Saw VIII: a new beginning is an upcoming 2011 3D Horror Film to be directed by Christopher Harrison, written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan and star Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Cary Elwes, Sean Patrick Flanery, Scream Queen Season Three Winner Holly Bonelli, Ella Milenova, Samantha Lemole, Whitney Vance, Joel Moore, S. Samantha Adams, Monica Potter, Erik Knudsen, James MacDonald and Suzan Abrahams. It is to be the final instalment in the successful though spanned Saw Series and be released on the traditional Halloween Date in 2013 theaters everywhere.


Following from Saw 3D Detective Mark Hoffman is left in the bathroom entrapped by Dr. Lawrence Gordon who reveals himself to be a Jigsaw Apprentice.

The dead Special Agent Lindsey Perez's wanna suck dick threatening message of everyone knows about him is revealed to true as two copies of the audio translation of the Seth Baxter tape end up in the hands of Daniel Matthews and reporter Pamela Jenkins.

Daniel  mc cunty Matthews has begun a crusade with the saw survivours who were in the care of Bobby Dagen to stop the entire machinations of John Kramer which are still continueing and and Pamela upon receiving her copy of the tape is abducted by a figure in a pig mask and red hood.

The film then sees Mark Hoffman escape the confines of his foot chain in the bathroom and turn on the lights of the bathroom revealing a large red wording reading The Final Test.

He then enters a control room with covered windows and an omninous looking chair in the middle.

He reads the middle barred windows' red message of enter.

He does as instructed and is immediatley caught strapped in and forced to watch as his thought dead sister appears on the monitor in a bizzare room with another man.

Over the next course of the story Hoffman is forced to watch as his thought dead sister must traverse a series of deadly tests.

It is revealed that his sister wasn't killed by Seth Baxter and was instead a liasion to John Kramer after all who recommended her brother as a possible apprentice.

It is revealed that the sister had an identical twin who was put up for adoption and came under the care of none-other then Lynn Denlon and her boyfriend she had after Jeff.

The boyfriend had a former girlfriend name Pamela Jenkins who along with him adopted her when she was six years old.

It is revealed that she remained with the boyfriend after him and Pam had seperated.

She had secretly found her sister and found her to have an abusive ex-boyfriend who would not leave her alone.

The sister willing to do anything to help her with her abusive ex confronted him and was suppose to subdue him and place him in a device which would give him another chance at life.

This device was to be an example for Mark that violence is not the way.

However as the sister tried to subue Seth he fought back and slit her throat.

The other sister concealed her involvment and fell out of John's inner-circle.

John had obtained by Amanda and placed in a room where they would keep her alive on food until a certain time where she would have to play out a series of tests which would be Mark's final test.

Meanwhile Pamela Jenkins awakens and must go through a series of test's of her own to learn the true meaning of idolizing.

Pamela's final test as revealed is to be a confrontation with Mark's thought dead sister whom she had adopted her sister that had been killed for her.

The test is too see if Pamela can make the decision to live by ending the other's life and try and make their way across a dangerous path to escape.

Pamela decides not kill her the sister of her former adopted child and instead save her.

However the chair Mark has been strapped to forcing him to watch his sister's trials is revealed to be rigged with the rusty nail bombs from Saw V which would detonate should Pamela choose to save her and herself instead of killing Mark's thought dead sister.

The movie ends with the chair exploding killing Hoffman and Pamela and Mark's sister escaping to safety where Daniel Matthews and the other trap survivours; find and escort them to safety.

It is also revealed that the other two Pigface's from Saw 3D are Doctor Gordon's wife and Brit Steddison one of the two fatal five survivours.


  • Tobin Bell as Jigsaw/John Kramer
  • Costas Mandylor as Detective Mark Hoffman
  • Cary Elwes as Doctor Lawrence Gordon
  • Sean Patrick Flanery as Bobby Dagen
  • Holly Bonelli as Olivia
  • Ella Milenova as Evelyn
  • Samantha Lemole as Pamela Jenkins
  • Whitney Vance as Julia
  • Erik Knudsen as Daniel Matthews
  • Tanedra Howard as Simone
  • Greg Byrk as Mallick
  • Shauna Macdonald as Tara Abbott
  • Monica Potter as Alison Gordon
  • Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young
  • Alan Van Sprang as Lynn's Ex-Boyfriend/ Chacey's Adoptive Father
  • Sarah Power as Angelina Hoffman/ Chacey Hoffman
  • Joel Moore as Timothy


  • The Nail Gun Turretts: A man and woman are chained by neck in place in a room with a large plasma screen which plays a Billy tape and two nail gun turretts that will shoot them to death should they not cut their hands in the saw boxes in front to fill the beakers before the 60 second timer counts down. Both need to cut their hands to survive. It is the begginning trap of the film.
  • The Electric Cage Trap: Angelina Hoffman and Timothy are in two thin corridor like rooms seperated by a large cage grate which will connect to two electric generators which will hit the wet floor when the time counts down.
  • Their only hope of survival to is to wire pull down these two massive pendulum saws to kill the other which open the exit
  • The Spinning Gear: Angelina's witness protection guard is tied to a massive gear which will turn around causing these two circle pulls in his mouth to rip opening up his jaw
  • The Cheek Bolts: Angelina's best friend who knew that she had got her identical twin sister killed is held up in air by two chains which are wrapped around her arms. She has two hooks in the two sides of her chest which must be pulled out in order. The order only Angelina can give her or two steel frame sides attached to her head will insert into her cheekbones.
  • The Wire Arms: Pamela awakens with her former roomate from college Julia in a boiler like room where they held in place by two wire made bracelets on both their arms. One must cut themselves severley to slide out of the restraints which cause the other's death allowing their freedom
  • The Chair: Hoffman is strapped by arms to a brass chair with two jars with rusty nails inside which explode should Pamela choose not to kill his sister Angelina
  • The Obstacle Course: A obstacle course which requires Angelina and Pamela to traverse

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