Scamps are named so because of how they are perceived as mischievous, playful, and impish. Scamp names aren't readily known. However, Orion, Fulion, and Sellion, all end in "Ion."

Battlefield Behaviour

The Scamps are the most cowardly of the Zodiac races. They rarely stand and fight and will even run from their Fiendish superiors. At the very sight of Davian or any other human to be exact they will run away. They also only wield Zodiac Sludge Pistols, but this however, only applies to the lower ranking Rookies and Veterans. The higher ranking Scamp Warlords are a match for even the fiercest combatant, weilding powerful Energy Bows which they will use to snipe faraway enemies. The Scamps are highly intelligent creature though I might add. It is just their odd demeanor that strikes them as unintelligent and childish. Their IQ, when recorded on Human scales, reaches far above that of genius level, although they are still not as intelligent as: Purists, Oracles, Feral, and Banshees, but all other races they are highly more intelligent than, even Fiends. What they lack in speed, strength, resilience, and courage they make up for in ridiculously large numbers, generally attacking in groups of 7 or more. The Warlords generally work solo, but are generally surrounded by lower ranking Scamps in groups of... well... 7 or more.

Physical Appearance

Scamps are the second shortest race, the shortest being the Drones at 4'6", growing to only 5'0" and weighing up to only 100 lbs. They are small and frail lizard-like creatures which barely wear any armor at all, excluding Scamp Warlords which wear torso armor with hideous spikes protruding from the top and a helmet with red glowing eye holes. In terms of running on their 2 underdeveloped hind legs, they are quiet silly. Imagine the Geico gecko running on his hind legs, his tail flapping lazily behind him. Although their body structure is odd with a humorous build to it, their face is the most absurd feature of all. They have wide, googly eyes, often with small black pupils, a large dog-like mouth with tiny thin teeth so small they appear toothless, and they will often pant. As they do this, their tongue generally hangs out. It is long, flat, and yellowish in color, like a yellow dog tongue, and because of this they appear to be smiling wildly, even with their tongue drawn, giving them the appearance that they are grinning while looking wildly at you, coupled with their ridiculously high pitched voice, they are... okay, they are hilarious, omg they make Grunts from Halo look lame and boring omg they are the i repeat THE FUNNIEST VIDEO GAME CHARACTER EVAR HAHAHAHAHA!!! LOLZ lolz for you lolz for me kthnxbye

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