Saw: The New Game is a 2018 first person horror survival video game and a video game reboot of the Saw franchise.


Lawrence Gordon, a renowned oncologist, had been abducted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, and had awakened in an dilapidated industrial bathroom where he is forced to participate in one of his deadly games in order to free himself and save his wife and daughter, Alison and Diana. In the bathroom, Gordon wakes up tied to a chair with a Reverse Beartrap on his head and is introduced to his game by Jigsaw's mechanical ventriloquist puppet, Billy. He is able to free himself from the trap in time and begins to look for a way to escape the abandoned Whitehurst Insane Asylum. Thereby, Gordon learns that he is being hunted by other victims in the asylum who need the key concealed in his body to escape their own games. In the medical wing, Jigsaw informs Gordon that there is a woman trapped in the surgical theater that needs Gordon's help in order to survive. He quickly finds out that the woman is Amanda Young, the first known person who survived one of Jigsaw's games and Gordon witnessed her testimony. He saves Amanda from her trap and the two of them continue their way together. However, shortly afterwards, Amanda is abducted by a pig-masked figure, forcing Gordon to go on alone.

As he moves further into the asylum, Gordon is captured as well, who locks the Shotgun Collar around his neck. Shortly afterwards, Gordon comes across Obi Tate, a man obsessed with being tested by Jigsaw and has lied and defrauded other people. Gordon manages to free him from his trap, only to be abandoned by him as Obi insulted him for not appreciating Jigsaw's games and destroying his test. Gordon moves on to find the next victim and thereby, he finds a photograph of Diana and Alison and realizes that the next victim is Carla Song, his mistress and his medical student which Gordon cheated on his wife with. Gordon eventually found her in another trap and saves her as well, but she leaves him as she blames Gordon for being abducted by Jigsaw. 

Gordon then starts to realize that Jigsaw had been abducting people connected to Gordon in one way or another and proceeds to the part of the building, where he finds Adam Stanheight, a photographer hired by Detective David Tapp to spy on Gordon. He is trapped in a deadly contraption but Gordon manages to free Adam as well despite him spying on the doctor. However, only minutes later, he is recaptured by a pig-masked figure. Jigsaw then leads Gordon to the asylum's crematorium and informs him that the next victim he must save is David Tapp, the homicide detective who became obsessed with the Jigsaw case and suspected Gordon to be Jigsaw. Gordon saves Tapp from his trap and Tapp curses at Jigsaw, apologizing to Gordon for suspecting and stalking him before separating to try and find Jigsaw. Afterwards, Gordon reaches a theater, to where he is knocked out by a pig-masked figure and placed in a game along with two predatory lenders, Eddie and Simone, where only one could survive. Gordon manages to free himself from the trap but Eddie and Simone are killed by their devices however Gordon lost his hand in the process.

Afterwards, Gordon and Tapp reunite and encounter Zep Hindle, an orderly who hated Gordon, and they believe him to be the Jigsaw Killer as he reveals himself as the pig-masked figure and is holding Diana and Alison hostage. While Gordon talks to Zep, Tapp tries to ambush Zep only to be shot in the heart and killed by him. Many endings can follow afterwards:


  • Gordon's Grave: Gordon fails his game by reaching his family at or after 6 o'clock and also fails to stop Zep in time, resulting in him shooting Diana and Alison to death. Gordon then angrily kills Zep and proceeds to grab Zep's gun, thinking about suicide, only to be attacked and then sedated. Gordon reawakens in the bathroom he started in, but this time his leg is shackled to the corner, and finds Jigsaw. Jigsaw explains that Gordon has failed both himself and his family, and for that, he will be left in the room to die. Gordon begs Jigsaw to kill him and shouts at him, only for Jigsaw to close the door behind him and leave Gordon to die, saying "Game Over". Alternatively, Gordon can use a hacksaw to cut his leg off and crawl out of the bathroom, bleeding. Gordon then finds a tape, with Jigsaw repeating that Gordon has failed his trial and reminds him that his family is dead, before Billy opens the door and starts laughing as Gordon bleeds out.
  • A New Life: Gordon fails his game by reaching his family at or after 6 o'clock but manages to stop Zep in time, saving his family and kills Zep in their fight. After saving his family, Jigsaw congratulates Gordon on rescuing his family and allows them and all surviving prisoners to leave the asylum. However at their home, Gordon receives a call from a mysterious voice, telling him to meet him for an opportunity to get a better "job" in "saving" people.
  • Game Over: Gordon fails his game by reaching his family at or after 6 o'clock and also fails to stop Zep in time, resulting in him shooting Diana and Alison to death. Gordon is also incapacitated by Zep after failing to kill him in their fight and the two have a hostile conversation, with Zep having Gordon tied to a chair and explains that he must now kill Gordon for failing his game and that he must follow the rules. Zep then sadistically places a Reverse Beartrap on Gordon's head, with Zep showing Gordon the key to the trap before tossing it through a window as Gordon curses and threatens him. Zep then watches as Gordon is ripped apart and killed by the Reverse Beartrap, saying "Game Over". 
  • A New Start: Gordon succeeds in his game by reaching his family before 6 o'clock and Zep leaves the area for the antidote as Gordon unties his family and rescues them. After Gordon and his family along with the other Jigsaw victims escape the asylum, Zep is congratulated by Jigsaw for helping Gordon "appreciate life", but Zep continues to badmouth and insult Gordon, regretting that he let them live. Jigsaw then says that Zep has not changed as Zep walks through a door, triggering a trap, causing his head to get blown off by a Quadruple Shotgun Hallway Trap as Billy laughs.


A first person survival horror video game with action elements and the primary goal is to traverse the asylum and solve traps in order to escape. The player can search things like toilets or corpses to find useful items such as weapons, meds or clues. Other items such as files, VHS tapes and cassette tapes can be found hidden to provide additional information. The combat system allows the player to block, counterattack and perform attacks to fend off enemies that are encountered. Certain weapons can also be used for other purposes such as cutting open a body to search it or breaking down a molding wall to reveal hidden paths. Certain traps can also be rearmed or placed such as explosive mines, shotgun traps and electrifying puddles. 

