Scream: The reason Brianna Albertson became a killer is a American Horror/Comedy movie written By Kevin Willamson and directed by Wes Craven. This is the story about Brianna Albertson before she became a heroine,. It is about what made her to become a serial killer and at the end of the movie you will see why decides to switch her MO and become a Ghostface killer.This is not a Ghostface movie, there won't be any mention of Ghostface untill the end of the movie.


Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson- She is a film maker, she also is hiding a dark secret

Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia-He is Brianna's best friend.

David Arquette as Dewey Riley- He is the sheriff, he thinks things have finally quieted down but that changes when a serial killer starts to kill Athetes and Cheerleaders.

Michael Madsen as Det Dennis Mitchell-He is a Detective on the force investigating the murders.

Emma Roberts as Belinda Roberts-She is Jill Roberts and Melinda Roberts' triplet sister, she is friends with Brianna and Ethan.

Alicia Witt as Coach Pam Martin- She is the cheerleader coach at the community college, she is also a lesbian.

Diego Serrano as Danny Castillo-He is the head coach of the footbal team.

Mark Wahlberg as Shaun Webber- He is a killer from Brianna's past he's dead but still haunts her in her dreams.

Kristy Wu as Becky Long- She goes to the community college, she is a cheerleader and hates Brianna..

David Gallagher as Preston Davis-He is a WR on the community college football team, he is dating Becky Long

Crystal Hunt as Danielle Young-.She is the star volleyball player on the college team, she is also coach Martin's girlfriend,She has a troubled past

Randy Quaid as Dave Roberts- He is Belinda's uncle she lives with him since both of her parents were killed by her evil sister Jill, He is a former police officer who used to be partnered with Dennis untill he was injured on the job.

Lauren Collins as Jessica Phillps, She is a player on the Volleyball team she is jealous of Danielle.

Lee Thompson Young- Ron Thomas he is the star QB on the team, he is hoping to transfer to a bigger School so he has a chance to go to the pros

Emmy Clarke as Mandy Preston-She is one of Belinda's best friends


Brianna Albertson

Ethan Carsia

Dennis Mitchell

Belinda Roberts

Dewey Riley

Mandy Preston

Dave Roberts.

Belinda's attack-She has just come home from cheerleading practice when suddenly Brianna dressed in black and wearing a ski mask suddenly popped out of her closet she tried to stab her but Dave heard the commotion and came running into the room,Brianna left but not before cutting Belinda on the left arm ironically in the same spot where Charlie cut Jill when he stabbed her at Olivia's house.


Brianna Albertson-She had a hatred of athetes and cheerleaders because they used to tease her and her best friend Ethan, Also Shaun Webber the killer from her past used to be a football player.He toments her in her dreams after she starts killing saying that she is a killer just like him.


Jessica Phillps- She is getting ready take a shower after Volleyball practice she hears someone call her name and it's Danielle, They argue about Danielle's life style and she threatens to tell the dean that Danielle is dating Coach Pam Martin. She threatens to kill Jessica a litle while later after Jessica is finshed getting dressed after taking her shower when a mysterious female sneaks up behind her and strangles her with a towel which has been made to look like a rope. Danielle is suspected of being the killer.

Becky Long - She is in the gym practicing her cheerleading routines while she waits for her boyfriend Preston Davis Brianna comes into the gym for a second as she is walking by Becky says something insulting to her the 2 girls then start fighting and Brianna pulls out a towel from her purse that is tied like a rope and says she is going to strangle her just like she killed Jessica. Becky hits her and tries to run away but Brianna wraps the towel around her neck and pulls until Becky stops struggling afterwards she leaves the gym. She hadn't planned on killing Becky yet but she said something really nasty about her parents.

