Harry Potter. Ginny struggles to cope after the chamber. Harry/Ginny


Ginny Molly Weasley turned around, as she heard something. She slowly walked to the noise, and tried to scream, but a hand covered her mouth.

"Don't Worry, Ginevra", he whispered. Ginny tried to scream as Tom Riddle jumped on top of her, and he kissed her lips.

Ginny whimpered as Tom slowly reached for her blouse, she knew what was going to happen next. She screamed and screamed, but no one heard her screams.

Ginny awoke and screamed. She saw Madam Pomfey walk up to her, wondering what was going on. "Did you take the potion", she asked. Ginny nodded. "Why isn't it away", she asked.

"I don't know. I will go and get the potion", and with that, the nurse walked off. Giny finally drifted off to sleap before Pomfrey arrived.

Ginny screamed as she saw Tom arise from the diary. "It was you", she shreiked. Tom smirked. "Well done little girl. Five Points to Gryffindor", he mocked.

"Stay away from Harry and Ron", Ginny shouted. Before she could run away, Tom jumped on her, and Ginny lost conscious.

Tom, now in Ginny's body, walked downstairs. He smirked as he relised no one was in the common room, and he walked out of the Gryffindor Tower.

Ginny walked to a tub of red paint, and dugged her hands inside the paint. She looked up, and painted the wall, like how she did when she tried to kill the Squib's Cat.

After that, she walked to Moaning Mrytle's Bathroom. "You again", Mrytle shreiked. Ginny looked up, her red eyes glaring at her. Mrytle fled the room.

"Open up", Ginny hissed in parseltounge, and the sinks opened. Before Ginny could comand stairs, the Basilisk rose, and it grabbed Ginny and they fell down into the chamber.

Ginny awoke a few minutes later. "Tom", Ginny screamed as she saw Riddle grinning at her. She tried to climb away, but he stopped her.

"Come Ginny. One more pleasure", he smirked at her frightened face. Ginny fainted, and Riddle undressed her, beaming at his victem,

Ginny screamed, and she relised it was morning. She quickly ran out of the hospital wing, still with her night dress on.

She saw Harry walking upstairs. "Ginny", he asked. Ginny's eyes widened. It wasn't because of her crush. He had risked his life to save her, and it was all her fault.

"I'm so sorry", she whispered, tears threating to fall. "Please, please. Please, forgive me. I deserve to get sent to Azkaban, in fact, i deserve the Dementor's Kiss", she cried.

"Shh", Harry reasured Ginny. "Don't cry. It's Riddle's fault, not yours", he whispered into her ear. "It is but", Ginny wailed.

"Ginny, look at me", Harry told her. Ginny looked at him. "It was Tom's fault, not yours. If you want, me and you can owl each other during the summer, if you want", Harry asked. Ginny nodded. "Good, that's a step. Now, lets get back inside".

Both Students walked back into the Hospital Wing, although Ginny was still scared.

The Family ReunionEdit

Ginny awoke. She had been giving a dreamless sleap potion, and she hadn't had a nightmare. She got up and looked at her surroundings. She saw her family, Harry and Hermione. Bill and Charlie was absent as ever.

"Oh Ginny", Molly whispered as she hugged Ginny. "Can't breathe", Ginny whispered. Molly let go. "Gin Gin is up", Fred said.

"You know that means-"

"That she is back-"

"To cause-"

"Trouble", the twins, Fred and George, said in unison.

Ginny forced a smile. "Thanks", she muttered. "How are you feeling", Arthur asked. "Fine", Ginny lied, although she was a good actress, so she had convinced her father.

They all talked, laughed and shared a joke. Soon, one by one they all left, all except Harry.

"Harry, are you coming", Hermione asked. Ron turned around. "I will catch up with you later", Harry told them. Ron looked like he was going to protest, but Hermione dragged him away.

"So how are you really feeling", Harry asked. Ginny stared at his eyes. "Worse".

"Listen, Dumbledore told us that Voldermort fools a lot of people. You were one of those people, but you managed to escape alive", he said.

"But, i petrified all those people", Ginny said. "No you didn't. Voldermort did", he said. "Listen, we are sorry we never talked to you. But this time, we will. Promise".


Former and New FriendsEdit

Ginny opened the compartment door, and saw Harry, Ron and Hermione. "Can i sit here", Ginny asked. "No", Ron replyed. Ginny was about to walk off, when Harry yelled at Ron.

"What is the matter with you. This is your own sister", Harry yelled, startling Hermione and Ron. "Bloody hell, she will annoy us", he said.

"Come on Ginny, lets find somewhere else to sit", Harry said as he stood up and left the compartment. Ginny followed, hearing Ron and Hermione bicker of what just happened.

Harry and Ginny found a compartment with a blonde girl, who had a dreamy look on her face. "Hello Ginevra", she said.

"Harry, this is Luna Lovegood", Ginny said, and Harry smiled. "Hello Luna", he greeted. "Hello Harry Potter", she smiled, and Harry nodded.

