Scream: Ghostface's Revenge takes place after The Secrets of The Black Van.


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Georgie Henely as Hayley McDonald

Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Micheal Madsen as Det. Dennis Mitchell

Molly Burrette as Caroline Mitchell

Lisa Wilcox as Det. Natalie Carmen

Nicholas D'Agosto as Shawn Spencer

Ciara Bravo as Brittany Spencer

Kendall Schmidt as Logan Garcia

Chelan Simmons as Jenny

Zac Efron as Jake Vandergeld

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester/Alex

Chris Zylka as Blake Copeland

Jesse Moss as Jason Lemche

Matt Lanter as Ryan VanSanten

Logan Lerman as Jacob Vandergeld

Crystal Lowe as Ashlyn Davis

Shantal Vansanten as Quinn Alexander

Damon Lipari as Tom Davis

Stephanie Honore as Brooke Tyler

Kris Lemche as Jude Battle

Texas Battle as Arlen Battle

Riley Steele as Crystal Shepard

Naomi Snieckus as Drew Lanter

Drew Barrymore as Mrs. Spencer


Sidney Prescott

Hayley McDonald

Jessica Mitchell

Det. Dennis Mitchell

Det. Natalie Carmen

Caroline Mitchell

Shawn Spencer

Brittany Spencer

Steffy Forrester


Ryan VanSanten


Jude Battle- Sidney's Lover. When Sidney ignore him he kill people

Ashlyn Davis- She is blackmailed by her boyfriend Jude


Mrs. Spencer- Butchered in closet by Jude

Drew Lanter- Eyes ripped out by Ashleyn

Crystal Shepard- Struck in leg with axe, impaled thru door by Ashleyn

Arlen Battle- Head bashed against wall by Jude

Brooke Tyler- Strangled with phone cord by Ashleyn

Tom Davis- Stabbed in head with axe by Jude

Quinn Alexander- Sliced in half by Jude

Jacob Vandergeld- Head cut open, brain removed by Ashleyn

Jason Lemche- Arrow in the eyeball by Jude

Blake Copeland- Stabbed in chest by Ashleyn

Jake Vandergeld- Neck stabbed 3 times by Jude

Logan Garcia- Thrown off a balcony by Ashleyn

Ashleyn Davis- Decapitated by Sidney

Jude Battle- Stabbed 8 times in back by Sidney


2 years after The Massacre, Sidney checks herself into a mental hospital after dreaming that Jude attacked her.

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