Scream: Dennis Forrester's Kidnapping takes place after Scream: Gigi's New Killing Spree. it was Written by Kevin Williamson and Directed by James Wong. Dennis Forrester is kidnapped by one of Gigi Dan's workers. and now Fifi, Steffy, Hayley, Ryan, Jeff, Cami, Ethan, Brianna, Det. Dennis, Natalie, Jackie, Sam, Kirby, Mary, Jenny, Roy, Caroline, Natalie, Frank, Emma, Maria, Rachel, Emily, Tommy, Colleen, Missy, Lisa, Casey, and Sidney must find Dennis before he was torture to death by Ghostface (Gigi Dan).


Jacqueline MacInnes Woods as Steffy Forrester

Emma Bell as Cami Watson/Fifi Mone

Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald

Gary Sinse as Det. Frank Nightingale

Alicia Silverstone as Det. Emma Lloyd

Ryan Merriman as Dennis Forrester

Demi Lovato as Gigi Dan

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Danielle Panabaker as Mary Dan/Maria Johnson

Chelan Simmons as Jenny

Dustin McKamie as Justin

Hayden Panitterre as Kirby Reed

Matt Lanter as Ryan VanSanten

David Koechner as Jeff Fallon

Shantel VanSanten as Emily Nightingale

Kay Panabaker as Rachel Nightingale

Selena Gomez as Jackie Lever

Matthew Lillard as Det. Sam Macher

Micheal Madsen as Det. Dennis Mitchell

Molly Burrette as Caroline Mitchell

Lisa Wilcox as Det. Natalie Carmen

Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia/Roy Popper

Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson

Sasha Pieste as Lisa Hills

Emma Roberts as Melinda Roberts

Dakota Fanning as Missy Gibson

Daniel Dae Kim as Det. Tommy Kehoe

Sophia Bush as Colleen Matthews

Julia Stiles as Casey Strode


Steffy Forrester

Cami Watson

Fifi Mone

Hayley McDonald

Det. Frank Nightingale

Det. Emma Lloyd

Dennis Forrester

Sidney Prescott

Maria Johnson

Kirby Reed

Emily Nightingale

Rachel Nightingale

Jackie Lever

Det. Sam Macher

Det. Dennis Mitchell

Caroline Mitchell

Det. Natalie Carmen

Ethan Carsia

Roy Popper

Brianna Albertson

Lisa Hills

Missy Gibson

Det. Tommy Kehoe

Casey Strode


Gigi Dan-After suffering many years because of her sister's death. she said to herself that it's Fifi's fault. so she call one her workers and said to kidnapped Fifi. but instead of Fifi, Dennis was kidnapped and tortured by Gigi.


Mary Dan-She was shot in chest by Gigi

Jeff Fallon-He's eye was ripped off by Gigi

Justin-He was strangle with a Crowbar by Gigi Dan

Jenny-Her mouth was Pierced with a Tire Iron

Ryan VanSanten-He was shot in chest by Gigi Dan

Gigi Dan-Stabbed through the head with a hunting knife.


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