Scream The Series is a American teenage thriller show Written by Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven,


Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts

Hayden Pantiterre as Kirby Reed

Rory Culkin as Charlie Walker

Erik Knudsen as Robbie Mercer

Miraelle Jaffe as Olivia Morris

Nico Tortorella as Trevor Sheldon

Aimee Teegarden as Jenny Randall

Britt Robertson as Marnie Cooper

Emma Bell as Fifi Mone

Amanda Righetti as Trixie Sango

Scott Caan as Det Randy Floyd

Michael Nader as Sam Kendricks

Special Guest StarsEdit

Eric Roberts as Frank Roberts

Mary McDonnell as Kate Roberts

Ashley Roberts as Sally Mone

David Henrie as Jimmy Mone

Matthew Knight As Ethan Carsia

Chandler Massey as Mike Jones.

Episode 2.Edit

Frank Roberts comes to Woodsboro to see Jill, his ex wife Kate is less then pleased to see him at her doorstep.Jill is thrilled to see her father and gives him a big hug he says he has a present for her it's a computer Kate doesn't want her to accept it because she say it's from dirty money. Jill sees Trixie giving Fifi a hard time when she gets to school and tells her to leave her alone, The drug problem is getting worse a dealer tries to sell some drugs to Mike but he says no and is then later atacked at a McDonald's parking lot by a couple of thugs. Det Randy Floyd turns out to be family friend of the Mones and we also learn he has a history with Sam Kendricks.Frank has a secret meeting with Sam Kendricks he asks Frank if everything is set up? Frank says yes the next shipment will be here in the next couple of days.Jill comes back from visiting Mike at the hospital and E-mails Kirby about the visit,When she finshes she sees someone outside jogging who looks like her cousin Sidney she flashes back to 2 nights earlier remembering how she killed that other woman who looked like Sidney and smiles.

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