Simone Halden wakes up in a room where she is chained to a garage door. A tape informs her that she has to cut her arm of to escape being scliced in half. She tries but after 30 seconds she succumbs.

Ali Halden, Simone's sister wakes up in music room where several of the the strings from instruments are connected to her stomic internatlly. She has to play a symphony from her heart or the strings will burst her liver and kidney. She playes the beat and the strings are cut.

Nigel Pattison, a bully wakes up in a room filled with explosives and has to break his leg with a hammer, he does and crawls throught a wall to safety but it closes on his leg and he is incinerated.

Officer Krista Fanning is sent from England to help the case her husband Thomas comes with her. In America Krista and special agent Bruce Hudds work on the Jigsaw case. It is revealed 6 months ago Hoffman escaped and killed all the police officer's in a flashback.

Jigsaw then abduts seven unlucky everyday people reprensenting the seven deadly sins. Caitlin, a gymnast as greed, Peter, a clerk for lust, Rowland, a buisness man represents envy, Makato for wrath, Sherry, a model for pride, Dave, a farmer for gluttony and Russell, an unemployed loser for sloth. They wake up all chained to a tree which Jigsaw tells them will set on fire soon and after 2 minutes they will burn like the witches they are. Rowland and Makato get freed first at the 45 second mark, Makato knocks Dave's footing to help him, Peter gets freed next at 1 minute, then Caitlin at 1 minute and 15 seconds, Dave a second later, and finallly Sherry at 5 seconds to go. They run down the ramp and Russell burns to death.

In the next room (as the tree was in the centre of an abanded shopping mall) they find Peter's cousin Rowley, Caitlin's brother Drake, Dave's uncle Stud, Russell's father Simon, Makato's aunt Linda, Sherry's mother Margo, and Harriet, Rowland's younger sister. Jigsaw informs them that they are wearing retro traps Margo, Rowley, Simon and Stud are wearing reverse bear traps, and Drake, Linda and Harriet are wearing venis fly traps. As Russell died Simon will also die and imediatly he drops dead and creates a pool of blood. If one of the sins representertive dies so will there loved one. They are forced to leave the room.

They find them selves in Myers where a manniquin has a key to the traps there loved ones are in. Rowland finds the key and saves Harriet but as the pressure is off him he commits suicide by jumping off the balcony.

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