Health is tracked by a combination of blood build up on the player's user interface and medicine can restore health and can be stored in the inventory along with other items. Solving puzzles is the core component of the game including certain puzzles to escape traps or progress through the asylum, being given an X-ray view while searching to avoid dangers like razors or syringes, powering fuse boxes, placing rotating gears in a box, lockpicking doors and aligning steam valves. Lighting also plays a dynamic role and the player has access to several different light sources and certain puzzles require the player to turn off the light in order to discover certain clues painted on the walls and floors with fluorescent color. 



  • Lawrence Gordon: The main protagonist and the oncologist who diagnosed John Kramer with colon cancer and an inoperable brain tumor, and was tested by Jigsaw for being emotionally cold towards other people and cheating on his wife. 


  • Jigsaw: The main antagonist and the serial killer who places his victims in deathtraps and forces them through excrutiating physical pain or mental trauma in order to survive their tests and games in his extreme teachings to appreciate their lives.
  • Zep Hindle: The secondary antagonist and an orderly who was tested by Jigsaw for enviously hating and badmouthing people instead of attempting to improve his own life and his game involved holding Diana and Alison Gordon hostage and is ordered to execute them should Gordon fail his trial.
  • Griff: A rapist who was tested for sexually assaulting his former college professor.
  • Zeke: A pedophile who was tested for child molestation.
  • Anton: A mercenary who was tested for scarring other peoples' faces with corrosive acid.
  • Patrick: A criminal who was tested for carving other people up.
  • Dwayne: A criminal who was tested for murder and drug addiction.
  • Donovan: A criminal who was tested for domestic violence.
  • Chuck: A criminal who was tested for dealing drugs.
  • Robert: A criminal who was tested for drug addiction. 
  • Trevor: A Jigsaw victim who was tested for alcoholism and being abusive.


  • Adam Stanheight: A major character and a photographer hired by David Tapp to spy on Gordon and was tested for constantly spying on other people.
  • David Tapp: A major character and is a discharged homicide detective who suspected Gordon as the Jigsaw Killer and was tested for his obsession with solving the Jigsaw case.
  • Steven Sing: A major character and was a homicide detective and Tapp's friend and partner.
  • Amanda Young: A major character and was a survivor of a Jigsaw game who was tested for her drug addiction.
  • Allison Kerry: A major character and is a homicide detective who worked on the Jigsaw case. 
  • Carla Song: A major character and is a medical student and Gordon's former mistressed who was tested for cheating with Gordon and smuggling pharmaceuticals from her clinic and selling them.
  • Obi Tate: A major character and was tested for lying and defrauding others as well as being obsessed with Jigsaw's games.


  • Paul Leahy: A toymaker and accountant who was tested for attempted suicide.
  • Mark Wilson: A software analyist who was tested for lying about being sick.
  • Cecil Adams: A drug addict and petty thief who was tested for killing John Kramer's unborn son, Gideon.
  • Donnie Greco: Amanda Young's drug dealer and was tested for dealing drugs and his drug addiction.
  • Alison Gordon: Gordon's wife and was part of Gordon's game, being taken hostage by Zep.
  • Diana Gordon: Gordon's daughter and was part of Gordon's game, being taken hostage by Zep.
  • Brett: Gordon's friend and his lawyer. 
  • Jeff Ridenhour: A Jigsaw victim who was tested for attempted suicide.
  • Simone: Eddie's parter and was tested for predatory lending.
  • Eddie: Simone's partner and was tested for predatory lending.


  • Daniel Whitehurst: 

Weapons and Items

  • Pocket Knife: Deals 4/4 damage and has 3/4 durability.
  • Axe: Deals 4/4 damage and 3/4 durability.
  • Lead Pipe: Deals 2/4 damage and 3/4 durability.
  • Machete: Deals 3/4 damage and 3/4 durability.
  • Baseball Bat: Deals 2/4 damage and 1/4 durability.
  • Crowbar: Deals 2/4 damage and 4/4 durability.
  • Fire Poker: Deals 2/4 damage and 3/4 durability.
  • Wrench: Deals 1/4 damage and 4/4 durability.
  • Pistol: Deals 4/4 damage and has seven rounds at a time.
  • Shotgun: Deals 4/4 damage and has two shells.
  • Bear Trap: Can be placed to stun an enemy.
  • Pitchfork: Deals 3/4 damage and 3/4 durability.
  • Pickaxe: Deals 2/4 damage and 3/4 durability.
  • Mine: Can be placed to deal 4/4 damage and blow up an enemy.
  • First Aid Med: Can be used to heal the player.
  • Fire Crackers: Can be placed to blind an enemy temporarily or used as distractions.
  • Map: Can be used to find their way around locations and areas.
  • Molotov Cocktail: Can be thrown to deal 4/4 damage.
  • Lighter: Used as a light source and can be used to burn rope and other uses.
  • Flashlight: Used as a light source.
  • Circular Saw: Deals 4/4 damage and 3/4 durability.
  • Hacksaw: Deals 3/4 damage and 2/4 durability.
  • Broken Bottle: Deals 2/4 damage and 2/4 durability.
  • Hammer: Deals 3/4 damage and 3/4 durability.
  • Lockpick: Used to open locked doors.

Whitehurst Insane Asylum

A psychiatric hospital and was a large building divided into several wards such as the Oak Ward, Pine Ward and Cedar Ward and the building contained a number of holding cells, many staff offices along with the corridors, a wide range of medicines, drugs and chemicals and medical equipment, the asylum's main lobby and access to the sewer. It also had various medical facilities including an X-Ray room, patient observation room and a surgery room, and also had security systems and checkpoints, which could only be opened by their respective guardhouses. The Whitehurst Insane Asylum also had it's own botanical gardens area which was place for inmates to visit in their free time and was filled with an assortment of plants and rooms. 



