Saw VIII: The Beginning of the End is about the return of Bobby Dagen, who wants revenge. This is also the last appearance of Mark Hoffman in the Saw franchise.


  • Tobin Bell as Jigsaw/John
  • Sean Patrick Flanery as Bobby Daggen
  • Cary Elwes as Lawrence Gordon
  • Costas Mandylor as Mark Hoffman
  • Devon Sawa as Dean
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Rebbeca
  • Crystal Lowe as Jill
  • Sebastian Piggott as Brad
  • Jon Cor as Ryan
  • Chelan Simmons as Olivia
  • Thomas Dekker as Steven
  • Steven Yeun as Aaron
  • Aaron Yoo as Marcus
  • Nick Zano as Dale
  • Bobby Campo as Bob
  • Ali Later as Jessie
  • Emma Bell as Chelsea
  • Chris Zylka as Tom


  • The Boiler Room - Chelsea and Jill is holding a metal pole which will save both of them from the acid then a sharp glasses falls to Chelsea and Jill then it impaled Jill in head causing her to fall on the acid then Dean successfully save Chelsea but Jill dies
  • The Snake Cage - Rebbeca is inside a cage full of snakes and a big cobra with her head out of the cage Olivia screams and Dean covers her mouth then Dean was looking for the key when the big cobra break the glass Dean find the key and try to free Rebbecca who is bitten in neck. Dean say to Rebbecca that she is a Big Stupid Bitch.
  • Red Cinema Trap - Marcus having his hands tied and his eyes can't close because of the glasses he is wearing. Dean came and marcus is Screaming for Help Dean can free Marcus if he find the key and can get it inside the screen. Dean can get the key so the laser came out and throught Marcus head killing Marcus.
  • The Water Cage Trap - Olivia is trapped inside a cage. The cage is full of Water so Olivia can't Breath. Dean came and he must find the key of the cage. Olivia can't breath no longer then Dean find the key and rush to Olivia and open the cage then Dean grab Olivia then Dean with Olivia and Chelsea rush into the Next Trap
  • The Gun Trap - Tom, Bob, Dale, Aaron, and Steven are tied in a circle and gagged. Dean remove all the tape on there mouths. Dean must find the key to free al of them then they must find it when Chelsea accidently lost the key the time runs out killing Tom, Bob, Dale, Aaron and Steven.

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