Scream: Mickey Altieri's Secret Partner is a American Horror Movie written by Kevin Williamson and Directed by Wes Craven. It is known that Debbie Loomis was Mickey Altieri partner but unbeknownst to everyone there was 3rd killler that person got away that person is ready to start a new killing spree at Windsor because they found out that Sidney Prescott's Teenage Cousin Belinda Roberts is going to Windsor, Sidney maybe dead but killing Belinda is just as good in their opnion.


Emma Roberts as Belinda Roberts-She is Sidney's cousin . She is also Jill and Melinda Roberts triplet sister, she is determinded to prove that she is nothing like her sisters.

Hayden Panetierre as Kirby Reed-She is Jill's ex BFF she is also a freshman at Windsor Colleger.

David Arquette as Dewey Riley-He is still the sheriff of Woodsboro but he leaves to go to Windsor college when Belinda calls him for help.

Ben Stiller as Tom Hankerson- He was one of Mickey and Derek Feldman's friends, he didn't like Sidney very much.

Bradley Cooper as Det James Hensen-He is the main investigtor on the case, he was a freshman at Windsor College when the first masacre happened in 1997

Rebecca Gayheart as Lois-She is now the Dean at Windsor College

Portia De Rossi as Murphy-She is Lois's assistant

Duane Martin as Joel Jones- He is now a professor at Windsor College

Maggie Q as Annie Lee- She is Joel's girlfriend, she is also a police officer.

Jaden Smith as Jimmy Jones-He is Joel's son he got custody of him in the divorce settllement.

Nadja Bjorlin as Melissa Edison-She is a senior at Windsor, She gives Belinda and Kirby a hard time.

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