  • Reverse Beartrap: A mechanical contraption which was attached to it's victims' head and secured with a padlock, and a timer was attached to the back of it. The victim had 60 seconds to key, unlock the trap and remove it and the key is often hidden. If the victim to do so the trap would burst open and rip their jaw apart, as the frontal part of the trap was hooked into the upper and lower jack.
  • Death Mask: A mechanical contraption which was placed around the victim's neck and it consisted of two parts of a metal mask, the back and the front part. The inside of both parts was spiked with numerous pointy nails and a timer was attached to the side of it with the victim having 60 seconds to find the key, unlock the trap and remove it and often the key is surgically placed in an eye. If the victim failed to do so, the mask would close on the victim's head, resulting in the nails piercing the skull and additionally a leather harness was attached to the victim's chest and secured with a padlock to hold the device in place.
  • Quadruple Shotgun Hallway Trap: A security trap and is set up in a hallway, consisting of four double-barreled shotguns suspended from a wooden ceiling beam and trigger of each shotgun was connected to a tripwire which was strung across the hallway below. When a victim stepped on the tripwire, the shotguns would go off simultaneously and blow off the victim's head.
  • Electrified Staircase: A security trap and is an ordinary staircase surrounded by a chain-link cage however one of the wooden steps was rigged and if pressure was exerted on the previous step, the manipulated one would spring forward and break the legs of the person standing on the stairs. Moments later, the surrounding cage would be energized, giving everyone who touches it a lethal shock.
  • Shotgun Collar: A removable collar which could be easily put around it's victim's neck and there were five shotgun shells placed around the collar, directly aiming at the victim's head. Each of these shells had an own trigger which all had to be activated individually. The collar was attuned to a signal and if the signal is lost, the collar would be activated, causing it to blow off the victim's head.
  • Knife Chair: A wooden chair connected to two metallic contraptions and is attached to the armrests of the chair were blades which would cut the victim's wrists. To prevent the victim from standing up, both arms and legs were fixated by metal shackles. These shackles were connected by several metal bars and the central bar was in a vertical position and had a small pressure plate attached to it's upper end. The plate was positioned in front of the victim's face and in order to get free from the shackles, the victim had to press their face against the plate. However, there are eight knives, four on each side, connected to the plate and is horizontally positioned in front of the victim's face. Therefore, the victim had to press their face through the knives in order to press the plate connected to the shackles.
  • Spine Cutters: The device was attached to the victim's back with a leather harness and it was an elongated contraption with two pliers at it's upper end. These pliers were aimed at the victim's neck and would cut their spine if they didn't follow the orders given to them.
  • Razor Wire Maze: A fenced area and the victim was trapped at the back part of the room, while the door leading out was on the other side. It was filled with countless tightened skeins of razor wire and the victim had to find a way through the wire to eventually get to a hole in the fence leading to the exit door. The door was connected to a timer and would close automatically after two hours, leaving the victim to die if they didn't make it out before time ran out.
  • Flammable Jelly: A dark room which is only lightened by a small candle and the victim was covered in a flammable substance on their body, as well as a slow-acting poison coursing through their bloodstream. The only antidote and key to the exit was hidden inside a heavy safe in the room. In order to open it, the victim had to find the combination among hundreds of numbers written all over the walls. Due to the darkness, the victim was forced to take the candle and walk to the walls to be able to see the numbers, while the entire floor of the room was covered in broken glass.
  • Drill Chair: A seat to which the victim was chained and two movable contraptions on the left and right of the chair. Two power drills were attached to these contraptions and the trap was started by a pressure switch on the floor. Once it was activated, the contraptions started to move forwards the victim. After 20 seconds, the victim's head would be pierced by the drills and to prevent the victim from evading the drills, the victim was held in place by a neck brace connected to the chair's fixed recline. 
  • Pendulum Trap: The victim's arms and feet were strapped to a metal table with shackles attached to short metal chains. Additionally, an automatic metal shackle was put around the victim's neck to prevent them from moving away. Above the victim at the ceiling was a large contraption which held a large blade in the shape of a pendulum. Once the trap activated, the pendulum started to swing back and forth and would be lowered down in regular intervals. After 30 seconds it would touch the victim's body and after 60 seconds it would kill the victim by horizontally cutting their body in half. To the right and the left of the victim were two vises with small pressure buttons behind them. To stop the pendulum, the victim had to insert both hands in the vises and activate them by pressing the buttons. Thereby, they would slowly crush the victim's hands.
  • Water Cube: A cube-shaped glass box which was suspended from the ceiling by two metal bars. On the bottom of the cube was suspended from the ceiling by two metal bars. On the bottom of the cube was a hole for the victim's head and while the victim could be easily trapped in the cube, the person couldn't free themself without help due to the brim of the hole being lined with rubber that laid tightly around the victim's neck. Suspended from the ceiling as well were two bottle-shaped water tanks with two tubes that were put through the top of the cube. Once the trap activated, the cube would quickly fill with water, thereby drowning the victim. In order to survive, the victim had to use the pen provided to them to ram it into their neck, remove the ball pen refill and allow the victim to breath freely and then escape the trap. 
  • Cyanide Box: A security trap and a small box which was surrounded by a small metal cage and filled with sulfuric acid. On top of the cage was a little depot filled with several cyanide pellets and the trap can be activated by opening a rigged door, a small plate slid to the side and caused the pellets to fall down into the acid. Due to a chemical reaction, the entire room was filled with a poisonous gas, which would kill everyone inside within a few seconds.
  • Sentry Gun Trap: A security trap and consisted of a machine gun which was mounted to a tripod. It is used to protect certain areas and is connected to a sensor and once the sensor detected an invader, the gun emerged from behind a cover and automatically aimed and fired at all targets in it's range.
  • Razor Box: A large glass box suspended from the ceiling by four chains and glued to the bottom of the box was a key. Additionally, there were two holes in the bottom of the box, just big enough to put an arm through them. However, on top of the holes were large, sharp razor blades, which were impossible for the victim to see when standing in front of the box. If a victim put their hand through one of the holes, they would be able to push the blades but couldn't pull their hand back out again, as every attempt to do so would cause the blades to cut deeper into the victim's arms and wrists, leading to a massive loss of blood and subsequently the victim's death. In order to obtain the key inside, the victim merely had to look at the other side of the box where a lock was located, with the key already sticking in it.
  • Magnum Eyehole: A security trap and it is a metal contraption which was mounted to a heavy metal door and it was attached to a magnum with the barrel aiming directly at the door's peephole. Additionally, the trigger of the gun was connected to a chain and pulley, which in turn were connected to the lock of the door. If anyone on the other side would try to open the door, they would trigger the magnum which would shoot whoever stood in front of the peephole if the magnum isn't disarmed.
  • Pain Train: The victim stood between a pair of metal rails, which were a few feet above the floor. To prevent the person from moving away, their arms and legs chained up. On end of the rails was the actual pain train and it was a large, motorized contraption with a giant blade pointing in the victim's direction. Once started, the train will move towards the victim and eventually gain speed and if the victim didn't escape, they would be ripped apart by the train and it's blade. In order to escape, the victim had to rely on another person to solve a puzzle which, once solved, would stop the train and free the victim but failing the puzzle would cause the train to increase speed.
  • Impaler Trap: The victim was strapped to a metal platform in a standing position and behind the platform was a machine with several long, thin, pointy metal spikes. To survive, the victim has to rely on the help of a second person, who had to solve a puzzle to free them and for every mistake, a spike rushed through a tiny hole in the platform and pierced the first victim's body. It was pulled back again if the second person solved the puzzle and after five mistakes in a row, the final spike pierced the victim's head, killing them in the process.
  • Pound of Flesh: A room which was divided in three segments by three metal gates and between these gates was a large scale. On each side of the room was a table with a knife and a meat cleaver attached to it by a chain and a tube lying on it. Each of the three victims had a mechanic device on their heads with screws pointing at their temples. Once the trap began, the victims had 60 seconds to use the cutting tools provided for them to cut off their own flesh and throw it on the scale. Whoever managed to sacrifice more flesh would survive while the other two would be killed by the mechanic device as the screws would then pierce the person's skull.
  • Detox Chair: A medical chair with elongated off-standing leg rests and the arms and legs of the first victim were shackled to their respective rests by several metallic shackles. Once the trap activated, two syringes injected the victim with a deadly poison. To survive, another victim had to sit down on another chair next to the victim where they also were injected with a different poison. The second person had to solve a puzzle which would result in creating two antidotes that would save them both but making too mistakes would increase the symptoms of the poison and eventually kill both of them. 

