Sarcalogos Dico Pro Ultionis is the fourth studio album from Norwegian black metal/technical death metal band Nocturna, released on July 20th 2000. It is preceeded by 1997's Templum Exuro Per Diabolus and followed by 2001's Attero Templum, and is considered to first part of a double album alongside Attero Templum.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Revenant" - 7:00
  2. "Sarcalagos Dico Pro Ultionis" - 4:50
  3. "Defiling the Sacred Tombs" - 8:00
  4. "Spill Thy Blood Into My Chalice" - 5:00
  5. "Behead The Non-Believers" - 9:55
  6. "Infernal Dreams of Utter Destruction" - 5:00

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