Preston Davis -He is still in shock about Becky's death 4 days later, He is at home getting dressed for the funeral when there is a knock on the door he opens it and it's Brianna she is his next door neighbor, she said she just wanted to see how he was doing before the funeral.He says he's doing a little better he says it's nice of her to go to Becky's funeral even though they didn't like each other she says no problem he gives her a glass of soda and pours himself one to he said we can go after we drink this she say okay he turns his head for a second and she slips a pill into his drink after he drinks he goes to get up but feels woozy she asks him if he is okay? He collaspes before he can answer she then gets a couple of beers and pours them down his throat she drags him to his car in the garage puts him in the driverseat and starts his car then she shuts his door with a paper towel so her prints weren't be on the door handle. She goes inside the house pours her soda down the drain and washes the glass and puts it in the cabinet she then goes out the back door so no one can see her,a half hour later she goes over to his house like originally planned and knocks on the door but of course no one answers his parents come home at that time and park outside the garage door she goes to say hi and they open the garage door and they see Preston's car is running his father goes to check on him he tells his wife to call 911 quickly . He says it looks like Preston tried to kill himself.when the EMTs arrive it's too late they tell his parents and Brianna he's dead,she cries pretending to be upset..

Ron Thomas- He is out in the early morning jogging in the street when Brianna who is out for a drive because she couldn't sleep sees him she hit the gas pedal on her car and hit him, he flew up in the air and she then sped off before anyone came outside and was able to get her plate number.,

Danny Castillo- He is at his house by himself while his wife is out with her mother, he is watching tapes of the last game when he heard his dog cry out in pain he goes to check and sees it limping a little bit he bends down to take a look at it when suddenly he sees a female figure coming at him he says Brianna what are you doing here? He stands up and she stabs him in the heart she then leaves.

Pam Martin-She and Danielle are in the locker room they think they are alone because it's 8:00 in all classes are done for the evening when Brianna comes in to the lockeroom she says OMG when she sees them, What are you doing? They try to explain but Brianna says no it doesn't bother her that they are lesbians it's that Miss Martin is a authority figure and should know better then to be with a student they ask her if she is going to say anything to dean? She says she just came in here because she was looking for Coach Martin she asked Brianna what does she need? Brianna said she wanted to give her this she takes a knife out of her purse and slashes her throat coach Martin stands in shock for a minute then falls to the ground.

Danielle Young- She is also shocked at first after seeing Pam fall to the ground dead she then attacks Brianna the girls are punching and pulling eachother's long hair trying to get to the knife finally Danielle gets it and straddles Brianna after throwing her to the ground she says now you get to feel like all those people did before they died you bitch, just then a gun shot is heard and Danielle stiffens and then falls over dead.She was shot by Det Dennis Mitchell.who thinks she is the killer. Brianna gets up and thanks him for saving her life she was scared that Danelle was going to kill her like those other poor people.


Dennis and Dave thought Danielle was the killer because they discovered Danielle was abused by both her babysitter who was a cheerleader and her boyfriend who was a football player when she was 10 years old.They raced to the school with Brianna's best friends Belinda and Ethan and found Danielle trying to kill Brianna so Dennis had no choice but to shoot her.Brianna seemed to be her oldself for the next 2 weeks after the murders were over and Ethan and Belinda were thrilled about that but then one day, she started to ask Belinda about Jill and Melinda how was it being the sister of 2 Ghostface Killers and did she ever worry she would turn out to be like them? She said it wasn't good because people now looked at her differently then before and no she didn't worry about being like them because she was diferent from them. She asked Brianna why did she want to know? She said she was thinking about making a movie about the Ghostface killers and wanted to know how they thinked, actually she had lied about the movie part she just wanted to know more about why Jill and Melinda did it. She had to admit she enjoyed killing those people and wanted to do it again she decided she would become become the next Ghostface killer but it couldn't happen too soon because the town was still on edge after theses killings she had committed the next day she went to a costume shopand saw that they had the costume she bought ad decided she would hide it for a few months and then it would be time for Ghostface to reappear she smiled to herself.

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