Microcassettes and Instructions 

  • "Hello, Paul. You are a perfectly healthy, sane and middle-class male. Yet last month you ran a straight razor across your wrist. Did you cut yourself because you truly wanted to die or did you just want some attention? Tonight, you'll show me. The irony is that if you want to die you just have to stay where you are, but if you want to live, you'll have to cut yourself again. Find the path through the razor wire to the door. But hurry. At three o'clock that door will lock and this room will become your tomb. How much blood will you shed to stay alive, Paul?"
  • "Hello, Mark. If you're so sick, then why do I see you up and about? Let's put your so called illness to the test. Right there is a slow-acting poison coursing in your veins. The antidote is inside the safe. The combination to the safe is written on the walls. Hurry up and program it in, but watch your step. And by the way, that's a flammable substance smeared on your body, so I would be careful with that candle if I were you, or all the people you've burned with your act just might have their revenge."
  • "Hello, Amanda. You don't know me, but I know you. I want to play a game. Here's what happens if you lose. The device you're wearing is hooked into your upper and lower jaws. When the timer at the back goes off, your mouth will be permanently ripped open. Think of it like a reverse beartrap. Here, I'll show you. There is only one key to open the device. It's in the stomach of your cellmate. Look around, Amanda. Know that I'm not lying. Better hurry up. Live or die, make your choice."
  • "Hello, Dr. Gordon. This is your wake up call. Every day of your working life you have given people the news that they're going to die soon. Now, you might be in the room you die in. Your aim in this game is to face and complete a series of tests to escape where you are from now, you have until 6 o'clock, or Diana and Alison will die and you'll be left in this place to rot. Let the game begin."
  • "Hello, Mr. Hindle. Or as they call you around the hospital: Zep. I want you to make a choice. There's a slow-acting poison coursing through your system, which only I have the antidote for. Will you murder a mother and her daughter to save your own life? If you will, there are rules: observe Dr. Gordon's game and should he fail to complete his trial before 6 o'clock, then it's time to punish his family. But if the doctor manages to pass his trial before 6'clock, then you are to release them. Complete this test, and I promise you the antidote is yours and you will be a free man. Live or die, Zep. Make your choice."
  • "Hello, Detective Tapp. I want to play a game. Your obsession with catching me has robbed you of your life and the lives of others. You abuse every resource available to you in your quest to find the truth. You have lost your family, your badge, even the life of your partner, Detective Sing. You have lost your health too. But you have not given up, have you? Now we will see if you can overcome your obsession. Now free yourself and pursue me or sit there and die. The choice is yours."
  • "Hello, Amanda. You remember me. I want to play a game. You told the authorities that I saved you, but you forgot your lesson. You damaged your body with drugs and pain. Now the needle will save your life. Each of you will be injected with poisons that will slowly break down your bodies. The device in front of you contains the antidote to each of the poisons. It is your job to make those antidotes, Dr. Gordon. However, making a mistake cause some discomfort. The last time we played, you freed yourself by taking a life. Now your only salvation is put your trust in someone else. Live or die, Amanda."
  • "Rise and shine, Adam. You're probably wondering where you are. I'll tell you where you might be: your tomb. Up until now you simply sat in the shadows watching others live out their lives. But what do voyeurs see when they look into the mirror? Now, I see you as a strange mix of someone angry, yet apathetic. But mostly just pathetic. So are you going to die today, Adam? Or are you going to do something about it?"
  • "Hello, Obi. You have isolated yourself from society, creating a life so empty that you have come to me for your test, for a reason to live. You wish to become like me. But the only way to give others the chance to live life is to understand why it is so precious. The room you are in is a large tomb of potential death. Another test subject is your only hope of redemption. If he fails, you will drown in your own despair. Time is short." 
  • "Hello, Carla. I want to play a game. You are a medical student, wanting to help people in need. This would be admirable, except the fact that you have been cheating with the married man who is teaching you. Now, it is Dr. Gordon who will be your only way out of this. Live or die, Carla."
  • "Hello, Griff. You were a promising college student until you became obsessed with a female professor who wanted nothing to do with you. But you persisted. Rape is a serious crime, Griff. It labels you as a sex offender, a ticking time bomb that nobody wants to be around. Just like the ticking time bomb in the room you are in. Another test subject is your only chance for survival. Let us see if you can free yourself from your obsession long enough to survive.
  • "Hello, Anton. You are a mercenary for hire, specializing in terror. Your particular method of choice is throwing corrosive acid on the faces of your victims. This ensures that, even if they live, they would forever be scarred. Time to see what that's like. The doctor of some of your victims will decide whether you escape unharmed or you burn like your victims. You had better hope he has a steady hand, Anton."
  • "Hello, Chuck. I want to play a game. You sell drugs on the street and when you were caught, you shifted the blame onto your best customer, Robert, in an attempt to receive a lighter sentence. You put a man in prison by your actions. But there is nobody to ease your burden now. You and Robert are forever bound by your actions. Your only escape is with the keys from the glass boxes on the pedestals before you. However, if one of you moves to retrieve the key, the 60 second timer will begin for you both. Let the game begin."
  • "Hello, Robert. I want to play a game. As an addict you trusted your drug dealer, Chuck, with your life. But your trust was misplaced and he sent you to prison for a crime you did not commit. In prison, your addiction became worse. You are chained to your addiction. To break the cycle, you must move past your addiction and reach the key from theglass box on the pedestral before you. Live or die, Robert."
  • "Hello. I want to play a game. The devices on your heads are symbolic of the shackles you place upon others. You recklessly loan money, aware of their financial limitations, counting on repossessing more than they could ever pay back. You are predators. But today you become the prey and it is your own pound of flesh that I demand. The scale before you is your only path to freedom. However, only one of you may pass and the toll is the ultimate sacrifice. The sacrifice of flesh. Before you are the instruments to extract this flesh. Move with haste now, for when the 60 second timer hits 0, the one who has given the most flesh will release their bindings, while the gears on your opponent's head will engage, piercing their skull. Who will offer the most flesh in order to save their life? The choice is yours."
  • "Congratulations. You are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you. Not anymore."
  • "Dr. Gordon will be here soon. This is the first victim of his poor choices. He should be able to hear her, but she is drugged. Gordon knows how the game works and what will happen if he does not release her in time. Hide the key to her cell and we'll see if the doctor can protect his patients."
  • "Dr. Gordon will be here soon. Do as I say and place the means for him to continue within the correct body. Be prepared if the doctor searches the wrong one."
  • "To appreciate the life you've forsaken, I give you a choice. The collar around your neck will automatically arm when you get near Dr. Gordon. Within him is the only key to remove the collar. If the timer goes off before you get the key, game over."
  • "Some never appreciate life until they have to work to save their own. They go from cradle to grave, expecting the world to give them everything. I show them the possibility of death and the sacrifices they have to make to stay alive. We will see what sacrifices you make when the time comes."
  • "Escaping this room will require teamwork. Activating the panel will open both doors. Dr. Gordon, you must find the object in this room to unlock the panel. If either one of you fails the task, the bombs in this room will detonate. I suggest you hurry."
  • "The key, like your life, lies in the bottom of this barrel."
  • "This is what happens to those who failed their test, who make the wrong choice. You cannot save this man, but you can save yourself."
  • "Good, you've found one half to the emblem, find the other to save a life. This is just the beginning. How does it feel to be judged?"
  • "Never enough time to do the things we want to do, is there, Doctor?"
  • "You have reached the door to your family, their lives hang in the balance of your decision. This is the last choice you have to make. But to make a choice, Dr. Gordon, you will need to retrieve a key within this last gauntlet. Retrieve it and make your choice."
  • "I want to play a game. Your life is a lie. Now comes your moment of truth. As a drug user and a thief, you played roulette with other peoples' lives and you've preyed on the kindness of others to fuel your addiction. Today, you play with your own. This is the tool that's going to save your life. Now in order for you to stay alive, you have to match your face with the ugliness of your soul. Just lean forward into the knives with your face. Press hard enough and you will release the arm and leg restraints that bind you. Press hard enough, and you'll be free or you can sit idly and bleed out on the floor. Live or die, Cecil. Make your choice."


