Scar is the central antagonist of the 2011 CGI remake of the Disney film “The Lion King.” He is a more darker and sinister villain than before.


Scar was born Taka, brother of Mufasa. He plotted to kill his brother at a young age. He led Mufasa to a trap which then failed and was saved by his brother. His father then clawed him across the face for endangering the heir, giving him his scar, and he was disowned and renamed Scar, meaning that he had scarred the family. He now served the king and the prince. Many years later, Scar revealed that he had been scheming for years and was plotting to kill his brother and nephew Simba. He lured Simba to a gorge and then started a stampede, before fleeing to inform the king. Mufasa managed to save Simba, but Scar threw his brother down into the gorge. Afterwards, Simba discovered his father’s body lying in the gorge. Scar convinced Simba that it was his fault and told him to leave the rock. Simba then flees.

Many years later, Scar presumes Simba to be dead and has overthrown Pride Rock. He creates and army out of the hyenas, orders all male lions executed and turns the lioness’ lives into a dictatorship. He attempts to seduce Nala but is rejected. He then attempts to rape her but she escapes, where she runs into a fully grown Simba. They return to Pride Rock, where Scar is rallying the hyenas to find and kill her. They form a rebellion with the lionesses, causing a fight to break out between the lioness’ and hyenas. Simba confronts his enraged uncle, forcing him to admit that he killed Mufasa. He tries desperately tries to kill Simba, but in the battle, Simba finally kills Scar by flipping him off of the rock and he falls to his death. Lightning strikes the rock upon Scares death, starting a rain storm which ends the drought and subsequent famine. The hyenas flee but take Scar’s body with them to eat.

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