Satan's Call is the second album from American progressive/thrash metal band God Appendium, released June 18th 1991. The album was once again produced by Joe Friese, and follows the band's successful debut God Is Laughing. It is followed by 1993's Animals and Man.

Background and recording

By the end of 1990, God Appendium were in the studio once again, working with Joe Friese on their second album. According to Clatriano: "We had a shit load of lyrics and music, so entering the studio could'nt have been righter then. But we got distracted half way through recording with Joe Friese, when Nick [Vincente] brought in Metallica's 1991 masterpiece. I was fucking distracted, so I left the room when they played it. I did'nt want to rip off James Hetfield". Clatriano continued to be unable to concentrate, so the band relocated to San Francisco with Joe Friese to record the album. Between March-April the band recorded over 25 songs, half of which were released on the next album Animals and Man. "We set aside the more 'Satanic' songs from the 'religious' songs. That's why Satan's Call and Animals and Man are so different in terms of mood and lyric" said Vik Tambling in a 1995 interview.

Music and lyrics

The lyrics for Satan's Call generally revolve around Satanism and other occult themes. The album also incorporates progressive elements.

Release and reception

Satan's Call was released on June 18th 1991, but was generally undiscovered due to Metallica's Black Album popularity. It was only in 1996 with the fourth album Saviour Wrathful that the two original albums achieved sucess.

Track listing

  1. "Satan's Watching You!" - 7:00
  2. "The Blood Is Part of the Ritual" - 5:00
  3. "Under A Satanic Moon" - 6:04
  4. "Hell Opens" - 9:00
  5. "War Cry of Death" - 6:00


God Appendium

Technical Staff

  • Joe Friese - producer
  • Johans Jethro - mixer

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