"Saving the new president of the United States"

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Saving the new president of the United States is an episode of G.I. Cop hunters.


The story begins with Narud holding the new president and his family hostage in attempt to shut down Americas military and G.I. Cop hunters and force the American government to fall and get replaced by an evil cop empire ruled by Narud.

After seeing this from a flying spy drone the Cop hunters strategize a rescue attempt to save the president and his family and the future of Americas military and the free world. Duke denied one of his men's strategy to charge in with mammoth tanks, kill all the evil cops and rescue the president due to Narud will threaten to kill a member of the first family if they try to attack so they go with Snake Eyes strategy to sneak in undetected, free the president and his family then evacuate them and then finally attack. Duke and General Hawk agreed with that strategy but knowing Narud will not let anyone easily rescue his hostages it's going to be a hard rescue attempt due to both Narud and Jack will use their reptilian modes and acid breaths to make rescuing people alive harder.

The next day G.I. Cop hunters and the American military informed Narud that they surrendered and are willing to get shut down but in reality both the Cop hunters and the military are pretending to surrender but it was a diversion just to get Snake Eyes and Duke to easily rescue the president and his family. Narud figured it was a trick and when the First Lady and her daughter and son were rescued Narud grabbed the president and threaten Snake Eyes and Duke to stay back or Jack Shadowkatana will stab the president in the head. When Narud gloats the president kicks Jack away and run towards the exit with Duke and Snake Eyes engage Narud and Jack in a series of punching and kicking. After the military and the Cop hunters see the president and his family are rescued the military and the cop hunters begin their counterattack killing many evil cops with their Abrams and Mammoth tanks while the Air Force shoot down all the evil flying police cars.

Meanwhile Duke and Snake Eyes manage to send Narud and Jack into retreating and Narud called off his forces but James was shot down by an F-18 and killed when his flying police car was shot down.

With the president and his family safe G.I. Cop Hunters with support from Americas military continue on their mission to rid the world of cops once and for all.


212th Battalion commander: I suggest we attack them with our Mammoth tanks.

Duke: No. Narud will kill a member of the first family if we try to do it.

President: Cop hunters you have saved me and my family and as for that the American military will lend you our support. Lets destroy Naruds evil legion of the evil cops once and for all.

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