Scream: Let's kill Maureen Prescott is a American Horror movie, it is written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven, This is a prequel to Scream it takes place in 1995, one year before the first Woodsboro murders, The families that will be involved in this story are the Prescotts,Loomis,Roberts and the Rileys, there are no McDonald and Mones yet they are part of the new generation of Scream.


  • Holly Marie Combs as Maureen Prescott-Mother of Sidney Prescott and married to Neil Prescott,she has a secret past and son that no one knows about. She also has a hard time staying faithful to Neil.
  • Rachel Melvin as Sidney Prescott-She is Maureen's daughter she is dating Billy Loomis and is Maureen's pride and joy because she is the complete opposite of herself.
  • Nico Tortorella as Billy Loomis-He is Sidney's boyfriend, he is Woodsboro High School star QB.He is also obsessed with horror movies.
  • Erik Knudsen as Stu Macher-He is Billy's best friend, he works at a video store.
  • Chandler Massey as Randy Meeks-He is Sidney's best friend, he is also in love with her.
  • Mark Wahlberg as Cotton Weary-He has been sleeping with Maureen for a couple of weeks.
  • Brad Pitt as Neil Prescott-He is married to Maureen and Sidney's father, he is a workaholic who is always too busy to spend time with his family..
  • Zac Efron as Roman Bridger-He is Maureen's secret son he wants to meet his mom, he wants to be a horror movie director.
  • Christian Bale as Hank Loomis-Married to Debbie Loomis and Billy's father, he had an affair with Maureen that lasted a couple of years.
  • Lisa Rinna as Debbie Loomis-She is married to Hank and is Billy's mother, she is always woried about what people think about her.
  • Lauren Graham as Kate Roberts-She is Maureen's younger sister, she loves her niece Sidney like a daughter and has a 1 year old daughter named Jill.
  • George Eads as Frank Roberts-He is Kate's husband and Jill's father, he has secrets that could tear the family apart.
  • TBA as Jill Roberts- She is Frank and Kate's 1 year old daughter,Sidney is also her babysitter..
  • Agnes Bruckner As Tatum Riley-She is Sidney's best female friend,her smart mouth also gets her trouble sometimes.
  • Kieran Culkin as Dewey Riley-He is Tatum's older brother, he is a deputy in the Woodsboro police force
  • James Woods as Sheriff Burke,He is the sheriff he used to a Det in LA before he moved to Woodsboro..
  • Willem Dafoe as Arthur Himbly-He is a no nonsense principal at Woodsboro High School, he makes life tough for the troublemakers...
  • Taylor Momsen as Casey Becker-She is dating Stu Macher, but she also seems to like Steve Orth who is on the football team with Billy Loomis
  • Brandon Buddy as Steven Orth-He is a Linebacker on the Football team, he likes Casey Becker.
  • Forest Whitaker as Joe Ellis he is the football coach at Woodsboro High School .
  • Ralph Fiennes as Mark Onie- He is Neil's best friend who is backstabbing Neil by carrying on a secret affair with Maureen, he is blackmaliing Maureen about her past to stop her from breaking off the affair. He also has a creepy fixation with Sidney.
  • Alicia Sliverstone as Kristy Wilson- She has the misfortune of being the killers first victim.


Billy Loomis-He is the one who comes up with the idea to wear the costume when they kill Maureen

Stu Macher-He thinks it would be fun to kill someone


Kristy Wilson- She is a practice kill for Billy and Stu, they want to make sure they don't make any mistakes when they kill Maureen.

Maureen Prescott-She is butchered by Billy and Stu and possibly raped.


At the end of the movie Sidney accuses Cotton Weary of killing her mother Billy is at her side,at the same time Roman Bridger is seen in his hotel room watching a news report about Maureen's murder saying sorry Sidney but Maureen had to die it's for the best you would be horrified if you know the truth about our mother.

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