VHS tapes can be collected throughout the game and are optional but recommended for a greater understanding of the story, in addition to providing the player with tips and a level of foresight of areas yet to be discovered. These tapes allow the player to control the character recording or being recorded in the film. With this control, the player can alter the events recorded in the tapes in order to change things in the present.

  • Test Subject Cecil Adams: Features Jigsaw's first test subject, Cecil Adams, and has placed him in the Knife Chair. The player is Cecil and begins with him cursing at Jigsaw while also begging to be released, but Jigsaw simply claims he did that to himself and gave him his instructions: "I want to play a game. Your life is a lie. Now comes your moment of truth. As a drug user and a hustler, you played roulette with other peoples' lives and you have preyed on the kindness of others to fuel your addiction. Today, you play with your own. Today, you have to match your face with the ugliness of your soul. To stay alive, just lean forward into the knives with your face and press hard enough and you will break the arm and leg restraints that bind you. Press hard enough, and you'll be free, or you can sit idly and bleed out on the floor. Live or die, Cecil, make your choice." The player must then use quick time events to press their face into their knives, causing damage, but they will break the trap and escape. The player can then attack Jigsaw while he congratulates Cecil for escaping and doing so will result in Jigsaw avoiding the attack and falling into a box of razor wire, killing Cecil. Jigsaw is disappointed and takes Cecil's body out of the box, dragging it away before turning off the camera.
  • Test Subject Paul Leahy: Features a Jigsaw victim, Paul Leahy, and has placed him in the Razor Wire Maze. The player is Paul and he wakes up in the maze and finds a nearby microsette and plays it, instructing Paul to go through the razor wire to find the exit and has until 3 o'clock when the door closes and leaves Paul to die. The player must navigate and cut themselves through the maze but even after escaping the maze itself and reaching the door, it will close as it turns 3 o'clock and Paul will kneel, weeping uncontrollably and looking at his bloodied hands. If the player heads back into the maze, Paul will accidentally fall onto some razor wire and his stomach will be cut deep, causing Paul to die from blood loss and even stomach acid will drip out.
  • Test Subject Mark Wilson: Features a Jigsaw victim, Mark Wilson, and has placed him in the Flammable Jelly. The player is Mark and he wakes up in a dark room and finds a nearby microsette on top of a safe and plays it, instructing Mark to find a code on the wall among the other codes in order to open the safe and get the key to the exit and the antidote for the poison Jigsaw has injected into him. Once the code has been found, the player will begin cracking the safe but the candle accidentally falls on Mark, and he painfully dies after being burned alive due to the flammable substance on his body.
  • Test Subject Amanda Young: Features a Jigsaw victim, Amanda Young, and has placed her in the Reverse Beartrap. The player is Amanda and is tied to a chair with the trap on her head, after struggling, a nearby television activates and the Jigsaw's puppet, Billy, informs her of the trap and that in order to escape, the key to it is in the body of her cellmate and drug dealer: Donnie Greco. Amanda breaks her restraints and accidentally activates the trap's timer, giving her 60 seconds to find a scalpel and cutting into Donnie's stomach and killing him to get the key and escape the trap just as it triggers. The player then begins to walk to the exit and Billy approaches her, congratulating her on her victory and allowing her to leave. 
  • Jigsaw Case 1: The player is David Tapp and is with his partner, Steven Sing, and they are called in to investigate a corpse the police have recently discovered after it was disposed of by Jigsaw at the docks and it was Cecil. Cecil's knife wounds in his face and razor wire wounds all over his body were identified and Tapp and Sing came to the conclusion that it was a murder but wasn't actually murdered by the killer and killed himself, believing the man who was forced to due to other evidence found as the broken Knife Chair were found alongside the body and the jigsaw piece cut out of it. It then ended with Tapp and Sing claiming that they'll continue working on the Jigsaw case.
  • Jigsaw Case 2: The player is David Tapp and is with his partner, Steven Sing, and they are investigating the Razor Wire Maze and Paul's corpse, who also has a jigsaw piece cut out of him. Tapp then discovers the microcassette and it then ends the tape after Tapp gathers the microcassette as evidence.
  • Jigsaw Case 3: The player is David Tapp and is with his partner, Steven Sing, and they are investigating the Jelly Maze and Mark's corpse, who also has a jigsaw piece cut out of him. Tapp then discovers the microcassette and finds a peephole which he concludes that the Jigsaw killer was looking through it to observe his game, and also found a penlight which belonged to Lawrence Gordon and the tape then ends.
  • Jigsaw Case 4: The player is David Tapp and is with his partner, Steven Sing, and they visit Lawrence Gordon in the hospital before taking him to the police station for questioning about his penlight being at the Jigsaw murder scene. However, Gordon claimed he was with his friend, Carla Song, at the time of his murder and the police believe him. However, Gordon stays for Amanda's interrogation, who retells her story as the only survivor of Jigsaw's games, and Gordon is then taken home however Tapp isn't completely convinced of Gordon's innocence.