The three sat in awkward silence. Luna was reading some magazine called, The Quibbler. "Luna can i read that, please", Harry asked.

Before Luna could say, the door opened and Ron and Hermione came in. Hermione looked angry, and Ron looked embarrassed.

"Um, Harry, Ginny. I want to say, i'm sorry", he said. Ron looked as if Harry and Ginny would immediately burst and say all was forgiven. He was dead wrong.

"No Ron. What you did to Ginny was hurtful", Harry said. "Why did she have to sit with us anyway. You're my friend", he said smugly at the last sentence.

"Ron, we aren't friends anymore", Harry said. Hermione and Ginny gasped, the latter silently. Luna looked as if this was just a walk on the park, and Ron looked angry.

"Fine", and with that, he huffed and stormed off. "Harry, i think you are being a little harsh", Hermione said. Harry glared at her, she shrieked and ran off.

"Harry, you didn't have to do that for me", she whispered. "No Ginny. You are my friend now, and maybe Luna if she wants", Harry and Ginny looked up at Luna. She shrugged.

"Of course, Harry, but i think you have wracksputs on your head", which left Harry confused, and Ginny barley held her giggle.


"Goodnight, everybody", Ginny said. Everyone said goodnight, all except Ron. He was in a huff since Harry had fell out with him and Hermione, and was outraged that Ginny was now friends with Harry.

Ginny slowly drifted off to sleap, her last thought on Harry.

"Ginny, help", Harry screamed as Riddle stabbed him with the basilisk fang, only shortly after killing Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoneix.

Ginny screamed as Harry slowly died, and his eyes gazed upon her, as if asking why she didn't do anything to save him.

"You are nothing but a slut, Ginevra Weasley. You murdered your own crush", Riddle laughed as he slowly walked upon her.

Ginny tried to back away, but the last thing she heard was 'Avada Kedarva'.

Ginny screamed and awoke. She heard footsteps and Arthur, Molly and Bill bursting in. "Another nightmare", Ginny whispered. Molly sobbed as she held onto Ginny.

Soon after that, Ginny fell asleap after the others left, knowing she was going to have another nightmare.

"Ginny, that you", came the booming voice of Hagrid. Ginny froze, she had murdered the roosters, and the half bread was going to find out.

Hagrid gasped, and Ginny turned around. "Avada Kedarva", she hissed, and Hagrid fell down, dead. She had to get rid of the body.

She then saw the Golden Trio walking down to Hagrid's cabin. Now this was her chance to kill Potter, the blood traitor and the mudblood.

"Avada Kedarva", "Avada Kedarva" and "Avada Kedarva", was heard among the grounds through a echo, as the three fell down, dead.

Ginny awoke, but bit her lip to stop screaming. She was going to write a letter to Harry, he did say before he left to those muggles to write to her.


I'm having nightmares, and they are getting worse. I dream of killing everyone, including you. Please, i'm troubled. My brothers don't understand, and my parents aren't helping matters either. Other than that, things are going great here. Percy was nearly locked in a Pyramid by the twins, and Mum gave them the lecture of the century.

From Ginny

P.S You don't have to reply if you don't want to

Satisfied, Ginny sneaked out of the hotel and went to the owl post. She saw a brown tabby owl and paid the knut to deliver the owl.

The LettersEdit


I'm so sorry to see that you are having nightmares. I know how it feels, as sometimes i watch my parents getting killed by Voldermort, well, just my mother. Things back here are bad, i accidently blew up my aunt Marge after she insulted my parents, and i took the knight bus to get to the leaky cauldron so i could have a place to stay.

Also, there is some man named Siruis Black who escaped from some place called Azkaban. Do you know what Azkaban is and what did Black do

From Harry

P.S Thanks for the chocolate frogs for my birthday


I bursted into laughter when i heard about your Aunt. I told the twins, and they are thinking of pranking Ron to make him blow up. The Knight Bus isn't very pleasent, is it. One time, i fell head first into the floor, but i was okay.

Right, i'm so sorry to tell you about this, but during my bedtime storys about you, Black was in it. He was your parent's secret keeper, which is someone protecting their location. He betrayed them to Voldermort, and then killed their other friend, Peter Pettigrew and 12 muggles. My dreams have stopped, although there was just one. It was unpleasent, and lets just say Hogwarts was abandoed.

From Ginny

P.S Your Welcome


Hello. Daddy let me send out owl, Piggy, to send you this wonderful letter. I put glitter over it to stop the Nargles blending into the parchement, it has to be green glitter, as this is your eyes, and i have something to tell you.

Daddy wants to publish something in the Quibbler about you, about you killing the he who must not be named. He says you have a right to tell the world it was the Wracksputs that killed him, and not you.

Luna Alice Lovegood

P.S Piggy is ever so polite to complete strangers who might harm him


As much as i would like these Weacksputs to have killed Voldermort, unfortunately he isn't dead and the curse just backfired. Thank you for the Glitter


P.S Eggy and Hedwig seem attached to each other

Harry could not believe what Luna had sent him. His eyes nearly boggled out, and soon relised Luna was damn right insane, but she seemed kind enough.

