Saw 2 is a remake of the 2005 American independent horror film starring Mark Wahlberg, Ramon Rodriguez, Morris Chestnut, Emma Bell, Juliette Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Kyle Gallner, Jennifer Garner, Robert De Niro, Idris Elba, George Lopez, Ethan Hawke and Michael Steger


Jigsaw being apprehended by the police, but trapping the arresting officer in one of his own games while showing another "game" of eight people including the officer's son in progress on TV monitors at another location. It also explores some of Jigsaw's back story, providing a partial explanation on his reason of becoming Jigsaw.


Mark Wahlberg as Detective Eric Matthews

Ramon Rodriguez as Xavier Chavez

Morris Chestnut as Jonas Singer

Emma Bell as Laura Hunter

Juliette Lewis as Allison Kerry

Penelope Cruz as Addison Corday

Kyle Gallner as Daniel Matthews

Jennifer Garner as Amanda Young

Robert De Niro as Jigsaw/John Kramer

Idris Elba as Daniel Rigg

George Lopez as Gus Colyard

Ethan Hawke as Obi Tate

Michael Steger as Michael Marks


Michael- Mask closed on head/stabbed by multiple nails

Gus- Shot in eye through peephole by .357 Magnum

Obi- Burned alive in furnace

Laura- Succumbs to nerve gas

Jonas- Hit in back of head with nail-studded bat by Xavier

Addison- Wrists cut by 8 razor blades/blood loss

Xavier- Back of neck flayed with knife, throat slit with hacksaw by Daniel


Eric, Allison, Daniel, Amanda, John and Daniel

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