  • Jigsaw Case 5: The player is David Tapp and is with his partner, Steven Sing, and Tapp examines the instruction tape for Amanda's game, discovering graffiti of K2K in the background, a small gang from 118th street, and also a fire alarm, so he ordered Sing to find out a fire in a rear house at 213 Stygian Street and told Tapp about an abandoned mannequin factory in area which could be Jigsaw's potential hideout. The two headed there and broke into the factory, discovering a box with little figures resembling another game, Billy the Puppet, the Reverse Beartrap on a mannequin head and then discovered another victim: Jeff Ridenhour. However Jigsaw approached from the elevator, so Tapp and Sing hid while armed with a pistol and a shotgun, as Jigsaw found Jeff awake, he was surprised and tried to calm him down, however Sing and Tapp came out of hiding and demanded for Jigsaw to surrender. Jigsaw though activated Jeff's Drill Chair and instructed them to find the key among other keys to free Jeff, so Tapp worked on saving Jeff and found the key, stopping the trap while Sing held Jigsaw at gunpoint. However, Jigsaw used a loud alarm as a distraction to escape the detectives and ran down a hallway, with Tapp and Sing chasing. Sing shot at Jigsaw and the killer seemingly collapsed, so Sing approached him but accidentally triggered the Quadruple Shotgun Hallway Trap, blasting Sing's head off and and killing him. While Tapp was shocked and dropped his gun, he mourned Sing as Jigsaw got back up and started running away, causing Tapp to grab his gun and attempted to shoot down Jigsaw but he escaped, causing Tapp to kneel before Sing's headless corpse and turned off the recording.
  • Test Subject Zep Hindle: The player is Zep Hindle and he wakes up in his home, and then finds the tape left behind by Jigsaw informing Zep that he has been poisoned and that in order to get the antidote, he has to play a game and follow Jigsaw's instructions in observing Lawrence Gordon's game at Whitehurst Insane Asylum and take his wife and daughter hostage and should Lawrence fail, he would have to kill them. Zep then finds a gun and heads to Gordon's house, where he kidnaps Alison and Diana Gordon and takes them to the asylum. At the asylum, he takes them to a room full of monitors and a pig mask and theatrical robe along with a supply of sedatives. Zep then ties up Alison and Diana in the room and on Jigsaw's orders, Zep puts on the pig mask.
  • New Test: The player is Adam Stanheight and after he had been rescued by Gordon, a pig-masked figure finds and subdues Adam, taking him to a room set up Zep during his own game out of the sadistic pleasure to "test" some of Jigsaw's victims while waiting for Gordon to complete or fail his trial. A bound and gagged Adam is then taken to the industrial bathroom, where Zep tells him to solve the puzzle he set up to escape. Following the clues, Adam turned off the lights and doing so revealed a "X" written on the wall with fluorescent paint, using a brick to break open the wall and found a box inside a small hollow space which he was able to open with a key from the envelope he found on the floor near the corpse in the middle of the room. The box contained a cellphone, two cigarettes and a message which gave him a clue to another part of the puzzle. Adam tries to call the police but it is revealed to be a one-way cellphone when he answers it, revealing it to be Zep on the other end, who taunts Adam and states that he could use the cigarettes to commit suicide or he could complete his challenge to escape. Adam follows the clues and finds a plastic bag in the toilet tank, containing two hacksaws as well as photographs of Lawrence Gordon. Adam uses the first hacksaw in an attempt to cut through the chain but it breaks, realizing that Zep wants him to cut through his foot. After Zep calls Adam again and taunts him, he uses the second hacksaw to cut through his foot and escapes, bleeding and making his way through the tunnel leading out of the bathroom. After Adam cauterizes his wound by putting his missing leg in a steam pipe, he passes out and wakes up to find Zep armed with a pistol. Zep congratulates Adam on completing his challenge and aims his gun, sadistically smiling, and asks Adam if he could survive what he is about to do. Zep then shoots Adam in the chest and Zep tells him to crawl his way out of the tunnel while giggling. As Adam tries to escape, Zep kicks Adam and begins choking Adam. Before Adam is choked to death, Zep says "Game Over".
  • I Know Who You Are: The player is Lawrence Gordon and drives to a hotel and meets Carla Song, berating her for paging him at home. When Carla wanted to sleep with him, Gordon prevented her from taking off her clothes and decided to end their affair as it was becoming too risky for him. When he was about to leave, Carla nearly started to cry but was interrupted when the telephone rang. Upon answering the call anonymously made by Zep Hindle, the latter demanded to talk to Gordon. When she gave Gordon the phone, Zep told him that he knew about his secret, causing him to hectically leave the room. He went to his car in the parking garage but hesitated when he saw a white light, not knowing that it was a flash from Adam Stanheight's camera who was still observing him. However, he ignored it and got into his car but soon found himself trapped in the garage park and was unable to call for help as both the telephone and his mobile phone didn't work. Before he could get back into his car, he was attacked and rendered unconscious by a pig-masked figure who had been hiding in the back seat of his car.
  • Abduction of Adam Stanheight: The player is Adam Stanheight and after returning home to develop his photographs of Lawrence Gordon, he fell aslep in his darkroom. He later woke up to find his entire apartment without light and realized that someone was in the apartment and used his camera flash to locate the invader. Upon entering his living room, Adam found Billy the Puppet sitting on his couch and maniacally laughing at him. Adam uses a baseball bat to destroy the puppet when he realized that the invader was hiding in his closet. However when he eventually searched the closet, he was attacked by a pig-masked figure and after a brief struggle, Adam passes out.


