It's been a normal day in Bikini Bottom.And then Patrick's sister Sam noticed:WHERE'S PATRICK?!

She go in the rock.And she find an letter:

"You never find out your brother.I will bake him and made out of him a starfish salad!Muhahahahaha!"

                            P.S.Sam Ant Le Bucket

Randy,Sandy Cheeks's brother said:

"That letter was been from Samantha Puckett!"

Sam Star was been in rage.She must save his brother from Puckett's ultra-brainless chicken-killin' schitzel hunger!

And its very hard:Pinkie Pie finally blamed fourth wall and crossovered dimensions!


Double Stargon

First stage.Sam Star meet 3 enemies from another dimensions:Contra enemy,Goomba and Chowder.Then she meet Flapjack,Sally Syrup and some of Stormalong Harbor civilians.When you kill them,you will hear Bubbie's voice conversely,and if you translate correctly,you will hear:"You killed Flappy!I get my revenge!".Then you go to next act:to Stormalong City,new city of Stormalong Harbor.You will meet some of Pokemons and Larry Mentol.Kill him.

You meet first boss:Mech K'nuckles,an overpowered Captain K'nuckles with metal body parts.He will shoot with them,like rockets.Avoid them,then go to his back and punch him.When he at 0,he explodes.

Now,you will go to Punch-Out zone and fight Darth Vader.

Starfish Mario

Second stage.Sam will get into Mario tube and swim into water level.Yes,there will be Mario enemies,kinds of Jellyfishes as guarding enemies.Bonus:you can punch swimming Shrek(sprites from mobile game,Shrek the Third).Then,you will fight first boss:Jaws.He's just try to bite you.Then you again will swim to Mario enemies and kill guarding Bubble Man.Then you meet BUBBIE,main boss of the level.

She's invulnerable to your punches,she blasts bubbles and Mecha Shrimps.Punch Mecha Shrimps,they will fly into Bubbie's mouth.It is strategy.


Third stage.Sam now in Contra level.There are another enemies:Hammer Bro,flying bug aliens from Metroid,Truffles's copies from Chowder and some of imaginary friends.Boss:a giant Zack from The Secret Saturdays.Just punch it's Claw.2 acts:Snowfield and Waterfall.

Pinkie Punch

Fourth stage.Zone of Pinkie Pie.Only 2 bosses:Bat-Mite and Pinkie Pie.Pinkie will teleport and blast laser balls at you.


Final stage.Sam is in Super Punch-Out.It is starts Special Circuit.Bosses:

  • Great Tiger
  • Narcis Prince
  • Coco(from FHFIF)

And Sam Puckett.She will be hard,in 3 stadies:Sam Puckett,Sam Psycho and Assassin Sammy.

Sam Puckett

She will do various attacks,and always foul.She will cut you with knife:avoid it.

Sam Psycho

Now,she become yellow and faster,and stronger.New attacks:Machine Gun.Its unavoidable,to avoid,attack Sam.

Assassin Sammy

Sam now become full of rage,and blocked of stomach attack.Now she in Jason Vurhiss's costume.New attacks:BFG90000 from Doom(Big Fullshock Gun 9 Killing Souls 0000,name by Sam).


Sam Star does FALCON PUNCH on Sam Puckett,her head flyes off every dimension(Chowder,Mortal Kombat,Metroid,Flapjack and Sonic seen).Sam saves Patrick and they get the Grand Cup.Then appears Carly,but she was killed by flying Sam's head.

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