Harry groaned. It was three in the morning. Time for more sleap.

Train and DementorsEdit

"Hello Harry", Luna said as Harry and Ginny found the compartment where she was. "Hello Luna", both said in unison.

"Luna, who is that", Ginny asked as she and Harry noticed a man sleaping. His clothes looked worn and wrinkled, and his suitcase had the name Remus J. Lupin

"That is Proffesor Lupin. His mind is full of Wracksputs, so he gets tired often enough", Luna said. Harry grinned. He was getting used to Luna's weird personality.

"Luna, do you know about Siruis Black", Ginny asked. Harry paled a little. He had found out that Siruis was looking for him, just another bad way to start the year.

"Yes. I think he is innocent if you look at his face", Luna said. "You can't believe that", Harry said. Just then, the door opened. Ron and Hermione came in.

"Harry, i'm here to say sorry. Hermione as well", Ron said. He had a smug look on his face, as if Harry would suddenly burst and forgive him.

"No. You seemed to ignore Ginny, your own sister, after the chamber, all for your own selfish reasons", Harry snapped.

"Harry", Hermione spoke for the first time. "Why are you hanging with Weasley and Looney Lovegood anyway. Both a-", she was cut off.

Batius Neis

Ginny's curse hit Hermione and then Ron. Both screamed as bat bogeys burst out of their nose, and started to attack them.

Moments later, the train stopped. Harry, Ginny and Luna looked at each other.

"Wow, this is the longest blink i ever had", Luna said.

"I'm going to see what's going on", Lupin said as he awoke, and he pulled out his wand and left the compartment.

Suddenly, they all felt cold and a fog came bursting in as the door opened. A Black Cloat flied in, and Harry relised it was a creature.

"Please, not Harry. Not Harry", Lily Potter screamed as Voldermort bursted into the room.

"Stand aside, you silly girl", Voldermort yelled.

"No", Lily said.

"Avada Kedarva".

Ginny's vision was something else.

Tom Riddle's head popped up from the diary, and slowly his body arose. Ginny screamed and backed away.

"Get away from me", she screamed.

"Little Ginny, you don't want to upset uncle tom, do you", he said. Ginny's eyes rolled back behind her head as she collasped, now possessed by Riddle.

Luna's was another vision.

"Mummy, i want a biscuit", Luna said. Her mother, Stella Lovegood, turned around.

"Sure, wait a minute", and she raised her wand. "Juivan", she said. The charm was meant to cool the heating down, although it did something much worse.

The spell reflected back, and it hit Stella. Stella screamed in agony as the fire consumed her, and Luna could only watch in horror.

Aftermath of the AttackEdit

Harry awoke, and he soon relised Ginny had also fainted. He relised Lupin and Luna were staring at him, the former looking worried and the latter as dreamy as ever.

"Eat this", Lupin said, handing him a piece of chocolate. Harry looked at him. "It will make you feel better", he said, and Harry nodded.

He bit into the chocolate, and relised he did feel better. Then he remembered a scream.

"Who screamed", Harry asked. "No one did Harry", Luna said. Just then, Ginny awoke, and she gasped. "Tom", she whimpered.

"Eat this", Lupin said, and he gave her a piece of chocolate. "What were they", Harry asked.

"Dementors. Nasty foul creatures that guard Azkaban. They were looking for Black, and apparently hungry for souls", Lupin said.


Lupin left. Harry stepped out when the girls got changed, and he changed when he came back in. So much for a normal year.

Harry, Ginny and Luna shared a carriage with two hufflepuffs and one ravenclaw. "Thretsals", Luna whispered as she looked ahead.

"What", Harry and Ginny asked.

"Thretsals. You can see them after you see death", she said. Harry and Ginny thought she was up to her usual self until the death part. They felt sorry for the strange girl.

Soon, they were led to the Great Hall. After the Sorting finished, Dumbledore did his usual speech, and they were led to the Gryffindor Tower.

Harry ignored Malfoy and his goons taunts. Ginny told him they weren't worth it, and Harry relised that it would have got to him if he was still friends with Ron and Hermione.

Meanwhile, Hermione was fighting with Ron.

"Hermione, shut up. Potter doesn't like us", he roared. They were the only ones left in the abandoed corridor.

"Ronald Weasley, you are a jealous brat. You just hate it because you are the lackey the moment me and my Harry get married", she screamed.

Ron looked taken aback. Hermione was insane.

"Her-", he was cut off by the usual voice of Serveus Snape.

"What's this. Two Gryfifndor's fighting. Ten points from Gryffindor and a month's detention", Snape said, and both looked taken aback.

Hermione growled at Ron when they walked up to the tower. Ron wanted to stop her, to stop her from falling in love with Harry.

Buckbeek's RespectEdit

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