  • Lawrence Gordon: A 36 year old male oncologist and has cheated on his wife and is emotionally cold towards others. He was a graduate of Charnell University, where he was granted a degree in medical oncology in 1997. Afterwards, he began his career as a renowned oncologist at the Angel of Mercy Hospital. He also has a wife named Alison and a daughter named Diana. Dr. Gordon also started an affair with one of his medical students, Carla Song, and he was also the man who diagnosed me with colon cancer and an inoperable brain tumor. He is also suspected to be Jigsaw, the name that the press gave me for my actions. 
  • Adam Stanheight: A 30 year old male photographer and constantly spies on others. One of the people he was hired to spy on is Dr. Lawrence Gordon, being hired by ex-detective David Tapp for $200 a night. Adam managed to follow Dr. Gordon for several days without being noticed and took numerous photographs of him, some revealing Dr. Gordon cheating on his wife.
  • Carla Song: A 28 year old female medical student at the Angel of Mercy Hospital where she was educated by oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon. However, she began an affair with him and secretly went out with him after work at scheduled times. Five months after Dr. Gordon was suspected of being me, Carla met Dr. Gordon once again to Hotel Barfly at night for a final time.
  • Paul Leahy: A 46 year old average middle-class male with a family of his own and a former patient at the Homeward Bound Recovery Clinic. He worked at a toy factory but after the factory shut down, he became an accountant. Despite his advantages in life, he attempted suicide by cutting his wrists with a straight razor but survived. 
  • Mark Wilson: A 38 year old male and is a healthy man who worked as a software analyst. However, he decided to get rich at the expense of others and claimed to be seriously ill in order to get money from a health insurance company. He is a scam artist, just like his life.
  • Jeff Ridenhour: A 60 year old male
  • Amanda Young: A 32 year old female and was an average woman until she got involved with drugs. However despite this, evidence was planted on her which caused her to be sent to prison for drug possession and during her time in jail, she became addicted to heroin. When Amanda was released, she became a patient at the Homeward Bound Clinic and became the girlfriend of another patient, Cecil Adams. Eventually despite their best efforts, the clinic gave up on Amanda and believed she was a lost soul. 
  • Cecil Adams: A 34 year old male and was a drug addict and the boyfriend of Amanda Young, who was also addicted to heroin. He financed himself and his addiction with hustling and petty thefts. He became a patient at the Homeward Bound Clinic however caused trouble there. One night, Cecil had robbed the clinic for methadone supplies but my wife, Jill Tuck, suffered at his hands and his addiction. And so did I. He was responsible for the death of my innocent child when he caused Jill's miscarriage during the robbery. Despite this incident, Cecil returned to his usual way of life.
  • David Tapp: A 46 year old male and was a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department and the leading investigator on the Jigsaw case. He had a partner named Steven Sing and the two of them had visited the aftermath of some of my games and failed test subjects. After discovering Amanda Young, my first successful test subject, they used her rules to find me and my workplace. As a result, Tapp costed Sing's life and his own job. He became obsessed with pursuing me and his obsession and poor choices had also hurt others. 
  • Zep Hindle: A 34 year old male and he is an orderly working at the Angel of Mercy Hospital. Unlike some of the doctors there, Zep seemed to care about the patients, including me, and listened to them if they needed someone to talk to. However, Zep had constantly enviously hated and badmouthed the hospital's doctors and other staff behind their backs instead of attempting to improve his own life and also suffered from an inferiority complex due to him not appreciating his occupation as an orderly. 
  • Alison and Diana Gordon: Dr. Lawrence Gordon's 33 year old wife and 8 year old daughter. Due to their working schedules, both Alison and Dr. Gordon often struggle to live up to Diana's expectations of being good parents. However due to Dr. Gordon's cold attitude towards others, their marriage is strained.
  • Eddie Palmer and Simone Thomas: Simone Thomas is a 37 year old female and Eddie Palmer is a 40 year old male. They are both money lenders who granted people high credits of money. They have ruined peoples' lives by plunging them into debts. 

