Scream: The Death Of Kirby Reed takes place after the events of Scream: Gigi's New Killing Spree. Frank Nightingale and Tommy are having dinner at the police station when they get a call that something has happened at Kirby Reed's address, when they get there they are shocked to see the mutilated body of Kirby Reed.


Gary Sinise as Frank Nightingale

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Meg Ryan as Phyllis Reed/Kirby's mom

Alec Baldwin as Kevin Reed/Kirby's dad

Hayden Panetierre as Kirby Reed

Emma Bell as Cami Watson

Daniel Dae Kim as Det Tommy Kehoe

Camila Banus as Melissa Edwards

Justin Long as Rick Barnes

Nathan Fillion as Kurt Fuller


Frank Nightingale

Sidney Prescott

Cami Watson

Tommy Kehoe

Phyllis Reed

Kevin Reed


Melissa Edwards- She has a complete rivalry on Sidney and wants to kill her.


Kirby Reed- Melissa chases her in the shed and she stabs Kirby in the stomach 3 times.

Kurt Fuller- When he goes to sleep, Melissa grabs him and slits his throat.

Rick Barnes- Melissa tries to snap his neck, but he spit in her eye and runs. Melissa wipes it out and grabs Rick by the legs, he is then killed when he,s stabbed in his spine.

Det Tommy Kehoe- Melissa stabs him in the eye and slashes his face to the other eye.

Melissa Edwards- When she tries to kill Frank, Sidney stabs Melissa with a piece of concrete, breaking her skull.


Melissa,s funeral was being held 2 days later and Sidney was getting dressed. She finds blood on the drawer and gets scared. She then goes downstairs where Cami and Frank were waiting. She told them what happened and they got in the car and drove to the funeral. They hit a rocl and went flying, Cami hit her head on the car roof and knocked over Sidney, who then fell out of the car. She got up and got out of the road before she got hit by a truck and then she felt someone touch her. It was a doctor and she woke up from her vision and she was in the hospital. Cami told Sidney that Melissa is now dead. The corpse is put in the icebox and then Sidney, Cami and Frank then drive home in Frank,s car.

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