Scream: The Series and or Stab: The Series is a movie miniseries television bevy of short film meta slasher horror films written and directed by various writers and directors and taking place in various locations and countries

It is a spin-off to the Scream series and chronicles the many sick Ghostface/Ghostfaces whom begin killing sprees donning the infamous costume and dealing out the infamous threatening phone calls.

The series was created by Kevin Williamson following the release of Scream 4 and halting of Scream 5.

The Scream series central survivours Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers-Riley all appear in the series.


Experience the dread of all the other sick donners of the Ghostface costume as they begin teir killing sprees taking inspiration from the Stab Films and real life murders surrounding celebrity survivour Sidney Prescott.


  1. Pilot- The Stab Premiere Murders
  1. The Disparaging Critics
  1. The Stab Club
  1. Stab Party!
  1. The Kyoto Stab
  1. Stab The Musical
  1. Stab The Documentary
  1. Stab The Short Film
  1. Creatures from the San Andreas Falls Murders
  2. The Parody Murders

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