman he met along on their journey, the 19 year grandaughter learnt a lesson in being independant after the long fight out with the drug dealer whom she consequently fell for and the 10 year old youngest Salamander rushes forward and hugs his father asking if he could take off time the coming weekend to take them all fishing to which he agrees even though he contemplates work.

The mother then asks the kids as to where they were to which the oldest two struggle to tell but the 10 year youngest Salamander replies with: "We were with Grandpa."

The mother erupts into tears and rushes forward and hugs all four of them which ends the film.


  • Sean Connery as Grandfather Morris Sancott
  • John Cusack as Damien Salamander
  • Chad Michael Murray as Brian Salamander
  • Kelly Preston as Julie Salamander
  • Cary Elwes as Drug Dealer Abbott Kamp
  • Adam Baldwin as Broken Blind Man Edward Harris
  • Emilio Estevez as Schitzophrenic Rich Man Latenby Donaldson
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Fiona Graham
  • Andre Braugher as Stolen from Boxer Bentley Daniels
  • Richard Jenkins as Father Motley Salamander
  • Anne Archer as Mother Vanessa Salamander
  • Jonathen Pryce as Bullied Designer Wentley Gordons
  • Kim Darby as Bullied Ex-Girlfriend Jeana Marilden
  • Meredith Baxter as Miss Lazenby
  • Michael Gross as Principal Peyton Fernard
  • Cindy Pickett as Mrs. Gertridge
  • John Larroquette as Mr. Gertridge
  • William Atherton as Mister Blackwurst
  • Bryan Brown as Hotel Propietor
  • James Keach as Marilden Bros. Circus Propietor Samuel Marilden/ Father of Jeana Marilden
  • Stephen Collins as Marilden Bros. Circus Propietor Tony Marilden/ Uncle of Jeana Marilden twin brother of Samuel Marilden
  • Barbara Bach as Marilden Bros. Circus Performer Lady Strange Shape
  • Robert Hays as Marilden Bros. Circus Performer Stretch Man
  • Glynn Turman as Marilden Bros. Circus Performer Invisible Mack Cobin Daniels/ Older brother of boxer Bentley Daniels
  • Andrea Martin as Marilden Bros. Circus Performer Lady Spin
  • Tracey Walter as Coroner #1
  • Dan Lauria as Coroner #2
  • Richard Lawson as Officer Matlon
  • Marissa Berenson as Officer Kelby
  • Peter Strauss as Officer Patton
  • Jill Eikenberry as Samantha Graham
  • Harry Reems as Arthur Graham


  1. Waterige Sunset- The Kinks
  2. All You Need Is Love- The Beatles
  3. The End- The Doors
  4. Ruby Tuesday- The Rolling Stones
  5. The Tears of a Clown- Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  6. Penny Lane- The Beatles
  7. Heroin- The Velvet Underground
  8. White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
  9. Chain Of Fools- Aretha Franklin
  10. Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison
  11. I Can See For Miles- The Who
  12. See Emily Play- Pink Floyd
  13. The Letter- The Box Tops
  14. I'm Waiting For The Man- The Velvet Underground
  15. A Day In The Life- The Beatles
  16. Ode to Billie Joe- Bobbie Gentry
  17. Whiter Shade Of Pale- Procul Harum

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