Key Items

  • Blue Activation Key: A blue keycard which can open the door leading to the Pine Ward.
  • Red Activation Key: A red keycard which can open the door leading to the Cedar Ward.
  • Emergency Lock Card Key: A keycard which opens up the yard and can be found on one of Jigsaw's victims who was ordered to keep Dr. Gordon from getting the key, forcing Gordon to kill him to get the key.
  • Surgical Theater Key: A keycard which opens the Surgical Theater and can be found inside the X-Ray Room, being held by a corpse.
  • Asylum Key: A keycard which can open up various rooms throughout the asylum and the Surgical Theater Key can be rewritten into the Asylum Key.
  • Jigsaw Piece: A bloody jigsaw piece cut from human skin which is used to open up a secret passageway by fitting in a jigsaw of human skin and had to be solved by Gordon and it can be found in a storage room remade into an elaborate puzzle which had to be solved to retrieve it.
  • Storage Room Card Key: A keycard which can open up the storage room and can be foudn on one of Jigsaw's victims, with a Shotgun Collar attached to him, who was ordered to keep Dr. Gordon from getting the key and was placed in charge of an elaborate maze which Gordon had to get through to confront the prisoner and kill him to get the key.
  • Sewer Key: A key which unlocks a door to gain access to the sewer and can be found after rearranging paintings in a puzzle.
  • Lion Body: One of the three insignias needed to open the gate to the Botanical Gardens and can be found in a room where a puzzle had to be solved or poison gas would fill the room and kill Dr. Gordon.
  • Eagle Wings: One of the three insignias needed to open the gate to the Botanical Gardens and can be found at the end of a maze made of razor wire.
  • Serpent Head: One of the three insignias needed to open the gate to the Botanical Gardens and can be found one of Jigsaw's victims who was locked in a cell and a puzzle had to be solved to free him and kill him to get the key from him.
  • Insignia Key: A key with the asylum insignia on the end and is used to open Mr. Whitehurst's Office and can be found in the library, guarded by Jigsaw's victims and deathtraps.
  • Hexagonal Emblem: A blue hexagonal emblem which had to be created from the left part and right part and is used to open the door to the underground levels of the asylum.
  • Cell Key: A key which can be used to open prison cells and is given to Dr. Gordon by another Jigsaw victim after being saved from another victim who was wearing a Death Mask.
  • Gardenhouse Key: A keycard which can be used to open the Botanical Garden's main gardenhouse and can be found in a secret room after solving an elaborate puzzle.
  • Reverse Beartrap Key: A key to removing the Reverse Beartrap and can be found in Donnie Greco's body, which had to be cut open to retrieve.
  • Drill Chair Key: A key to deactivating the Drill Chair and is given by Jigsaw and had to be found among other keys.
  • Stone Tablet: A large stone which had to be fitted into a puzzle to complete and can be found on a fireplace mantle.
  • Goat Ornament: An ornament of a goat which can gain access to enter the Patient Observement Room and can be found in an elaborate maze.
  • Whitehurst Family Insignia: The family insigna of Mr. Whitehurst which can open a secret passageway leading to Whitehurst's secret room and can be found in a room off of the main lobby and a puzzle had to be solved, then Dr. Gordon had to escape a spiked ceiling trap.
  • Stone of Sacrifice: A stone of a crucifixed man and can open the interior of the next part of the building from the yard and can be found in a chest, which is rigged to alert numerous of Jigsaw's victims to ambush Dr. Gordon and attempt to kill him for the key in his body.
  • Blue Moonstone: A blue stone and can complete a puzzle to open a sliding door and can be found in a glass box and a shotgun trap connected to it had to be disarmed before retrieving it.

Game Overs

  • Reverse Beartrap: If the player fails to remove the Reverse Beartrap, their mouth will be ripped open brutally.
  • Quadruple Shotgun Hallway Trap: If the player fails to disable the shotgun trap and steps on the tripwire, their head will be blown off.
  • Electrified Staircase: If the player triggers the Electrified Staircase, their legs will be broken and they will then fall into the electrified fence, electrocuting them to death violently.
  • Shotgun Collar: If the player triggers the Shotgun Collar, their head will be blown off.
  • Knife Chair: If the player fails to escape the Knife Chair, their arms and legs will bleed massively and the player will black out and die from the blood loss.
  • Razor Wire: If the player takes too much damage from razor wire, they will bleed to death and collapse.
  • Broken Glass: If the player takes too much damage from broken glass, they will bleed to death and collapse.
  • Steam: If the player takes too much damage from steam, they will be violently burned and collapse.
  • Electrified Puddle: If the player walks into an electrified puddle, they will be shocked violently and collapse.
  • Explosive: If the player is hit or triggers an explosive, they will die in the explosion.
  • Flammable Jelly Poison: If the player fails the Flammable Jelly, they will simply collapse from the poison.
  • Fire: If the player takes too much damage from fire, they will be horribly burned and collapse.
  • Poison Gas: If the player takes too much damage from poison gas, they will cough up blood and collapse.
  • Drill Chair: If the player fails to save the victim from the Drill Chair, the drills will pierce the victim's head brutally and kill them.
  • Pendulum Trap: If the player fails to save the victim from the Pendulum Trap, the blade will cut the victim in half brutally.
  • Cyanide Box: If the player triggers the Cyanide Box, pellets will drop and burn the player with acid and then, due to the poison, they will cough up blood and collapse.
  • Sentry Gun Trap: If the player triggers the Sentry Gun Trap, they will be shot multiple times before collapsing.
  • Magnum Eyehole: If the player fails to disable the Magnum Eyehole, they will be shot through the eye or in the stomach.
  • Pain Train: If the player fails to save the victim from the Pain Train, the trap will tear the victim's lower body off and leave their upper body hanging.
  • Impaler Trap: If the player fails to save the victim from the Impaler Trap, a spike will pierce through the victim's mouth and kill them.
  • Pound of Flesh: If the player fails the Pound of Flesh, the helmet's drills will pierce the player's head and kill them.
  • Detox Chair: If the player fails the Detox Chair, the injections will both pierce the player and victim's arms before poisoning them, causing them to bleed from their eyes and cough up blood violently, before the injections pierce both victims' eyes.
  • Axe: An enemy holding an axe will decapitate the player with their axe.
  • Lead Pipe: An enemy holding an lead pipe will bash the player's head before smashing their head multiple times.
  • Baseball Bat: An enemy holding an baseball bat will hit the player in the stomach and hit them in the head multiple times, smashing their head apart.
  • Crowbar: An enemy holding a crowbar will hit the player in the leg, breaking it, before bashing them in the head multiple times.
  • Fire Poker: An enemy holding a fire poker will impale the player before stabbing them through the head.
  • Pocket Knife: An enemy holding a pocket knife will stab the player in the neck.
  • Wrench: An enemy holding a wrench will bash the player's head multiple times.
  • Bear Trap: A placed bear trap can kill the player if extremely injured, causing them to pass out from blood loss while watching their leg in the trap.
  • Pistol: An enemy holding a pistol will shoot the player and kill them.
  • Pitchfork: An enemy holding a pitchfork will stab the player through the head. 
  • Circular Saw: An enemy holding a circular saw will slash the player's throat.
  • Broken Bottle: An enemy holding a broken bottle will stab the player in the throat.
  • Spike Pit: If the player falls into a spike pit, they will be stabbed throughout their body by the spikes and bleed to death.
  • Fall: If the player falls to their death, they will die when they hit the ground.
  • Acid Search: If the player fails to properly search with the hazard being acid, their hand is extremely burned and pass out.
  • Razor Search: If the player fails to properly search with the hazard being razors, their hand is severely cut and bleeding and pass out.
  • Needle Search: If the player fails to properly search with the hazard being needles, their arm and hand has needles stuck in it and pass out.


Age Rating


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