Scream: The Origin of Ghostface is a American movie Written by Kevin Williamson and Directed by Wes Craven. This is the story of Maureen Prescott, Neil Prescott and Hank Loomis. It takes place in the late 70's when the first Ghostface begins murdering the people at Hollywood making a movie.


Lucy Hale as Maureen Prescott

Ian Harding as Neil Prescott

Channing Tatum as Hank Loomis

Megan Fox as Debbie Loomis

Emily Blunt as Kelly Roberts

Debby Ryan as Kate Gibson

Jennette McCurdy as Hannah Albertson

Scott Foley as John Milton

Chad Overstreet as Mike Bridger

Janel Parrish as Joanne Cooper

Brandon Smith as Brad Miller

Josh Hutcherson as Lucas Albertson

Jodie Foster as Mrs. Riley

Mason Cook as Young Dewey Riley

Kirsten Dunst as Lindsay Mitchell

Milo Ventomiglia as Joe Mitchell

Amanda Peet as Kelly Wilson

Sean Faris as Greg Nichols

Spencer Locke as Patty Kerns


Maureen Prescott

Neil Prescott

Hank Loomis

Debbie Loomis

John Milton

Mrs. Riley

Young Dewey Riley

Hannah Albertson

Lucas Albertson

Kate Gibson


Joanne Cooper-She is a psychotic actress who is in love with Neil and hates Maureen, she is the first person to use the Ghostface costume when she kills.


Joe Mitchell- Joanne slits his throat in the trailer bathroom while he is urinating.

Linsday Mitchell- She sees Joanne dressed up as Ghostface in a studio and runs to the stairs, but Joanne pushes her down the stairs snapping her ankle and she is stabbed in her neck when she tries to crawl away.

Brad Miller- He is making out with Patty in a studio when Joanne steps up behind him with a knife and stabs him in the back multiple times, then stabs him more times when she sees him still alive and then guts him in front of Patty.

Patty Kerns- She tries to run after witnessing Brad's death, but Joanna grabs her and stabs her in the stomach and she falls to the ground bleeding and Joanne stabs her again and hangs her body from a lamp.

Greg Nichols- He is stabbed in the back of the head while hiding from Joanne.

Mike Bridger- After Joanne reveals herself as the killer, she stabs Mike to death and throws his limp body against the wall.

Kelly Wilson- She is stabbed in the heart when she sacrifices herself for Maureen.

Joanne Cooper- Joanne tries to stab Maureen to death, but Neil punches Joanne and Maureen grabs her handgun when it falls and shoots Joanne in the eye killing her.

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