Scream: A Reformed Jill Roberts? is a American Horror movie written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven.Det Frank Nightingale has just returned to Woodsboro after taking a well deserved vacation when the Ghostface Killings start again he knows the killer can't be Lauren Malloy,Mimi Mone or Stu Macher because they are either dead or on the run from the law.The mayor is putting pressure on the police to stop the killings, a surprising source says that she knows who the new Ghostface killer might be and she can help catch the killer the person offering to help is Jill Roberts! Can Frank trust Woodsboro's most notrious serial killer? He might not want to but he may have no choice because only a psycho knows how a psycho thinks.


Gary Sinise as Det Frank Nightingale-He thought he was done dealing with the Ghostface killings but it has started up again,and he needs help from Woodsboro most infamous Ghostface killer to stop the new ones.

Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts-Woodsboro most infamous serial killer maybe their only hope to stop the new Ghostface.

Hayden Panetierre as Kirby Reed-She has to deal with the fact that her ex BFF Jill is back in town.

Evan Peters as Curt Jenkins-He is Jill's new boyfriend she says she has changed because of him.

Mila Kunis as Lindsey Thompson- She is a classmate of Kirby's at the community college, they don't get along.

Ashton Kutcher as Deputy Rick Fox-He was one of Ross Hoss's best friends when they were younger, he replaced Ross on the force after Jill killed him 4 years ago during her killing spree.  

Kaley Cuoco as Amy Reed- She is Kirby's older sister she never liked Jill and tells her sister not to trust the psycho now.  

Jeff Bridges as David Reed-He is Kirby and Amy's father he is divorced from their mother.

Jessica Lange as Veronica Reed-She blames herself for Kirby being stabbed 4 years ago, if thinks she hadn't gone out on a date Kirby wouldn't never had that party and she would have been safe from Charlie and the deranged Jill.

Robert England as Mayor Fred Craven-He wants Frank to solve these murders as soon as possible.

Shay Mitchell as Peyton Simpson-She is also a student at the community college .

David Faustino as Colin Phillps- He is the football coach at the college, he is rumored to have dated a former student at the college.

Marley Shelton as Dep Brenda Hicks-She is Judy Hick's twin sister, she came back to town 2 years ago.

Nick Cannon as Dep Joe Burns- He is new to the Woodsboro police force, he seems to be very interested in the past Ghostface killings.

Grace Park as Darlene Chang-She is a friend of the Reed family.

Taylor Launter as Greg Zeno-He lives in the old Roberts house, He thinks it's cool that he lives in the same house that the infamous serial killer Jill Roberts grew up in.


Frank Nightingale

Jill Roberts

Kirby Reed

Amy Reed

David Reed

Brenda Hicks

Fred Craven

Joe Burns


Peyton Simpson-She is a very disturbed girl who idolizes Jill.


Darlene Chung- She is making dinner when the phone rings she picks up and hears a voice saying they want to play a game she insults the caller and hangs up, a few minutes Peyton dressed as Ghostface breaks into her house through the backdoor attacks her and rams her face into the hot stove then stabs her in the chest when she turns around holding her face.

Colin Phillps- He is in the college Gym lying on a bench lifting weights when Peyton comes in dressed as Ghostface but instead of being scared he thinks it's one of the cheerleaders he is having an affair with, he thinks she is dressed as Ghostface because she is a big stab fan and said one day she was going to wear her costume when she was with him. Peyton walks over to him he smiles and is about to say something when she suddenly stabs him in the forehead he drops the weights which crushes his chest when then fall on top of him.

Lindsey Thompson-She is driving home after work when suddenly Ghostface pops up from the back seat and stabs in the back through the chair Lindsey slumps on to the wheel dead and the car goes out of control, Ghostface/Peyton jumps out of the car before it slams into a pole and explodes.

Deputy Rick Fox- He is out on patrol near the old Roberts house when his phone rings, its Ghostface who says I' m calling to say I always wanted to kill a cop and now I'm going to get to do it he is about to say something but before he can the Ghostface/Peyton who had snuck behind him while on the phone stabs him in the back and then drags him behind the bush and continues to stab him multiple times.

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