Scream: TNG 11 takes place after the events of Scream: TNG 10. Fifi is in jail for the murder of Tori Mackenzie and her friends are now questioning if Mimi ever existed or is their friend just a homocidal maniac, who likes killing people like her sister Sally did?We also learn more about Fifi's family life.Det Sam Macher starts investigating Dr Quincy Peterson because a few of his other patients besides Helen Goodson didn't seem to get better after they became his patients.


We will find out in the next Scream TNG that Dr Quincy Peterson has some history with a couple of Woodsboro residents.


Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia

Emma Bell as Fifi Mone

Matthew Lillard as Det Sam Macher

Brooke Theis as Det Debbie Macher

Aiden Quinn as Dr Quincy Petersen

Guest Stars

Hillary Duff as Morgan Thomerson

Ashley Argota As Camile Royster

Diego Boneta as Juan Carlos Sanchez

Skyler Samuels As Hailey Kingman

Tasmin Egerton as Renee Montgomery

Andrew Harwood-Mills as Mr Gaines.


Emma Roberts as Jill/Melinda Roberts- Jill continues to torment Fifi by saying that they are the same,Melinda tells Fifi to fight her evil side and not let it take her over.

Ashley Roberts as Sally Mone-A video tape of her and Jimmy with their mom on a vacation without Fifi.

David Henrie as Jimmy Mone-A video tape of him and Sally with their mom on a vacation without Fifi.

Sharon Stone as Lizzy Mone-A video tape of her with her children Sally and Jimmy on a vacation without Fifi.

Anton Yelchin as Drake Mone-A picture of him and Fifi as a baby is shown.

Victoria Justice as Sara James-She also torments Fifi with Jill.

Olivia Wilde as Sarah Feed-A flashback scene

Miranda Cosgrove as Nancy Wist-A flashback scene

Selena Gomez as Jackie Lever-A flashback scene


Jessica Mitchell

Ethan Carsia

Fifi Mone

Det Sam Macher

Det Debbie Macher

Dr Quincy Petersen


Morgan Thomerson-She


Mr. Gaines-He

Renee Montgomery-She

Hailey Kingman-She

Juan Carlos Sanchez-He

Camile Royster-She

Morgan Thomerson-She


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